I’m a sponsored
athlete for Adidas. I’m a celebrity trainer. My clients include people like
Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy, and some of the world’s
biggest professional athletes. I’m the CEO and
founder of Clutch Bodyshop. My mission is to change the way
you think about your body, and what is possible. I’m Ashley Conrad. [music] With this program or any
program, nutrition is, like, king, because it really doesn’t
matter what you do to work out. If you’re not giving your body
the right fuel, it’s not gonna respond the way you
want it to respond. So, for me and the
transformations I do, a lot of people will say it’s 80%,
nutrition is, but for me, because of the limited amount
of time I have, it’s really more like 90%. The basis of all of my nutrition
programs are based on principles of thermogenesis, which is
basically how your body burns calories. So all the foods I’m putting
in have been proven to be high thermogenic foods, which means
they speed metabolism, your body can break them down. A few just super simple
principles of the nutrition program. One is you’re eating
every 3 hours on the dot. You’re eating 30
minutes within waking. You’re drinking at least a
gallon of water every day, with the equivalent of two lemons
squeezed into that gallon of water. The other really important
component is you’re eating completely gluten- and
dairy-free outside of your whey protein isolate. And the reason I’m not allowing
things like gluten or milk or things like that is because
those things are very difficult for your body to
actually break down. That’s not what I want. My goal is to
speed everything up. Everything that you’re putting
in your body that’s not–that isn’t, you know, a fruit or a
vegetable, is single-ingredient. So you’re not dealing with
anything nutritionally that has multiple ingredients in it,
has fillers, preservatives, coloring. All of those things play a role
in the hormonal balance of the body which, as we discussed, is
extremely important to keep in complete balance. That’s the kind of method behind
the madness, if you will, of the nutrition program. So for me, whether somebody’s
trying to lose weight or they’re trying to gain lean muscle, all
I’m doing is I’m keeping their meals all day
extremely balanced. Protein, carbs, healthy fats. Somebody’s trying to build lean
muscle, I’m just adding extra calories, but they’re clean
calories, they’re calories that the body can use. I’m not necessarily
messing with carbohydrates. I’m pulling carbs from this
person and giving–’cause my theory has always been why, if
our brains need carbohydrates to function, okay? That’s common sense. Why am I gonna pull them out
of this person’s body if I want their body to be
running at optimal levels? That doesn’t make any
sense to me, and it never has. The other part of that is
when you pull something out of somebody’s diet, the second the
body gets that thing, what is it gonna do? It’s gonna hold onto it. So what that tells me is, okay,
I pull this out now, it means weight gain later. And that’s why so many people
get on this vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. One of the reasons that,
nutritionally, my programs have been very successful, is that I
have found ways to make foods taste amazing so people don’t
feel deprived of the foods that they love. Like, on my program, people are
able to eat pancakes, they’re able to eat French toast,
they’re able to drink shakes that taste like ice
cream and frozen yogurt. You’re not, like, having to
stuff the blender full of fruit to cover up a
nasty-tasting shake. So it’s, like, for somebody
like me, for example, who has a really busy lifestyle, the last
thing I wanna do is not be able to enjoy the food
that I’m eating. So when you set somebody up
where you’re setting them up on a nutrition program that’s
easy to follow, it’s accessible wherever you are, it makes it
easy to adhere to, and then you’re never feeling like
binge-eating on sweets, binge-eating on carbs because
you feel like you’re getting all of those things daily. People come in, they expect me
to take everything away from them, and instead I’m giving
them all of these new things that they get to eat that they
love, and they’re going–and I’m losing weight, and I’m
building tons of lean muscle. I can’t believe that I can
actually–this is the way I get to live my life and
have the body I want. People over-complicate the
diet part, if we’re telling the truth, it’s because
there’s been so much b.s. that other people have gone
on TV or put out a book or whatever. When people put out a product,
they tell people what they think they wanna hear instead of
just telling them the truth. And the truth is,
it’s not complicated. If you understand the processes
of the body, if you understand the way that digestion works, if
you understand the way that your adrenal glands and cortisol
works inside the body, it becomes abundantly
clear what the truth is. And once you know that, then you
look at all these other things, all these other theories, all
these other products, everything else, and you go, “That
doesn’t even make sense.” If you’re trying to make the
body change rapidly, literally every single thing you’re
putting in your body counts. So it’s very, very important
that you kind of set yourself up for success in allowing you
to be supported in what that nutritional plan looks like. A lot of times it becomes really
difficult–it’s the same way with drinking or drugs or
whatever it is in life. When you’re doing something the
right way and people around you are doing something the wrong
way, sometimes when you do make the change, they kind
of–they’re not 100% in support of it because it’s a mirror back
to them of what they’re doing wrong. So one of the things, there’s a
few different things I like to do with clients. One of them is to encourage
people, family members, or the people that they spend the most
amount of time with, to join them. For me, like, when I go home, my
family knows that there are many things that I’m not going to
eat, so when I come home they prepare healthy meals, and
they’ll prepare whatever I think we need to have as a family. And that’s actually helped
everybody–my mom, my dad, extended family get healthier
because it opens up the conversation, “Hey Ashley, why
are we eating this instead of this?” So it’s like you really have
an opportunity, when you take control of your life, to
affect every person around you. So keep going to
bodybuilding.com, we’re gonna get you the tools, the weapons,
the content, the truth that you need to make that change,
and we’re gonna do everything together. It’s gonna be fun.