(light music) Health coaches have such a huge role to play in making the world a healthier place. We go out and we work with people on the ground. It’s a real grass roots level kind of education. People need to know what the right thing to do is, they need to setup their environment so the healthy choice is the easy choice, and then they have to be surrounded with the right kind of people to support those choices, and I think health coaches can help in all three of those. In today’s world, food is plentiful and unfortunately with food and so many of these options people aren’t necessarily making the right ones. Starting with a foundation of really nutritious food helps us to find our purpose, our path in life. We’re genetically hardwired to like salt and sugar, and we live in an environment that just feeds that. What is convenient here is not healthy. To me, the epidemic starts by not putting the right fuel in the body. What I think’s an epidemic right now in the Western world is Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, I mean 27% of us in America, the Coroner puts heart disease as cause of death, the number one killer. This is the first generation in living history where life expectancy of our children is likely to be less than our own life expectancy. It is almost completely related to the food environment. People do not feel good in their lives, they just want to get through the day, they just want to feel okay. People just don’t understand what they need to do to be healthier. We have to course correct.