– This is Baker Ferguson Fitness Center, the greater Whitman community
gym and Harvey Pool. Hi, I’m Elise Tinseth, and
I am a junior history major here at Whitman College. I’m also a member of
the varsity swim team, and I’m here to show you
the athletics facilities and gym we have here,
let’s go take a look. There are a lot of really
cool places to work out in this gym, including free
weights, weight machines, cardio, and this really
cool TRX jungle gym. There are also areas like this
for low-intensity workouts such as ab exercises,
stretching, and yoga. (gentle instrumental music) (chuckles) Up here on the
second floor of the gym, we have a lot more cardio machines, including all of these spin bikes, so you can work out with your friends. Behind us, we also have a nice room if you want a more solitary workout. Now, let’s roll to the pool. This is the Harvey Pool, as a member of the varsity swim team,
I spend a lot of time here, but other things that happen
here include club water polo, swim classes, and open kayak. (water splashing)