– Hey guys, it’s Jackie,
and today I’m talking about a really popular
health goal: strong abs. So you might be wondering
why I’m here in a kitchen, and not in a gym. I’m here with Ashley
Walter, and Ashley, tell us about why strong abs start
right here in the kitchen. – It’s because a lot
of times the diet is behind your fitness routine. So if you’re not eating
well, and particularly an anti-inflammatory diet,
your abs are not gonna pop out, you’re just not gonna see ’em. We are having too much
inflammation in our body that’s covering up
our muscle tone. – Right, and that’s so key,
the anti-inflammatory diet is really key to strong abs. – Very much so,
it’s what we eat, when we eat, and how we
eat that directly affects our body composition and
what we show on the outside. – So there are some foods that
you say we should definitely be trying to have more of,
things like leafy greens and healthy fats, why
are those important? – A lot of chronic diseases
are because of inflammation. And fatty acids, especially
essential fatty acids, and monounsaturated
fats, like avocado, coconut oil, salmon,
particularly wild salmon, because the type
matters, because that has the most authentic fat
form in the salmon. When you have these
healthy whole fats, essential fatty
acids, you are lending to your body’s
anti-inflammatory properties, and you’re helping
them also combat against inflammation that
might already be there. – And then leafy greens also
have important properties. – They are so nutrient-dense,
fiber’s a big thing. As Americans, as a
whole, we tend to eat a lot less fiber than we should. If you don’t have enough
fiber in your diet, your digestion gets backed up,
and that again causes bloat. So you’re getting
a lot of nutrients, but there’s also
very low calories. – There are definitely things we should avoid too, like dairy. – You should limit things that
are naturally inflammatory, and that is cheese
and milk products, so limiting them,
but also recognizing, I think a lot of times people
don’t remember how they feel, food amnesia, and when you
have a meal heavy in dairy, it’s kind of like having
something really heavily fried. It’s thick and
heavy inside of you, and it’s affecting your
digestive tract negatively. So whether you have
an intolerance or not, it doesn’t matter, it is
a very difficult thing to digest properly. – And you also advised
that we be mindful about how we are
eating these meals, and you have a pretty fun tip, which is to use chopsticks. – Yes, when you
slow down your food, because it lends to
proper digestion. – Right. – And so to mechanically
slow people down, I have my clients
eat with chopsticks. You slow down your
food, you will realize, a lot of clients have told me, they push away 40%
of their plate, because their brain and
their stomachs are connected, and they realize, oh, I’m full, but I ate slower, and I
don’t have that feeling of, I need to unbutton my
pants after eating, because you slowed down. – One other tip you have
is not to skip breakfast. Why is that so important? – If you wait until lunchtime, how often do you realize,
I’m ravenous, I’m so hungry, then you’re not making
the smartest decisions, because you wanna
feed yourself quickly, but at the same time
you tend to eat more than you need at one mealtime. And when you do
that to your body, your body pushes
it into storage. You just go above and
beyond the calorie level because you’re
eating so quickly. – And finally, you advise
staying really hydrated. – Water’s important for
so many different things. To have proper digestion is one. Start first thing
in the morning, and then drink half
your body weight in fluid ounces
throughout the day. Water tends to fill you up too, so you don’t realize… At a meal, then, you may not
be as starving as you are, because you’re hydrated. – All right, good
tips, so overall, just be mindful of consuming
those anti-inflammatory foods, and just understanding how your
body is digesting all this. – You have well-combined meals, you don’t let yourself get too
hungry, and you eat slower. You wanna feed your
body and feed it well, and feed it consistently
throughout the day so it doesn’t get
mad and store fat. – Great tips, thank you Ashley. – Thanks for having me. – And for more healthy
tips and recipes, head to our website,