all right welcome I am Dr. Sten Ekberg
Hello everybody and thank you for joining us
I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg here at Wellness For :Life and we’re doing a seminar today
on autoimmunity again there’s a lot of misconceptions
about all these topics that were covering and they’re all very very
prevalent they’re affecting huge huge percentages of the population so
autoimmunity according to the official agencies in
effects about 50 million adults in the u.s. that’s about 20% of the population
and that’s just the ones that are having overt symptoms that are affected that
know they have it that have started a noticeable disease process there is 80
to 100 different autoimmune diseases can you give me some water please and the
only current treatment is immunosuppressant and it has devastating
long-term side effects because you’re you’re creating imbalances you’re
interfering with the body’s immune system and they want more research to
learn to modulate the immune system so well we’ll talk about this also and all
of these facts and opinions are from the AAA RDA the American hot immune related
diseases and disorders so what we’re going to talk about is how do we how
what’s really going on and what can really be done about it in a holistic
manner excuse me for just a moment so first of all before we understand
autoimmunity we want to start understanding what why do we even have
an immune system what is it for how does it work and the basic purpose is to
recognize non-self so all your cells look a certain way they have certain
markers so your body can identify them as yourself and anything that is not
yourself is non-self such as foreign proteins for example and the only
purpose of the immune system is to search and destroy it’s not there to ask
nicely would you please move along it only has one way to deal with things and
that’s to kill it so for proteins for example those are
things that you eat everything that you eat is foreign to your body until you
have had the opportunity to break it down to a single amino acid if it’s a
single amino acid it’s now small enough to not have immune properties or antigen
properties now it’s simply the smallest little building block for other proteins
and that’s what your body can use to build new tissues but anything bigger
than one amino acid and proteins have hundreds of amino acids anything bigger
than two three four five amino acids is going to invoke an antigenic response
it’s going to create an immune reaction and we also have the immune system to
recognize mom’s self in the form of invaders such as bacteria virus pathogen
and toxins if we didn’t have a way to to destroy and eliminate these things then
everything would be chaos it would quickly take over and we would would
succumb very very quickly the other thing that the immune system needs to
recognize is when your own cells gone wrong so we have defective cells
same thing cells where something went wrong they’re not doing what they’re
supposed to they can’t fulfill their purpose the immune system needs to
recognize them and clean them out otherwise there’s just all this debris
laying around another form of self that causes damage is mutated cells in the
form of cancer those are your own cells but it was a mutation and now they are
wreaking havoc they’re they’re renegades they’re not participating in this
fine-tuned balance called homeostasis and you have thousands tens of thousands
of mutated cancer cells in your body at any given time but your immune system if
it’s working properly will recognize them find them search them and destroy
them the other thing that we’re going to talk
about and we’ll explain what this in a second that there’s a part of yourself
inside the cell called nope nuclear proteins and if they get into the
circulation then that is a really really bad thing and that may be I mean
everything the immune system does is essential but this is like way way up
there and what we’ll talk about why so nuclear proteins what are they so first
we have to understand that how cells develop so first we have stem cells and
a stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that means they’re all the same and a
stem cell is a cell that can become anything that it has the hope that the
potential to become a liver cell or a bone cell or an ISIL or a brain cell
once they develop into the differentiated cells then they’re mature
cells and they look like this and then inside the nucleus they have unique
markers so the liver has nuclear proteins that are unique for the liver
the bone has markers that’s unique for the bone and they’re only supposed to
exist in those areas so muscle cells muscle markers are only supposed to be
in the muscle and spleen markers are only supposed to be in the muscle and
then so we’ve taken a couple of steps and then we’ll tie it all together so
bear with me and try to pay attention you don’t have to know these words we’ll
pull it together for you so then there’s another big word reticular
reticulo-endothelial system and this is basically your body’s sewer so when you
have a healthy organ then that organ has certain cells that wear out and when
they wear out then they get fluffed off they get eliminated your body makes new
cells but let’s say that you have a hundred cell turnover and there’s
millions of cells but call it a hundred per second or whatever now these cells
need to go somewhere and these cells have nuclear proteins in them they have
these unique markers so they have to be taken care of and eliminated before they
can go anywhere else so they drop into the local sewer in the area surrounding
that organ and if we stay within the hundred cells then that’s the capacity
of that local sewer and the local sewer can keep up and keep that local
environment really nice and tidy there’s no spill over there’s no waste the
cleanup crew can keep up and keep everything nice but let’s say that we
have a stressed organ we have a stress an organ that is overworked or
something’s going on where it’s not happy we get some spell damage and
tissue damage and now instead of a hundred cells turnover we have 500 cells
per unit of time that are breaking down spilling their guts into the sewer but
the sewer can only handle a hundred cells
so 400 of those cells are going to spill over it’s gonna get nasty that sewers
gonna put things everywhere and now those nuclear proteins because the local
reticular endothelial cells like macrophages and these things that
they’re like pac-man’s they gobble things up they can’t keep up so a lot of
these nuclear proteins they’re gonna spill over and push their way out and
they’re going to end up in the circulation and now the body has to
defend itself so now the body develops nucleoprotein antibodies they they’re
their little tag teams if you will so now these nuclear proteins gets tagged
for destruction but they’re circulating so they’re gonna get everywhere so the
immune system is going to react and start sending antibodies and macrophages
everywhere and now we have an autoimmune response so how does autoimmune disease
develop because automated responses are there all the time when necessary but
how does it get out of hand it’s if we get too much of this and now you have a
constant flow of liver cells or liver nuclear proteins that are circulating in
your foot or in your brain because these things are instructions to build new
tissue and you don’t want a liver growing in your brain you don’t want a
liver growing in your foot you don’t want a thyroid growing in your spleen or
in your gut if we didn’t have this autoimmune response then things in the
body would get out of hand very very quickly there would be no way of
organizing it and keeping it keeping your body parts looking the way they’re
supposed to in the way they’re supposed to so we have to understand that
everything that the body does is on purpose
there is nothing stupid that we can’t trust if the body does it we
intrusted it’s for a good reason and so all that new disease is not a bad thing
if it’s bad if it gets to the point of disease but the process of all the
immunity is not a bad thing and now your immune system will produce antibodies to
search and destroy everywhere and the antibodies will attack all nuclear
proteins and some of them in the original organ so if you have thyroid
cells in your gut and your body sends out a search party for these these
thyroid cells or thyroid proteins then they’re gonna circulate everywhere and
some of them are going to find their way to the thyroid and attack the healthy
cells in the thyroid and so now you have a vicious cycle of continued breakdown
and the reason we want to deal with this is that it progresses and we want to
understand that all the immunity whether we have a diagnosed or manifest
identified autoimmunity or not this process goes on in every disease process
that has been going on and have some degree of degeneration there is an
autoimmune process going on in that that’s just a way that the body deals
with it yes we have a question so the autoimmune responses deal with
cancer cells that are building new cells in the right context but more than
required or is that the immune system doesn’t recognize cancer cells that are
dividing and wrong types of cells in the patient it is probably that oh so let me
let me step out and repeat that that question here so we have a question that
says do autoimmune responses deal with cancerous cells that are building new
cells in the right context but more than are required so cancerous cells are
never there they’re already mutated so cancer cells
are never in the right context they have stepped out of the context they’re
renegades they’re not listening to the rest of the body so the immune system
part of the autoimmunity part of this response is to find and and destroy
these cancer cells and when when the immune system can’t keep up it is
because there’s some other process that has broken down that the immune system
is is weakened or overwhelmed or there’s just a lot of chaos and confusion going
on so let’s take an example of one of the most common forms of autoimmunity
called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and so you could take a blood test and you can
look for antibodies they’re called thyroid peroxidase it’s an enzyme it’s a
protein that’s unique to the thyroid and if the thyroid spills then you’re gonna
have fire riod antibodies TPO antibodies circulating and if you find them then
you have an autoimmune disease well it used to be that they took a blood test
and they said if you have less than fine you’re okay but if you have more than
five that’s not okay now there’s too many antibodies and you have an
autoimmune disease towards your thyroid well
this became so common that basically couldn’t test anybody without finding
TPO antibodies so they raised the level so now you have to be over 34 and that
was last year in the state of Georgia different states have different rules
depending on how many people have it and they don’t like to diagnose autoimmune
disease because they don’t know what to do with it
and so now in Georgia you have to get over 34 to have all the immune disease
which if they kept it at five that would make most of the population
autoimmune thyroid disease and they don’t test for it because it’s not going
to change how they treat it but it turns out 80 to 90 percent of hypothyroid
cases are in fact autoimmune but the way that they treat it is by just replacing
the hormone they say oh well the thyroid tank out they can’t produce the hormone
let’s just put the hormone in from the outside so a couple years ago in 2015
there were 121 million prescriptions of synthroid
or related synthetic hormones and the reason they don’t test the reason they
simply prescribed the thyroid is that they don’t know what to do with the
immunity or immune disease the only way they know to deal with the immune system
is to suppress it that’s basically standard treatment for any time that you
have symptoms from the immune function then they suppress your immune function
but where did all of this start so we have organ degeneration like we talked
about and the degeneration causes excessive nucleoprotein spillover which
causes an autoimmune response so far we covered that but what caused the organ
degeneration in the first place why are these organs so sick that the cells are
breaking down and spilling over because under all the things that we’ve talked
about in the other seminars toxicity deficiency inflammation and stress so
when we stop living in accordance with nature or where we have excessive trauma
or stress or or just bad circumstances now we get organ degeneration that leads
to all of this so again in the medical system the only treatment traditionally
has been immune suppression and that sounds bad enough suppression
but what does it really mean it means put some poison in the body to keep the
immune system from doing what it’s supposed to do
there’s just basically that ain’t the only word to describe it it’s it’s
poisoning you’re poisoning the immune system you’re poisoning the bonus of the
immune cells don’t function did we have a question can you explain the
relationship between the hormones and the antibody count what was the name of
the hormone oh the hormone is called T for thought thyroid hormone is t4 but
the enzyme that finalizes the process of making t4 is called thyroid peroxidase
or EPO and when the thyroid cell breaks down then that enzyme is what spills out
so in this case it’s not specifically a nucleoprotein but it is a unique protein
to the thyroid and if everything is working perfectly then you’re basically
supposed to have zero or one or two maybe antibodies because again some
breakdown and some autoimmunity is going on all the time but it should be fairly
detectable but as sick as we’re getting as a population we are having more and
more organ stress so a antibodies are becoming quite common so that’s why
they’re raising those those limits so the standard is immune suppression and
what is that we have less symptoms whatever they may be depending on the
organ or the system involved but it doesn’t do anything about this instead
it allows for continued degeneration and with continued degeneration now you’re
going to have autoimmunity and multiple organs so it starts often with thyroid
because it’s one most sensitive organs in the body but then it continues to all
sorts of different organs and one very common one is pancreas for example the
people that become type-2 diabetic then if they do that for a while they trigger
an autoimmune process and they become type one or insulin dependent after
having done it for a while another common one is cerebellum and that’s
really nasty because now if you have auto immunity your cerebellum starts
breaking down these are people that can’t walk and they lose their balance
entirely and that’s just the beginning of it basically any organ in your body
can get can get attacked so then nuclear protein spillover is the
bit that’s triggering the auto mean response yes yes the question was the
the trigger for this auto immune response is that the the nucleo proteins
that spill over and the answer is yes they’re unique markers so again the
deliver the the nucleus of the liver cells and unique markers that make the
liver cell liver cell and those belong in the liver and no place else when they
end up elsewhere and the only way they can end up elsewhere is if they escape
the sewer the reticulo-endothelial system and they end up in circulation
circulation is going to take it everywhere where it doesn’t belong so solutions one interesting thing now
is that they’re starting to look at some other methods and there’s something
called oral polarization and this has been done research they started about
1990 and they called a new research and I’ve put quotation marks on that which
will see why in a second but what they do is they take if you have antibodies
to your thyroid then they take some thyroid from another animal and all
mammals work because these nuclear proteins are similar enough to invoke
this immune response regardless of which mammal yes you can take any animal and
it still works so they chop up some thyroid and they have you eat it and now
that acts as an antigen and it holds it’s in your gut and it takes some of
these it lowers it attracts some of these antibodies that were on their way
to destroy the thyroid they hold them down into the gut where
you’ve been fed a little bit of thyroid so it’s like a decoy for the immune
system and in the medical world they call this promising but frustrating they
were all over it in the in the 1990s and they saw dramatic differences because it
works very very quickly however they only saw short-term improvements so they
saw provements for four weeks or maybe months but then people seem to regress
so that’s where the medical the modern medical system stands on this now
however back in 1940 1950 there is a guy called royal lee who founded a nutrient
company called standard process and he was possibly the greatest nutrition
researcher of all time especially for that time period
and this was back when they did nutrition research on actual nutrition
not synthetic nutraceuticals and and man-made things in laboratories
and he realized he understood this whole process that we talked about even before
anyone else did and he developed something called proto morphogen therapy
so he just he did just feed people a concentrated thyroid but he found a way
even back in the 40s to extract the essential component and he understood
very very early that this this was what invoked that immune response so he had a
concentrated form of this and what he realized that they still haven’t
realized if they went back and looked at his research maybe they understand it
but again these are medical people and this is a natural therapist or what was
he says that these proto morphogens they don’t heal anything they don’t fix
anything they simply provide an opportunity to heal so they are
nucleoprotein extracts and they are not nutrients they stay in the gut ok so
these are things that you eat but they never leave the gut they never get into
your body however 85 percent of your immune system
is in your gut so if you take an antigen it’s not a nutrient it’s an antigen if
you take an antigen and it stays in the gut and 85 percent of your immune system
is there then that’s going to be a very powerful decoy to keep it away from that
thyroid or that liver or that spleen or that pancreas but most importantly it
doesn’t fix anything it doesn’t fix anything it just acts as
a decoy and that’s where the medical people are failing because they don’t
understand that it only creates a window of opportunity to allow for healing so
while we do this we have to provide some healing we have to help the body heal
and now we have a window of time to do it so healing like we talked about in
the other seminars is providing the body what it needs and your body is chemical
your body is structural and your body is emotional so we have to help the body on
all those levels and the goal is simply to restore normal function
that’s what healing is we don’t have to perform any magic we just have to
restore the body to normal because the body is self-healing self-correcting
self-perpetuating everything and we do this by eating better and most people in
this country have no idea what to eat we a lot of people they say oh well I eat
well I eat canola oil and I eat margarine and I eat low fat and I eat
lots of whole grains and I don’t drink soda and I eat stay away from red meat
because we’ve been told all this these crazy things but what we mean by eating
better is we need to eat whole food and it needs to be in aid food and inmate
means we have to eat the way humans have eaten for tens of thousands of years we
have to eat the things that nature provides and meat is okay fact is okay
grain is not okay it hasn’t been around very long
it’s very inflammatory it’s it’s very destructive
we have to move better that’s the structural part and this is where
Chiropractic comes in because exercise provides movement but if you have
sections of your body if you have portions if you have portions of your
body that are stuck then the exercise doesn’t move those areas and you’re
missing that information you’re missing that the signals that your body is
supposed to get and feel better that’s the emotional part and these are things
like meditation reading something uplifting praying dancing socializing
with uplifting people and this is how we restore health and there’s so much
confusion here that we cannot have to start over and and relearn what all that
means so that’s what our channel is all about you can find answers to all these
topics and they’re based on on physiology the way it’s described and
developed and understood in in medical textbooks and it’s based on historical
data research on what have humans done the best on in in hundreds for hundreds
and thousands of years and in our office we look for for solutions we look for
the causes using nutrition response testing and this is a very very powerful
method of figuring things out so any organ that has been stressed we can find
out through a muscle test so let me do a quick demonstration so this is Tracy and she is works in our
office she’s been on the nutrition response testing program for a while so
even though she’s not fully recovered she does dramatically better and she
probably doesn’t have any blatant faults and he laid them weaknesses so we’re
just kind of demonstrate here and so muscle testing is a neurological
response we push on the arm and what we’re looking for is not how strong the
person is we’re looking for how precise is that response if we start pushing
that we get to a point where it feels rigid that is called a locked muscle and
it’s not a strength response it’s a neurological precision response and then
if I have removed her right leg forward and I push and I look for that locked
response it’s not there anymore I’m not getting it because the brain can’t
produce a response if there is a conflicting set of inputs so if we have
one arm forward and we put the same leg forward this is the opposite of a gate
reflex and the brain can’t function if there’s conflicting things then it’s
going to turn something off so this leg becomes an instruction to turn this arm
off so that it can swing back so that’s one example of a neurological reflex but
we can also use this and if we touch any area that has a problem then we get the
same unlocked response and anyone can do this but it it works better the more
practice you have in the beginning people have a tendency to push really
hard and feel for strength and again that’s that’s not what we’re looking for
so what we would do is we would go around and touch different areas because
when we compress the skin receptors we activate receptors and if there are some
Dischord if there’s some stress in that area then we’re going to stress the
brain and create this unlocked response oh so here we get a nice lock
because again she’s been on the program but cerebellum is quite common frontal
lobe quite common pituitary thyroid part spleen mostly found spleen is like the
the main autoimmune organ so people with with lupus and systemic on immunity
you’re almost always going to find find spleen and liver and crius etc so we can
help identify and we’re not diagnosing autoimmune disease with this we never
diagnose any disease at all with this technique it’s simply a way of finding
where there may be some stress in the body and then identifying nutrients that
the body could benefit from so again this is never a way to identify with
diagnose anything but it can guide us in our attempt to restoring the body to
help the body heal thank you so much and we have a question so our seeds and
grains related by you seeds in my cooking the seeds and grains are not
related other than both being plants rather than animals grains have very
high starch content and they also have various different proteins and compounds
I don’t remember the names of all of them I think they’re phytates
and they’re very difficult they’re inflammatory they’re very difficult to
digest and break down seeds are generally very high in fat and protein
which are good for us some grains like quinoa are even though it’s a seed is
really high in starch but it’s still better than
grains because it’s not as irritating to the body but if you’re looking to
reverse things like insulin resistance and go low-carb then quinoa is something
you also want to avoid but flax seed and chia seed and sunflower seed and pumpkin
seed and all those hemp seed all of those are very nutritious they’re low
car they’re high protein fiber and in fact there’s more off topic ok off topic
question let’s see is it possible to gain 100 grams of fat
and muscle every day for two months that would be about six kilograms in two
months I would say it’s possible I would also say that it would depend on the
individual we are all very very different like when I was training I
work out daily and I ate like a horse and I gained weight very very slowly I
again maybe four or five kilos over a year when I was gaining at at my fastest
I know some other people who have gained six kilograms or 1213 pounds in two
months no problem so it depends on on your natural hormone levels and it
depends on what kind of activity do you do so I combined a lot of weightlifting
with a lot of running and if you’re running your body is less apt to put on
weight whereas if you’re only lifting weights and not moving much for anything
else then you’re more likely to gain weight and a lot of that is going to be
going to be fast the big difference is we all have different hormone levels and
different amounts of testosterone and things like that they are training a lot
yeah and that’s where that’s why people use
anabolic steroids which I don’t recommend unless you want to get really
really sick and and wreak havoc with everything that we talked about because
that pushes and a ball is a means building and it pushes these metabolic
pathways in one direction only so again it will screw you up seriously for life
so don’t do it but that’s kind of why they do it and a lot of people who get
those tremendous increases that that is what they’re doing is there anything
that I should avoid with having hyper hyper or hypo it’s kind of the
same thing it just means something is out of balance and what happens with
Hashimoto’s is that you often get Oh hypo hypo okay so since I started saying
this whether your hypo or hyper it means something isn’t working and how she
Moto’s can go both ways so for awhile the thyroid is a little bit destroyed
but recovering and then it produces very little thyroid hormone but then it
starts to recover and then it’s being attacked again and now you have a lot of
cells break open and the damaged cells are going to spill their contents and
some of that is going to be thyroid hormone so now you get an increase and
then you get an increased autoimmune attack and so forth so you can go up and
down for four years but again there’s something that’s causing this attack and
you want to make sure that you go back to the basics there aren’t things such
as autoimmune diets which we didn’t get into a long I just said innate food but
that’s sort of saying the same thing autoimmune diet means avoiding things
that aren’t inflammatory and difficult to digest and commonly cause allergies
so the primary one to avoid is milk sorry pasteurized milk I should say and
all forms of grain especially gluten grains but you want to avoid all rings
if you’re if you’re sensitive and you really want to get to the bottom of it
then there’s a lot of different foods on a on a scale of decreasing importance
nightshade vegetables and spices and things like that so trial and error read
up on it and see what’s what works for you if you’re want to get to the bottom
of it sometimes good to kind of get rid of all of that
and start from scratch any more questions all right I think that’s all
we have for today and we’re two doctors in the office we’re both chiropractors
and we work with nutrition response testing and the supplements that we use
in this office are mostly by standard process which were all developed by this
royal lee who discovered and refined the idea on immunity and and the means to
deal with it so the products that we have there is a product for virtually
every organ in the body to act as a decoy but not only that there are other
supplements to help the body to support the body in the healing process while
these proto morphogens act as a decoy so I can stick around for a minute or two
for questions if they have plaques versus fish oil look if you’re a
vegetarian what do you do how do you the longest of the fish oil chains in a
vegetarian form but again they grow it on algae or something like that and it
gets expensive for very small doses so if you can make yourself eat some fish
or some fish oil that’s that’s the better idea now fish oil is an omega-3
and flax is also an omega-3 the problem is that flax oil gets converted
gradually into longer and more sophisticated oils and it takes a lot of
effort it takes a lot of enzymes and and work to to go from flax oil to the EPA
and DHA and all of the things that we talked about that stress the body the
the sugar and the grain and the cortisol they interfere with this conversion so
there’s one enzyme in particular called Delta 60 saturates we says it’s like a
bottleneck in this conversion process and this Delta 60 saturate is inhibited
by everything bad that we do in in our lifestyles like I said the sugar the
vegetable oils the grain the stress the cortisol so we convert as little as one
to two percent of that flax oil into the final product which means the the end
product of the brain is built of DHA and there is if you don’t have if you have a
poor conversion if you have some of these these factors if you not have
stellar health there is no way that you can eat enough flax oil to to provide
for your your DHA requirements so I would suggest I like flax I eat it on my
yogurt it’s a great food it has protein and fiber and fat and it gives you a lot
of these omegas so even if I don’t convert them it’s still a good food but
I make sure that I take some fishel to provide for the EPA and the DHA hope
that helped answer that question for you did we have anything else so what is our next seminar what’s today
Tuesday tomorrow Wednesday that should be cholesterol right yeah so we have one
more seminar schedule and we can do more seminars throughout the month but we
were looking for requests for topics we have some that we can kind of throw at
you but we we wanted to see what’s what specifically people were looking for so
we are scheduled for tomorrow to talk about cholesterol and that’s going to be
at 6:30 and after that maybe take a break unless we get some more some more
requests or some ideas on what to do from there we’ll definitely do some more
but we might space them out a little bit more so ok enjoyed this tomorrow we’re
going to talk about like I said cholesterol it is one of the
biggest hoaxes one of the biggest myths lies misconceptions that we have been
ever had thrown at us so tune back in and we’ll talk to you then
thanks for watching