Hi, my name is Michele Patton, I’m from Madison Alabama, and I’m part of the class of 2021 I think the benefits of the Auburn record wellness center and then just Harrison school pharmacy being close together is that after class and After studying, you just kind of want to break you want to de-stress that you can go to the rec and workout There’s a lot of different options You can go the rock wall or you can run the treadmill or you can do like workout classes It’s a lot of variety and it’s just about a five minute walk away. There’s six basketball courts There’s actually even a memorial Zen garden that we have on our lower level We have our cardio deck that has lines of treadmills and ellipticals as ap3 at Harrison I can definitely say it’s important to have an outlet to workout with as long as we are here in school You always need time to do stuff that you like to do and have other outlets to have fun There’s a lot of area for people to be able to go and enjoy themselves and find what really fits them