The following is a meditation for anxiety. I invite you to begin by bringing awareness
to your breathing and becoming fully aware of your body and how it feels to be in it. Wether you are in a peaceful state or a stressful
state. I invite you to move into a place of acceptance. I’ve found in my own experience that being
in balance is really about accepting myself as I am. Be it again in a peaceful space or stressful
space, when I accept myself as I am I immediately begin to feel a sense of release. For when I can accept myself as I am, I truly
ready myself for change. So continuing to be aware of my breathing,
I allow myself to be the owner of my breath, I allow myself to be fully in my body knowing
that anything that is going on in my life, any problem, any struggle, truly doesn’t
belong to me. That all that is mine to truly own is my own
mind, my now body, my own heart and my own breath. Releasing myself from the burden of problems,
I give that burden to a divine process. Trusting that life does not ask anything but
for me to be my highest and best self. In this I find peace and relaxation and freedom
from struggle, for I have chosen to stop struggling, in self acceptance and sincerity, authentically
being who I am, I give myself to the peace and the newness of this present moment.