okay let's see what's up I'm going it and into the love that's my master is he in the lava – way in the middle simpler we got this careful through fashion Asst there's the yeah – boy careful oh yeah it's the bachelor on top of ya I'm a db2 it – the cool I don't think so I just killed a guy with the score yeah what about all the talk about historia so again focus my parama here Anya use it for defense I'm on time Dazzler right now major abs okay this just like it's flipping let's go kill them on the next black where is it Oh couldn't work there's another one some wasn't I got fuckin dragging shot at it in the lava all those you do yeah I got saved I got saved by the monster set Bogdan I want to win this and kill everyone true which we no doubt can do okay purple coming to us Oh what the fuck is that there's a new blood King King standard barrier I think this is like the first time I'm in this game out on the stool Oh oh let's go through the south blue balls it's not people they love all over the map I know dude I need to do it more on my guide to our ending shot I need to do that to people because you have the most and I don't so obviously snowball oh sure just hell no girl ever thank you see that Jedi Q's what fuck oh the blast bones dude someone actually doing some serious work let's go inside the little tunnel thingy and they hit him when they drop down there agree sure let's push upstairs and kill them yeah that's dead works too they dropped on the back on them II our bullet purple and mid purple yeah you want to push green fair yeah we're just on top of them let's kill them right here I've noticed them okay I'm on your shots thank you turn dog that's Hill so he wasn't half time that Esler I've got a refresh all my buffs here dude alright doing you what scam Jesus fuck I knew stamp my parama here oh come on blast bones come on blast bones fuck and hey dude when it works it's so godly but when it doesn't it's just the biggest sad we're just letting purple win easy but who cares this is fun should we focus purple now yeah we wanted we want to actually win yeah this is also our first random daily thing today we really do want to get the reward do we get the same reward for being second I think yeah at last or I thought I thought it was the same it's the same I might be wrong i yeah i'm not a BG pro at all far from it yeah let's go take that purple flag here then I'm gonna go into the prayer my place back here can you hear my pitch on here thank you my dear I'm gonna take this so I go over to the west I know we're taking the other one we can see so in this it's gonna be green to green Tim coming to me I'm actually gonna kite back towards you guys okay whose entire green team is coming to me fantastic let's go back into them and I kill him on a clap oh the back I'm on you guys yes a battleground the king boys slowly catching up I just jumped into the lava pro strats yeah let's go through the flock get us a fear every get ready get ready for the new flag we don't think the new one okay northeast northeast I gotta kill this though okay you go ahead and I'm gonna promote these guys it's right outside purple spawn by the way it's that you're perma yeah why can't i CC break oh it's just know the bad about this and now have you guys had issues when you get stunned you just can't fucking CC break even if your stand bar is full yeah I think I've gotten that a couple times I literally just got it they want to fade up it's like I literally got stunned and was just sitting there for three seconds before I was able to see Sebring yeah yeah yeah right I'm gonna kite until you guys respawn real real money on you let's go to the new black here we're actually quite far away from I could have fucking killed that guy – man that's here I could have killed that guy so easy he was so squishy all right disappearing shit oh yeah we're about to get a new one come to spirit directly across guys oh I'm coming over taters let's go help them use fighting old crippled pretty much coming in with a perma I can't break free exactly dude are you subfield nope entire purple teams on the flag those I'm at North black birth shit we're coming help out please chard cleanses it full chard a purple team right ahead because one hit that drinking behind us look at that anyway we got this through that song sewer tunnel yeah not 200 I think it was that again wasn't it yeah 400 let them have any flag time let's focus up we got this you've got this every flag that purple has to the east selfie selfies get on purple don't let him have it I have my permit we're gonna get there in a sec mm have it another flag directly to didn't work and your green cakes I'm just gonna oh they're all dying this there goes blast bones being blasted is northeast I'm calling my firm on just blob we wick run a flag in the know I'm all right I'm killing all of them so I got a blue I got like for killing blows here one on green though we're tied with dots now which I find impressive considering as he has two hander they're through the South fighting green maybe green on the South we're good you got us purple there Ganju who do not want to fight that bashi boy you don't want to fight that brick you'll be pleased I'm in room thank you all see remember just Oh coming back nah hey daddy be back today yeah yeah you did you killed one on to plug in one of them run away with no health and diet okay we can still get this but we need to have them have no flags whatsoever that's sure I I we need to find every purple before they take a flag as they were coming to the north flag north north north north yeah on me I'm on you my DB no the flipping the flag over here okay yeah good go next to the ECC's let's go very quickly they get one more take and they got it Mike once for the perma Pez on my TV we're almost tied with them we've got this you guys let's find the next lucky they were going to find purple find purple where are they I don't think they're anyway really oh they're behind us – no like we just left yeah they just bond otherwise it's all green which I don't care they can hold all the flesh hulls all the flags they won't get this we just need to hold this and not left purple take another one they're going off to the east of us yep they're also taking the other one directly across from us agrees fighting them over there great we're number one we're number one good 14 gay oh my god 2806 that's badass dude maybe I got a cup with you one knows that mention 30 healing no one else good game GG dude