what’s a bit this Scottrade and today we’re gonna do hammer curls so this exercise is for our masters if you’re not armored and you just gotta tell me like this isn’t correct you should be doing it like this get away from my channel you don’t need this all the armor so stay if you want to get stronger angles work on your top roll or hook it doesn’t matter this will work both ways strengthening your top row and your hook I have so many people saying we don’t have a gym like yours we don’t have any equipment how can we train and get better so all we need is a dumbbell for this one and a bench so this exercise works great you can build power you can work on your short angles and everything else all the things in harness thing that we need I’m gonna hold myself with one arm and I’m gonna work with the other one I’m not gonna stop on straight with my elbow just by my side so enormous thing it’s almost never that our elbow is here it’s always a little bit forward so from here I’m going to work slowly on eccentric motion and then release so going up slowly on eccentric and so on I don’t straighten out all the way I leave it like this slowly slowly down you can work really strict like without moving your body at all or you can take much bigger weights and work on eccentric and honestly we need that eccentric we need that face when we’re all letting go over the way you can use your body to get it up and slowly put it back down all these overloads button you’re just swinging the weight up and just slowly putting it down will work not only on your muscles but also on your tendon so if you don’t have anyone to work on table with it’s a great exercise to help you with that reps and sets again if I’m working strict I’m gonna work for 810 reps nothing more if I’m working on my power and I really want to overload then I’m gonna work for three up to six reps if you’re someone who’s nothing like this swinging the weight up and letting it back down you’re not working on anything stop doing that it has no benefit for you at least if you swing it up slow on eccentric face so try this video please leave a comment stay strong and love Arneson