– Hey, this is Avril Lavigne and you’re watching Billboard. ♪ I keep my head above water ♪ ♪ Don’t let me drown ♪ ♪ It gets harder ♪ So the first single is Head Above Water. This song is a song that’s very personal and very close to me because
I obviously just took five years away from the spotlight. Three of those years being battling and fighting Lyme disease. So I was able to write songs from my bed. And Head Above Water is a song that I wrote a night that I felt
like I was actually dying and had kind of accepted it. Definitely wasn’t planning on like writing in that moment, but as I went through something so heavy, and like so emotional, I guess just being an artist and somebody who’s like really tapped into my feelings and emotions, like it was the craziest experience. The song like channeled through me, like all the lyrics and the concept. So the song, it’s a really
powerful song to me, and I think and I hope that
it can touch other people. There’s, you know, we all
have stuff that we go through on different levels, and just happy and
grateful to have had music through this entire process of always in my life,
but especially through fighting a disease and like having my art to pull me out of like everything that goes with battling a disease. So yeah. ♪ I keep my head above water ♪ ♪ Don’t let me drown ♪ ♪ It gets harder, I’ll meet you there ♪