(soft piano music) So, when I first walked in and it was all completely open, it was shocking and it was amazing and it was great that we could finally have a space to really include all of the Saint Mary’s community all together. Being in the new Angela, I can come in, I can stretch around the track and then hop on the treadmill. It makes me feel like I wanna work out, which is probably the intent, but whenever I come here, I feel like it’s the place where I wanna be. Thank you for donating and I know I appreciate your donation and so does every other student here on campus. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love new Angela because it’s really become a community space for students. I see all my friends here studying and hanging out before intramurals, working out and it’s just a really great addition to campus. I was just really excited and impressed with how everything looked. It was so much nicer than the gym we had before and I really like how they have a café in here now so you can get something to eat after you finish working out. I’m incredibly grateful for all those who generously donated to this new project. Even though I’m a senior and I’ll be leaving in the spring, I know that I’ll be forever grateful to call this place home because of your donations. I love Murphy’s Café and I love all the new workout equipment. I really appreciate all of the sustainable aspects of the building and as an advocate for sustainability, it really makes a difference and it brings joy to me. Thank you. Thank you. I see other fellow student athletes working out and I see friends from class and professors and it just really brings the whole community together and it’s totally encompassed every aspect of Saint Mary’s that’s important to me. When we’re walking out from the softball field and walking into Angela for our workout, it’s magical, honestly. It’s like walking down the avenue into the new Angela. I love Angela. We love Angela! We are all truly thankful for the new Angela facility. Thank you on behalf of student athletes, students, and faculty of Saint Mary’s. We love the new Angela and I am so excited to use it for my next four years as a belle. Angela is fantastic. I especially enjoy the basketball court by the cardio section and I also really enjoy Murphy’s Café and all of their healthy options. Angela makes waking up for those 7 A.M. workout classes worth it. I love coming to Angela every day because it offers so much equipment for me to use at the gym. Thank you so much for your donation. It makes current students and future students able to participate in a huge aspect of wellness which is something Saint Mary’s promotes. So, just thank you for all the benefits that you have bestowed upon Saint Mary’s. Thank you so much for caring about your younger belles and for giving us this beautiful space to get our physical and mental health to a whole different level. Thank you. This has been really, really cool. All the gyms I’ve worked at in the past haven’t been so beautiful, so thank you for your donation. I like how modern it is and it’s just a beautiful building. We love Angela! I love that Angela is a new place to come hang out with friends on campus. I’m so excited for the volleyball team to be able to play on the performance court in the fall. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. There’s no words that could actually express my gratitude for this new Angela and to have a new home base, not only for the softball team but for all the women of Saint Mary’s. I’m very glad that I’m able to see this before I move on from Saint Mary’s and I will always remember new Angela. Thank you so much, it’s so beautiful, we love it. Thank you donors for a wonderful place to study and work out. (soft guitar) Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for this building. It’s an amazing place and I’m so glad that we get to utilize it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you. Thank you! Truly, thank you so, so much for giving us a space that has allowed us to become the best version of ourselves and has allowed this campus to be the best community that we can be. Angela is amazing!