hey how are you I didn't think I recognized your face I work here a lot so I can usually tell when somebody is new oh let's get you started have you been in here before or did you call ahead or anything no it's totally fine I just didn't want to make you have to fill out anything that you've already filled out before get my clipboard welcome to the gym as you can see we have a very large facility so I can look you through all of the amenities and to just talk a little bit to you about the preferences what you're looking for and how I can help you with any of your fitness or health goals fantastic okay so let me just fill this out for you what's your name nice to meet you and who last name okay all right sure email address perfect you heard membership to start date are you looking to start today you look like you're ready to work out can definitely get you started today that should not be and then you heard address okay oh you're very close yeah you have a bunch of bike racks at the front I can give you a parking sticker if you need that but it seems like you're pretty walkable actually under that area yeah one of my friends lives on that should you do let me walk you through the amenities and then we can talk your rate that you'd like to do because we have a couple awesome first of all this is the lobby and this is where you'll check in every day I'm going to give you a card that you can just swipe to get in so you also get five member passes for any friends you want to bring in sometimes your friends are out of town visiting they want to come to your gym it's free for them to come in the first five times and then you can actually buy passes just day passes you'll get a discounted rate for your membership upstairs we have the weight room and there's a track that goes around the entire perimeter it's a quarter of a mile so 400 meters which is a really nice quite a few lanes in there as well so you can do you know dynamic warm-ups there walking jogging or even sprinting is totally fine hmm and then on the floor are all our machines half of them will be the weight machines whereas the second floor is all the free weights um the racks all that good stuff third floor is where you'll find the weight machines as well as all of the cardio equipment steppers treadmills ellipticals bikes you can't get up by elevator if you need to and then there's two sets of stairs as well you like to call it our extra workout on this floor behind me that way it's going to be our locker rooms as well as our saunas and steam rooms and they are fantastic I recommend you check them out and then the roof our roof we actually have a restaurant here they serve delicious health food if you ever want to come by there is grass up their turf a lot of people sunbathe up there and we hold movie nights it's really fun our pool is under construction but it should be tons and actually next month mm-hmm and that'll be on the second floor as well yeah it sort of dips down um we can definitely give you a tour if you'd like to see all that sounds good okay so let me talk to you a bit more your fitness goals okay first of all do you have any pre-existing medical conditions heart disease allergies just pain epilepsy asthma okay have you ever painted before while doing a workout okay great we do offer personal trainers I am one of the personal trainers I'll certify and I love working one-on-one or in small groups if you have a friend or two one-on-one is what I prefer just because you can tailor it so specifically to you you know okay so that's awesome you're looking for a personal trainer I actually do have availability or you can choose from any of our wonderful trainers are you open to doing both cardio and strength training I like to combine the two is definitely what I would recommend if you're trying to lose weight tone up gain muscle just get in shape um you really can't go wrong with doing a combination of both exactly so the numbers on the scale is not something that I really look at instead I like to look at measurements is that something that interests you great we can give you your first measurements for the day and then we'll actually be able to track your progress as you go along because you know I'm 130 pounds I can look completely different when I am very in shape doing off my strength training eating high-protein meals etc etc and when I'm more off the wagon inactive not eating great still the same weight on the scale but how I feel and how I look all right I do have a nutritionist on-site so I can set you up with an appointment it's not something you'd like to do today okay let's do the next time you go okay and when do you prefer to work out what I like to do if you're doing personal training sessions at least for the first couple weeks I'd like to be with you for every single workout the cardio ones are a little bit it's more like I'll set you up for about half an hour and then you'll go the strength once I can stay with you throughout until you get the hang of what you're doing so I'm gonna put you probably on a six-day program but are you more of a morning workout person or open fairly late um that sounds perfect and essentially this program should get you where you want to go it's gonna be a great jumping-off point um for whatever your next goal is I always like to have a goal in mind so we're going to get your height in weight and going to measure your bones we won't be tracking your weight too much like I said the measurements are much more important so I'm gonna ask you to go right against this Wang probably could have just asked you for your height but you have to be thorough and then I'm going to have used okay perfect and then I'm going to start with your arms so go ahead and leave them aside for right now I'm going to measure around your bicep okay and then your forearm okay the other arm should be about the same but I'll give it a possibly measure both of your arms so you can make sure you're training now can I have you bring your arms up and flex yeah keep them flex this is your first workout okay I'd rather okay can relax your arms I've made you measure around your chest and then I measure waist so again just kind of reach around you and you're waved um sorry your hips awesome next we want to get your quad muscles as all your calf muscles perfect very exciting you will definitely start to see changes if you stay consistent and keep coming to the gym that's one of the biggest factors important getting going it's just coming to the gym you're smart – hmm use a personal trainer I'm not biased because somebody motivating you and you know it can be very overwhelming when you're not sure what to do but I will keep you on track okay you're going to want to focus on lots of water intake at the beginning the first couple workouts we have shouldn't be too intense it's obviously tempting to jump in like full speed ahead but a lot of the drop-offs we see are when people get very sore at the beginning it's a little too difficult and they quit very early ahead so I like to do more of a gradual build-up you shouldn't be too sore with any of these workouts we're going to add little by little by little working on that consistency so you can see results later yeah I am started a workout a while ago where I had to start squatting with an empty bar which is 45 pounds way too late for me and I was tempted to just throw some weight on it and start where it was heavy but I didn't and every time every workout I had I would add five pounds and eventually I got up to my personal best yeah so I was squatting 160 pounds I'm not happy lifter pile means I never thought that I would be doing anything in that range I tend to do more of the many reps with low weight but so what you got my workout and doing heavy reps with her heavy weight with with a few reps was actually a really welcome change for a while there yeah I like switching for my workout to keep myself motivated so you turn to the e we're going to do three strength training days a little bit of high-intensity interval training as well as you know what the long distance stay I'm going to training and then in terms of strength you'll have one days four tries and just one for pious edge back and then one for legs and then we're going to do an ab workout every day so after your cardio after your strength you do 200 abs so we'll have 200 reps of varying and workouts for you to do you actually are going to learn to love them I promise people are always like so turned off by that trust me it's not bad at all all right finally I'd love to go through a deal Jim but I will deal okay now how we do give out three water bottles with every sign up can decorate it however you want but make sure to stay hydrated we do like these water bottles that are 64 ounces so drinking one of these that day is a great start always drinking more is better but make sure you finish at least one of these a day especially when you're adding on physical activity and we have fill zones all over the gym to fill up your water bottle so I have my bag here I prefer a larger duffel police do have built in locks which is great you have your help however we do that you're all stations around the gym you like walking over there when something like that if one of them said they'd give me a holler you need a pen to log all of your workouts I will be with you so I'll help you with your schedule in the zippered pocket I like to keep the makeup wipes here we have another hand sanitizer spray yeah this one it inside so this one actually might be good for let's bring down equipment mm-hmm I take that spray then I have a pressure point ball it's kind of looks like a lacrosse ball and what this does is when you're rolling out at the end we'll have you stretch and cool down this is really good digging into certain spots like on your back yeah oh it hurts it's good you definitely don't want to skip stretching and cold home workouts your body will thank you if you just do them part with a little snack just in case one too many times I've rushed to the gym and then remember that I haven't eaten and then I can't work out properly we've got extra socks and you can keep an entire outfit in here you want to have extra deodorant so staple knit bag I personally use men's deodorant because it works better I swear it does recommend a plastic bag for any sweaty clothes or 30 suits to have a face wash for after workouts lifting machines which actually converse are a great cheap lifting shoe if you don't want to go all in with fancy equipment anything like that they're being good because they're flat and we don't allow bare feet in the gym or socked me I'm just favor safety so I definitely recommend wearing flashy on the lifting days especially like a regular long shoes tennis shoes they're too spongy so we're trying to do something like deadlifts or squats like you're not getting the proper pressure which guys are good stuff most of the things you'll need we do have on hands we have towels like I said water stations you probably want to bring headphones but we do have headphones to check out if you ever forget them I think is great I personally is wireless put those headphones even though they're quite bulky for some reason my ears just cannot do earbuds anything in her ear just yeah they're really comfortable right I always keep the cord in there as well in case the Bluetooth ever sighs did I forget anything I'll be giving a food diary as well as your worked out sketch wall you could bring an external charging brick showers okay would you like to start with strength cardio today good choice are you you seem ready to go I'll have you warm up on the third floor and I will meet you there all right last thing let's take your rate shall we so I'm just removed for and ago all right so we can do I'll monthly payment three months six months four year depending on how frequently you pay advance the rate is a bit cheaper hmm the first month is great especially since we're halfway through the month already can definitely do that okay all right it's all set up for you can I see a credit card thank you file yeah I need to buy anything leaving the restaurant upstairs okay let's take before picture set you up up the stairs with your warmup and we'll be able to take those before pictures so you will be able to track your progress and see how nice it is to go to the gym for yourself all right well thank you very much I look forward to working out with you and helping you get your fitness goals all right I'll see you you