We’ve all heard the saying “two sides of the same coin”. While George and the Bald Eagle have been seamlessly connected for years the same can’t be said for Health Plans and Providers. Those few millimeters of metal that bind the quarter together just isn’t there for them. Health Plans and Providers need that bond between them to allow for the seamless exchange of accurate, up-to-date information. And that’s where Availity comes in. We took a long look at the problems facing Health Plans and Providers today: the high cost of overhead; duplicative processes that result in wasted time; cumbersome and limited access to standard and non-standard information. We found these issues are the result of traditional approaches that just don’t work in today’s modern world. We think there’s a better way. Availity is the ground-up solution that solves these problems in a single platform for ALL Health Plans and Providers. Health Plans can reduce waste by providing information in one place, improving connectivity, speeding up processes, and reducing overhead to keep costs in check. Providers use the Availity platform to access this same information while also checking eligibility, submitting claims, and collecting payment upfront all in a single workflow-driven solution. With Availity, Health Plans and Providers can now work together seamlessly from the same user-validated data without all the extra overhead that comes with traditional methods of exchanging information. It’s the perfect match. Two sides of the same coin finally united. Using Availity, you can connect to the information you need, when you need it, and how you need it in a single solution allowing you to reduce waste, achieve cost and quality goals, and free up time for what matters most.