– Hey guys, welcome to Wellness Wednesday. So I’ve got a great topic for us today. We are gonna talk about how
to be the leader of your life, how to be the leader of your health, how to step up and lead because
nobody is gonna do it for ya so you’re the one that needs
to be in the driver’s seat and what I like to say is how
to be the CEO of your life and of course your health. Now, you guys know my
story, many of you do and for those of you who don’t I was diagnosed with a very
strange cancer back in 2003. It’s something I live with,
I’ve lived with for 16 years now but in the beginning I
had to figure it all out. And because my disease is so rare I had to go to so many different doctors and see so many different practitioners and some of them said you’re gonna die and some of them said you’ll
live but only 10 years and some of them said we have to take out all of your organs, not all but your lungs, there’s two of ’em and your liver and get transplants. I didn’t mean to flip you the
finger when I did the liver. (chuckles) And finally I realized this is mayhem. This is chaos. There’s only one way through this and that is I have to take charge. I need to take control. I need to hire, I need to
interview, I need to fire, I need to gather all of the information and then make my best educated
guess on how to go forward and I can’t just take western
medicine’s perspective. I need to look at the root cause
of what’s going on with me. And the truth is is that we
have to do this in our lives, we have to do this in our business, we have to do this in our relationships. We need to lead and for
many of us that is so scary. It was for me too. I was thinking who am I to push back? Who am I to ask for more? Who am I to want more? Who am I when all these people
are more educated than me to say this doesn’t feel right? Who are you? You are the leader of
you and you have access to this incredible, wise inner physician and all you need to do
and all I need to do is get quiet and listen. So that’s what we’re gonna
talk about today guys. I’m so happy to be here
and here’s the thing. This applies, like I said, to all aspects of our lives and how, speaking just specifically about health, it applies to our families,
it applies to our children. We need to step up and lead for them until they can lead for themselves and we need to teach them how to lead so that they’re able to
be in the driver’s seat when the time is right and, I’m gonna tell you a little story today ’cause I’m super fired
up about this topic, I know it’s something we’ve
talked about many times but we’ve gotta keep talking about it. We need to do this for our pets too. So, the story that I’m gonna tell you and why I’m inspired by this
is because of a situation that we had with our new rescue
but it all ties together. And so we’re gonna get there in a minute but hi everyone, it’s
so good so see you all. Can you tell? I’m fired up and ready to go. So again, we can’t outsource our health. Nobody knows more about what’s
going on with us than us and what it takes to
access that inner physician that I talked about is getting still. But, just like every good physician, and again this is for your
life, this is for your health, this is for your business,
this is for your relationships, there’s some key questions
and key indicators that you wanna check in on. And so ya know in Crazy Sexy You, which is my 21 day total wellness program, and in all of my books
and in all of my work and at kriscarr.com where you
get thousands of free articles I talk about the pillars of wellness and here’s what they are. They’re what you’re eating,
what you’re drinking, what you’re thinking, and how
you’re resting and renewing. So we’re gonna just cover those real quick because what I want you to do
as that CEO, as that leader, as you’re tapping into
the inner wise physician is I want you to take an honest inventory of these various aspects of your life and these various pillars. Okay, so let’s go through them briefly. Eating, there are so many diets out there. There are so many lifestyles out there. There are many that work for
so many different people. I am not here to say
there’s only one practice even though I’m vegan and I teach a plant-based approach, right? Maybe it doesn’t work for everybody. Works for me, I don’t judge,
I just give information. But here’s what I do know and this is what we can all agree on and if your diet doesn’t
agree on what I’m about to say ditch it! (laughs) We all need to eat more vegetables. We all need to eat more plants. We need to embrace more
of the plant kingdom. So when I think about what we’re eating I’m gonna make this so, so simple for you. You don’t have to do a million
years of research on this. I’m gonna even make it simpler than my New York Times
bestselling books, ready? Here we go. Are you eating vegetables
three times a day? That’s it. That is my roadmap, that is what I Kris
Carr personally follow. So I have this wellness tracker
that I do every single day that I’m gonna share with you
guys and I just write down, I have all these different things and I’ll go through them in a minute but I have this one
little category that says vegetables BLD; breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. Did I check it off? So easy to do in the morning because you make your smoothies. So easy to do in the afternoon but it’s easy to forget right? Just have a little side
salad with your sandwich or whatever it is and so forth and so on. So are you eating your
vegetables every day? Are you embracing the plant kingdom. Of course fruits are fantastic. They’re filled with
vitamins, minerals, enzymes, all of the goodies, phytochemicals. You know I think it’s like
three plus servings a day we’re looking at there. But for me, the power, the true
power is in your vegetables. So, that’s number one. Are you eating more of them yes or no? Make a note. Going through your inventory, we’re gonna review the pillars. So what you’re eating,
what you’re drinking. Are you getting enough hydration? So a couple of Wellness Wednesdays
ago, maybe it was three, we talked about hydration. We did a little hydration challenge. Here I am, I’ve got my pitcher. I put this pitcher on my desk. This is how much I have to
consume every day right? So you can have a pitcher, you can have one of
those sustainable bottles that you take with you. Measure out how much you
need, put it in your pitcher, put it in your bottle, take it with you. And of course if you’re
drinking green juice like I do every day religiously, you can subtract that amount. But hydration is so key for
your overall well-being. You will feel better, you’ll poop more, your skin will look great. Everyone will say what is that product
you’re using on your skin? How can I get some? Give me your Botox doctor. Who is that person? You must be going to a Botox speakeasy and you’ll say I am drinking
water, that’s all I’m doing. (laughs) So eating, drinking, thinking. We talk about this so much
and it is so important and I need to, my next book
needs to be on this topic. It’s been a while since
I’ve written a book but I’m gearing up to write a new one and that is the topic of managing this. Mental management, how we
are managing our thoughts. Are we letting them just
haphazardly go into chaos and negativity and those negative feelings or are we actively participating
in choosing our thoughts. And look, we’re human
beings, negativity bias. We’re gonna go to the negative but our job is to take ourselves out of it and bring us back to the positive, bring us back to those higher vibes, those better feeling thoughts, that totally affect our
chemistry, affect our immunity, affect our overall well-being. Sometimes this is a
minute-to-minute experience. Yesterday I was having another tough one and I just kept saying
tell yourself a new story. That story that you just said
to yourself, write a new one. You are a New York Times
bestselling author. For the love of all things good, write a new story Kris Carr, boo hoo. Now that might sound judgemental
and I’m funny with myself but the point is, is that I saw myself going
down this negative rabbit hole and then all of the stories
that I’m telling myself I can then, the actions that I’m taking
will support those stories and the actions that I’m
taking will create new habits and those habits will create a new pattern and those patterns create the life that I don’t wanna be living right? So again, no judgment here but are you managing your thoughts? Are you taking those mental breaks? Are you doing your meditation practice? It’s not to add a million
to-dos to your list it’s just about living
in more of a mindful way because how you feel and the
joy that you have in your life, oh gosh we want it to be high. We want it to be good. We want it to be strong
’cause the more it is the better stuff you’re
putting out in the world and lord knows the world needs some
uplifting now my friends! So eating, drinking, thinking, resting. Part of this wellness
tracker that I do for myself which again I will share
with you in the coming weeks once it’s ready is that I keep track of
how much I’m sleeping. So we gotta write these things down. We think we know but then
when you write it down it’s like whoa, holy crap,
I thought I was doing it but guys I’m not doing it, right? And I know that’s true for me
too and this is what I teach. So again we’re looking
for that like 7-1/2, seven, 7-1/2, eight hours a day and if we’re not getting it we wanna practice some sleep hygiene. Going to bed earlier,
reducing our caffeine. All of the things that we know. There’s a great Wellness
Wednesday on this topic from maybe six, eight weeks ago. You can check it out. You go to my YouTube channel I have all the Wellness Wednesdays so you’ll never forget them. So anyway, are we resting and making sure that we are
getting that good night’s rest and making sure we’re like again, taking breaks from our
computer, getting out, taking our mindful moments, making sure we’re not
driving ourselves so hard with our work schedule that
there’s no time for play and relaxation and joy. That’s all part of rest. And the last one is renewing. So renewing for me is a couple of things; joy, time with my family, time
with my doggies, (chuckles) moving my body because movement in my body creates movement in my life. And it feels good to feel strong and feel
happy in your body. That’s all renewing. Spending enough time being
creative, unstructured time just like ya know yesterday
I had the best workday that I’ve had in so many,
I’m gonna say it, years and I am not proud to say that. You know what I did yesterday? I didn’t have a meeting, I didn’t have a tight schedule to be on, I didn’t have a place to go,
I watched TED talks, I read, I wrote, I followed my muse. I was exposed to so many
wonderful speakers and thinkers and teachers and I connected
with you guys on social. I got filled up. I went through my account and
I actually deleted some folks who bring my energy down
and I found some new folks that bring my energy up. That’s what I did yesterday,
that was my workday. Now granted I am blessed. I work from my home,
I run my own business. It’s very important for
me to keep my well filled. If I don’t keep my well filled how the heck am I supposed
to help you ya know? So it needs to be a part of my life and I thought to myself
at the end of yesterday I thought ya know what girl? You need more of these. This is a non-negotiable
’cause it makes you happy and it makes you healthy
and it makes you feel better and it fills your well up and
if you wanna be doing this for a long time, this needs to get worked
into your work week. So I don’t have a solution for that yet but I have a vision of where I wanna go. So anyway, I share those pillars because of what I want you
guys to do and think about it. I always give you little challenges. I’m gonna give you one today too is go through each of those pillars; eating, drinking, thinking,
resting, and renewing; take an honest inventory,
see where ya are, get still, don’t be afraid to look, don’t be afraid about what
comes up, don’t judge yourself. You’re human and you’re
wonderful and you’re fantastic and I love you and you’re frickin great. So don’t judge yourself but pick an area where you feel like you’re struggling. Just stay there. It’s not about making these
huge changes overnight it’s about these little baby
steps that we do consistently that add up over time. So pick an area and put some focus there. If it’s your sleep, give yourself
a 30-day sleep challenge. If it’s your hydration, give yourself a 30-day
hydration challenge. If it’s stinking thinking,
say every single day I have the power to choose my thoughts. I have the power to redirect my energy and that’s what I’m gonna focus on, right? And then journal, keep track of it. Let yourself know how it’s going because you’re gonna feel a difference and that I know for sure my friends. So, okay. (sighs) Let me tell you the update,
this is why I’m fired up and hi I can’t wait to
like check in with you guys and answer some questions
and I’ll do that at the end. So, you guys know that
we have a new rescue. Many of you know this,
a new doggie who I love. She’s a senior and she came to us in March and at the time she had a frozen leg and we thought oh this is
an injury that was let go and nobody did anything about it so we took her to all the doctors and then we finally
took her to a specialist and it turns out she had cancer in her leg and she had to have her leg removed. So in April her leg was amputated. Did I tell you she has
the same cancer as I do? Not the exact same sarcoma
but she has a sarcoma. Universe, what’s goin’ on? That’s a deep Wellness
Wednesday dive for another time. So here she is healin’, feelin’ better and we’re thinking oh my
goodness, we’re out of the woods. This poor little kid
has been in so much pain for god knows how many years. We think two, three with this cancerous leg
dangling behind her. And Memorial Day she started
to have these gastric attacks and I’m talking full on
attacks where you are just, you don’t know what to do. They’re heartbreaking to watch. They’re super stressful for her, for us, and they last two hours
long, three hours long, five hours long. So, again you go to all the different vets and she’s been to many
of the vets in my area and so we’ve been piecing together, luckily she lived in this
area for quite some time and her previous mother
passed away, human mother. (chuckles) I’m her mother now (laughs) and we’ve been able to piece together a lot of her medical records. Well it turns out she’s been
having these attacks for years on and off and when I look at
what the protocols have been and when you do vet hopping you know not all the vets
have the same information. Nobody is treating the root cause. It’s medication, medication,
medication, it’s sick care, there’s no health care. And look, sometimes
medication is so important. Sometimes medication saves our lives but we have to get to
the underlying symptom, otherwise we’re just
putting a BAND-AID on it and the same is true for our sweet little doggies and kitties and whoever ya have in your house. And so we finally said
after this last attack we had 10 days of attacks, all these meds, all of these recommendations, everything’s making things worse and gathering her information I’m going there’s no solution here guys. There’s no diagnosis,
it’s all of these meds, they make them worse. You have her on this diet
that supposedly better but it’s still like traditional pet food and when I look at the ingredients it’s filled with shit, sorry. (giggles) It’s filled with all of the
things that a little being who potentially has serious food allergies is gonna get irritated and inflamed by. Ya know corn and wheat
and soy protein isolate and byproducts. Like I couldn’t even,
the list is a mile long and this is supposedly the good food? There’s a problem here. So finally we’re at our wit’s end. We take her off of
everything and what do I do? I start researching holistic vets with the help of my
assistant and my husband and we’re just like looking
everywhere we can possibly look and you know what we did? We start interviewing them
just like I did 16 years ago when I was diagnosed with stave IV, incurable, terminal cancer. I started to interview the (grunts) out of these folks and we
had a good one the other day. We had to drive an hour and a half, she kept us waiting an hour and a half, and then I had an hour
long consultation with her, my husband and I both did, and I think we’re on a good path there. But I’m not stopping there because I don’t know
that she’s the one for us and again, we’re the CEOs. We are the leaders of our
lives for our own health, for our pet’s health,
and so forth and so on. So, we’ve changed her diet and a lot of you have asked about that. I’m cooking everything. Brian is cooking everything. I am a vegan, she is a carnivore so we are feeding her meat and vegetables, organic meats and organic vegetables and ya know right now it’s very, we have to be very slow about this so she’s getting six to
eight small meals a day with a little chicken and beef and pumpkin and something called slippery elm, which is an incredible,
incredible herb I think for us too but certainly for your pets
if they have digestive issues. And what else, I wrote down some of the other
things that we’re giving her. Ginger and turmeric and we’ll slowly add goat milk kefir for the good probiotics. And so again, we’re doing
this in very small portions throughout the course of the day because larger portions
create this terrible reflux and this little thing
blows up this big with gas. So she has some sort of
inflammatory bowel disease. They take many different shapes and we’re getting to
the bottom, so to speak, of what she has. But I’m knocking on wood here, I’m knocking on wood here. (knocks) Two days, changed her diet, no symptoms. Two days, no attacks. We haven’t had any days without
attacks since Memorial Day. So I posted about this I
think on Tuesday on Instagram and it’s just another testament of taking care of ourselves
at the root level, doing that honest
inventory, being the CEO, being the leader, consulting your inner
physician for yourself, for your loved ones and then
taking slow and steady steps to rebuild your system. That’s exactly what we’re doing for her. If you guys have more
questions feel free to DM me. I will continue to share
this information with you because so many of you
said that you have pets who are struggling. And I don’t have all of the answers yet and I’m certainly not feeding
her a well balanced diet yet. We’re just trying to make
sure that she is eating and that she’s eating healthy foods that aren’t going to totally inflame her and send her into complete
distress and so far so good. So the diet will progress and we’ll just keep
making it from scratch. No more pet food, no more
canned food, no more kibble. This morning I was cutting a sweet potato to put into her food. I didn’t actually add
that we’re doing, sorry, organic meats, vegetables,
mostly root vegetables, some herbs, some B12, the
slippery elm, ginger, turmeric. We haven’t added the goat milk kefir yet, which is a great source of
probiotics and the pumpkin. But this morning I was
cooking some sweet potatoes. I don’t cook the meat, my
husband cooks the meat. Again, I’m a vegan, I’m
not gonna cook the meat. He cooks the meat, I
cook the sweet potatoes. And I’m cutting these sweet potatoes and I’m thinking oh my gosh,
how frickin cool is this? I’m making dog food. I’m making frickin dog food! So real food for us, for them. So anyway, this is a long one
’cause I’m super fired up. I want to pivot now and I’ll check in on
the comments in a bit. Watch out for nightshades. I just took a peak. Yeah, absolutely, definitely. So guys, The Beautiful Now, our book club. How many of you are in? I launched this last week. We’ll probably create
like a Facebook group or something like that for our book club or our Wellness Wednesdays so that we can keep the
conversations going. But this book is so frickin beautiful. This is my second time reading it and I feel like it just
gives me more and more. My mother has been
texting me daily passages. I think she’s the
captain of our book club. I might have her run it with me. We’ll do lives with Mama Karr who has some brilliant
insights, let me tell ya what. She’s been texting me daily passages which I forward on to
Sheri, which she just loves, and I thought that we would
just button up this conversation because in, I don’t know
how far you guys are on but this chapter is on
page, it starts on page 100 or something like that. Many of you have finished the book. I’ve been getting DMs from
you and how much you love it. I definitely wanna hear
what you’re loving, what’s standing out for you. Maybe like you could DM
me your favorite passage like my mom has or tell me
what chapter resonated the most because again, this
one is so frickin good. And Team Crazy Sexy Kris just
posted a comment with a link to where you can go and
get your copy of this book. Amazon of course or wherever
you go, your local bookstore. So anyway, this chapter which ties in with what
we’re talking about is oh my god I forgot I had cancer. Did you guys read that one yet? And Sheri goes on this
whole entire journey just like I shared, just
like you guys have been on and she actually references me in the book and she talks about how
when she heard me say I need to become the CEO of my health that that very much resonated with her and she talks about this
whole section about me which is just so lovely. And before then she was
outsourcing the decisions. Like you think oh I’ll
just go to the doctor and they’ll decide and I
won’t have to think about it. Somebody else deal with this
and just make sure I’m okay. You can’t do that in your life, you can’t do that in your business, and you can’t do that in
your relationships either. So stepping up and leading
and she finally does and it’s not about making
these huge lifestyle changes it’s like those slow and steady steps that we talked about
earlier, that’s how we do it. And I’m just so inspired
by this book, like I said, and super inspired by this chapter and I know that many of you
on your wellness journey will relate so much and
will be fired up and excited to take charge again too. And it might be, I said the word again. Take charge again too. So I’m gonna do a little
reading real quick here. I just love this, this is
the end of the chapter. She says, “My positive new story,” ’cause we need to change
our stories about our health and our potential, “My positive new story
about feeling healthy “is continually getting
revised, reviewed, and repeated “to ground myself in what I really want. “I’m beginning to like the feeling “of being in charge of myself. “I’m growing more and more
fond of the ever-evolving woman “I am becoming, the woman
who would never choose “to dwell on the fact
that she survived cancer “but certainly wouldn’t
forget it ever happened. “I’m also noticing the difference “between the two voices in my head “that are sharing the duties “of driving my aforementioned medical bus. “There is the old voice
that wonders anxiously, “‘when will this be done so I
can go back to my old ways.'” A little familiar. “And the newer voice that
asks lovingly each morning “in how many new ways can I rise? “In how many new ways can I rise? “And one of those voices
will determine my fate. “One will grow stronger
and one will grow fainter. “As the CEO of me it’s my
choice who gets to drive.” Is that beautiful or what? Thank you Sheri for this beautiful book. Thank you for that beautiful chapter, for mentioning me in it, and I hope that you guys are inspired by this Wellness Wednesday
and also by the book. This is the book we’re
exploring in our book club and I just hope you pick up a copy. It’s one of the most
beautiful books I’ve ever read and Mama Karr agrees, let me tell ya. Okay so before we end, before we wrap I want to challenge you to go back to what we
talked about earlier, to review your pillars; what
you’re eating, drinking, thinking, how you’re resting and renewing. Pick one area that you
feel like it’s saggin’. One area where you’re just
feeling the naggin’ like (sighs) I’m still smoking or (sighs) I’m so hard on myself or (sighs) I’m just lovin’ stayin’ up
super late watchin’ my shows, not getting the sleep. Whatever is. (sighs) I haven’t moved my buns in 37 years. Whatever it is. What’s one change that you
can make starting this week. One change that you can
make starting this week. Slow, small steps. Give yourself 30 days and
let’s see what happens and let’s really commit to it. ‘Cause you know what you’re
frickin worth it all right? So, let me check in with you. This has been a long one. I got three minutes before
I go over to Facebook. (chuckles) But like I said, I’m super fired up. I just started it yesterday. You’re gonna love it so, so much. Yeah, I have two, ‘kay. So Brianne, yo know what? If you’re worried about the ingredients try to find a holistic vet. I don’t know about cats,
I’m just researching dogs but if your little ones aren’t doing well you might wanna change their diets. Because the truth is,
is like they need to eat what they eat in nature and not all the processed fake stuff. Okay you guys, lots of hellos. It’s so good to see you. Lots of thumbs up, lots of
hearts, lots of high fives. You go girl, so very true. I got fired up today, put
my little one in harm’s way and I’m gonna go big. Okay guys. Well listen, I’ll see you next week. We’ll check in with each other. Let me know how it’s going. DM me, tell me your thoughts. I adore you. I hope you have a
wonderful rest of your week and we’ll see each other soon. Okay. (blows a kiss) Lots of love.