Hey guys, back with Russ here at Powerhouse South Shields.. Today is New Years Eve.. and I’m here in the gym, today we’re gonna be talking about joining a gym for the first time. Now I know you’re probably got two questions right now: Number one, Russ why the hell you in the gym on your own on New Year’s Eve?! Well I’m kinda sad like that. This is the only bar that I’m comfortable hanging out at. We’ve all got our thing. Number two, maybe you want to go to the gym and you’re not really sure how to… walk in there. This is something I can relate to definitely and I’m gonna show you how I got past it today. Hopefully it helps you. It’s that daunting feeling of not only walking in there, but what do you do once you’re in there? What if I walk in those double doors and everybody stops what they’re doing, like a Wild West film, they all turn around and laugh? I’ve been through that. In my head… Because that’s not actually what happens, you see joining the gym This gym’s a perfect example actually, because can you see the logo on the wall? This is Powerhouse South Shields. Most of my PT clients are female and when most of them hear they’re gonna be training in Powerhouse they think “Oh, holy shit” I can’t train there! Have you ever seen the film Dodgeball, with Ben Stiller? A lot of people would conjure up images of Powerhouse and think it’s like Globo Gym. And let me tell you something, it’s not. It’s more like Average Joe’s. The characters that I’ve met in this place Unbelievable. Some of the funniest, most supportive people I’ve ever met. And a lot of my clients, when they first come in to this building, they come in looking terrified, like a rabbit in the headlights, but once they get through those doors they never want to leave. Join a proper gym, like Powerhouse, and you will never look back. The fitness community in a gym is one of, if not the most, supportive communities you can be a part of. But getting past that requires that you go through those doors. It’s a battle inside your own head. And I had this when I very first started training myself. Before this was my job. Before the website. Before any of that stuff. I was tiny, I think I weighed about nine or ten stones. Wet. And anyway, I joined a gym, I was very skinny, and every time I used to train I didn’t really know what I was doing and there was this guy who used to always come in… I’ve shared this story before, but it’s worth sharing again as it’s relevant to this subject. This guy used to train on the bench next to me lunchtime, every day, break from work, same as me, and he was in amazing shape, he had fantastic shoulders I used to always think people would be judging me, because I’m tiny, I do not look good I could feel them looking, even though they probably weren’t, and this guy in particular I used to just stare at him, you know, thinking Dammit I wanna look like that! Until one day I plucked up the courage scariest thing I ever did I plucked up the courage and I said Mate… your shoulders are immense. How do I start building some of those? And you know what he said to me? This perfect looking bodybuilder said Ah cheers mate. To be honest when I’m training all I can see is my forearms… they’re awful! And that is the moment it clicked in my head that all this stuff I’d been telling myself everybody is there for their own reasons. This guy… didn’t even see the shape he was in… He didn’t even notice I was there, all he could see was his thing he wanted to make better. Nobody is perfect. And the people who think they are perfect.. well they’re not the ones you wanna hang around with anyway! But it takes getting into the gym to realize that these are just normal people. And I’ve found that to be the case with every gym I’ve ever been at. Especially this one. Like I say, join a proper gym. So hopefully that just puts into context that fear that we all have about joining the gym, I get why it exists, it’s a new environment, you’re changing your lifestyle, probably gonna make new friends, that fit with your new lifestyle, and it’s terrifying. But… as soon as you come through them doors you should grab someone on that front desk and tell them I’m terrified, this is my first time here, what should I do? I’ve worked on a gym desk before. Before I did all this. Let me tell you something… We live for that sort of thing, when people come in and do that, you sorta take them under your wing and you wanna see them do well, and you will get all the help you need. And then once you get inside the gym you will meet other people who are just like you, even the ones you think are perfect, once you get talking to them you’ll realize they’re also just like you. They see different things in the mirror than what you see. But it all starts with you walking through those doors. Whether it’s here at Powerhouse, training with me. Or whether you live somewhere around the world and you’ve just stumbled across this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Get yourself over to RussHowePTI.com, you’ll find all my training plans and nutrition guides that you can use in your own training as well. No matter where you are in the world. Gimme a comment down below if this has helped, and let me know how you get on in your first day at the gym. I’ll see you guys later. Bye bye!