I was very anxious so I had like really
bad panic attacks sometimes I had an eating disorder and yeah and I was I had
anxiety really bad and so swimming kinda got me out of this I had a really low
self-esteem I had no self-confidence because I
really thought it was bad and everything and then one of my biggest fear at that
point was getting out of my comfort zone that’s basically what it is and with
swimming I was facing the fear of a single day because I thought I couldn’t
do it but I had to do it at training every single that had to do a long
workout I had to do things I wasn’t really good at and I was still able to
make it through so I was proving to myself slowly but
surely that I was able to do it like I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was I
wasn’t like like the bad image that I had to myself wasn’t really true
and so swimming just like helped me see that and got me out of that darker period in my life and it really helped me gained the confidence that I lost that I didn’t
have and like 10 years 12 years later I’m like the opposite person that I was when
I was a kid yeah. When I was younger I had a lot of people telling me that I I
was disabled people couldn’t do as great as able-bodied that I couldn’t do it
that I didn’t have the body of a swimmer bla bla bla bla a lot of negative
talks I was bullied at school as well and so really the first
motivation that I had once I decided that I didn’t want to live my life like
that and according to people’s opinion was to prove to them to my
classmates to whoever around me that was negative towards
myself it’s to prove to them that not only I could be as good as they are I
could be better and so that was the first kind of fire in me and that pushed
me to the London Games and when I came back from London it’s kind of where it’s
weird to like decide what you wanted to do after the Games but that’s when I
decided that that’s what I was gonna do for like as long as possible I love
that feeling of working really hard to achieve a goal and reach it that
satisfaction was amazing plus it was the best revenge you know to all the people
that didn’t believe in me in the first place and then after that instead of
doing it for the other to prove to the other people I wanted to prove it to
myself that I could do even better so I was swimming for myself obviously
and yeah so Rio I was going into Rio for to win because I wanted to prove to
myself that I was able to win not to other people