PRESENTER: Remember Goldilocks? The first porridge was too
hot, the second was too cold, and the third was just right. Well when you’re looking
for a fitness club, sometimes you can feel a
little like Goldilocks. You want a club that fits your
goals and feels just right. You go to one of
those big boxes clubs. It has a pool, sauna,
even racquetball courts and a juice bar. But are you really
going to use all that? It’s too snobby. Then you visit one of
those low priced factory clubs where the treadmills
are stacked like used cars. Too industrial. Finally you go to your
nearest Anytime Fitness and find exactly what you need. Clean, modern and ready to use. Just right. Next, you want a club
that fits your schedule. The big box club wants to be
the center of your universe and there’s only one. You have to park far away,
check in at the front desk, then walk endless
hallways and staircases. That’s too cumbersome. At the factory club
the hours are limited and you have to take a
number to get a machine. That’s way too inconvenient. Anytime Fitness has clubs
you can access 24/7. You park next to the door
and do a 30 minute workout in 32 minutes. Just right. Next, you want a club that
fits your personality. At the big box club, the women
put on makeup to work out. What? As for the men, not
a good situation. Wrong kind of club guys. Too cheesy. At factory clubs you never
know what you’re going to get. Both these clubs have
group locker rooms. Wanna shower next to Mr Harry? Gross. Anytime Fitness is inspiring,
but not intimidating. Down to earth people
just like you. And private bathrooms. Just right. And finally, you want a
club that fits your budget. The big box club wants you
to pay for their overhead. And sometimes when you
visit these fancy clubs, guys with necks like
tree trunks pressure you to buy personal training. That’s too much. The factory clubs may only
charge you $10 a month, but do the math. They need 5000 members
just to turn a profit. Welcome insignificant
member number 3,942. Your health is worth
more than 10 bucks. That’s too little. Anytime Fitness respect your
time and values your health. We get to know you and
your fitness goals, and we give you access to
Anytime Health, the most comprehensive nutrition and
fitness website on the planet. So there you have it. You can feel undervalued
at a factory club or pay too much
for a big box club. Or you can listen to
our satisfied members around the world, who
will tell you firsthand Anytime Fitness is just right.