It’s day two here at APEX EXPO in Boston
and I’m hanging out on the Panasonic Avionics booth with Dave Bartlett who is
the CTO of Panasonic Avionics, thanks for having us Dave. — Thank you for coming.
— So the booth this year is beautiful, it’s bright, it’s open, it’s a bit of a
departure from what it used to look like in previous years, can you tell me a
little bit about the thought process behind that? — Yeah we’re so so excited
about it, we’re really trying to come across as you know our new open platform, company that’s open to working with our partners, really bringing that value to
the airlines and really trying to demonstrate the new outcomes that we’re providing to Airlines to help differentiate. — Yeah it really comes
through, I think you get that sense right away as soon as you walk in. — You guys
have made some customer announcements this morning, can you share a bit about
that as well? — We did. We’re really excited about that, EgyptAir, a new A320 deal and then Uzbekistan which has got 787s and A320neos so yeah really excited about that. Super, OK and another focus for Panasonic here this week, it was the focus of your press conference yesterday, really
talking a lot about wellness and I think some people might be surprised about
that because it’s an electronics company, wellness is maybe not something they’d
associate with it. — Well, wellness is such a big topic today and actually Panasonic
has got some great technology that we can apply to wellness right at the seat,
so we’ve got things that range from new technologies in terms of noise
cancellation to better lighting to air cleansing technology. It’s so important
as the flights get longer, that the fights are a little bit more dense in terms
of people to bring that wellness to people. — Alright, and then just finally a
new partnership with Inmarsat. I know we haven’t really sketched out all the
details of how that’s going to work, but how are you guys feeling about that?
— We’re feeling really great I mean again it’s all about bringing better outcomes to our customers and this allows us to bring more choice in terms of
connectivity, so not just Ku but also the Ka, and it’s also bringing two great
companies together so we can collaborate in terms the technology, focus, how we can provide a better outcome in terms of
connectivity. We know we’ve still got a ways to go, we are committed to it, so
this is a strong step in that direction. — Yes, two very big companies with big
customer bases working together, I think we’ll all have to watch this space. — Yes
indeed. — Alright well thank you so much for your time today, Dave, have a great
show. — My pleasure, thank you so much.