People should choose Bauman College
because it’s the best. It’s grounded in in the physical as well as a spiritual
emotional. It has information from cutting-edge science as well as age-old
traditions. We are a small school with the caring and human environment but with a
very scientific and strong academic base, so they get the best of both worlds here. What really sealed it for me was when I came for the orientation and I was looking at the schedule and I was looking at the
syllabus again and wondering how I’m going to fit this in and then I thought “This is it. I want to do this, and I’m gonna do this now.” The faculty are not
only teachers but they’re also working within the nutrition field with clients
and teachers and other realms, so they’re really providing a lot of practical
applications for the students. Going to school, learning a professional discipline, becoming more
skilled in your communication, being better at writing, at speaking, at teaching, at learning, at sharing is so enriching. The relationships people form in school often go on for life. Whether we come to Bauman for personal or professional
enrichment I think that we are all here to learn more about our food. If you’re considering coming to Bauman, take a deep breath and just go for it.