yo what's up everybody should boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna get it to the Android push-up challenge 2019 now just in case you don't know what the Android push-up challenge is take a look at this video that I made seven years ago all right yo what up this your boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna do the Android push-up challenge alright and basically what that is is exactly what it sounds like a challenge all right that it's not a contest there's no windows there's no losers you know anybody that participate in this you automatically win all right we just challenging ourselves all right now if you don't know what the push-up app is from Android look at my hot Android app volume 3 and um check that out you need to go get that all right basically what it is is just an app to help you increase the amount of push-ups that you could do alright now everybody knows that push-ups are the probably the best and most fundamental workout that you could do you don't need to go to the gym you know you don't need to be nowhere fancy you can basically do them anyway alright and there's a bunch of reasons why I do push-ups and there's a lot of reasons why you should do push-ups too I'll just name a few you know I do push-ups you know most obvious reason you know exercise you know help you live longer who don't want to live longer you know I'm saying and the second reason is um it helps you look better you know who want to put on a t-shirt and you'll be looking you're having your chest looking all flat and looking all for you don't say you don't need that you do push-ups you don't saying help pump yourself up a little bit and also you know there's so many reasons why you should be doing push-ups but like I said I'm not gonna say it all night a name a whole bunch of them but um another reason you're just off the top of my head is it helps you increase your stamina you know I'm saying and your strength and God forbid you might get into a fight one day and yeah you don't want to be the weaker person in the fight now I know we're just saying y'all won't be fighting to know that you don't got to be some kind of throw some kind of gangster to be getting into a fight you know you can be minding your business walking down the street with your girl and some drunk motherfucker run up on you and sorry I can crazy towards your girl and you gonna have to do what you got to do and you know or whatever so that's the main reason you know why I do push-ups today I want to be strong you know I'm saying and hold on her dudes you don't say another reason why you should be doing push-ups is you never know when you're gonna have to go to jail and do some time and like I said in my other video I don't plan on going to jail but I got a dog so anybody fuck with my daughter my girl whatever you know I'm always prepared I got to be ready to ride out and that's how I don't want to go to jail but if you go to jail do you want to be that dude who can only do ten push-ups you know that's not gonna help you make any friends quicker when you hit that that yard you know I'm saying so that's a whole bunch of reasons right there why you should be doing push-ups but anyway what we're gonna do now is what you get that Android app right now I want you to go home or wherever you at just take out your phone there gonna be no fancy video no editing no music and all that just where you at put the camera and do I do how many pushups that you could do straight whatever number it is and like I said this ain't our competition it's not a contest you know no reason for dudes to be ashamed or whatever if you can only do ten push-ups and do that ten you know I'm saying but the whole point of this challenge is whatever you do tonight or tomorrow whenever you do them next month on this day we're gonna do it again and you gotta be able to do more than that now keep in mind holiday seasons coming up you know in turn you have to film you coming in from out of town you and us cheers with your kids taking pictures and all that you know now is the time to get in shape a lot of people want to get in shape you know for the summer but it's better than start getting in shape now so when the summertime roll up you ain't really got to do nothing but hit the ball do a couple of sets you know I'm saying so we got to keep this mod low-budget I'm gonna just hit the street right now you see where I'm at I'm gonna hit the street right now and let me set this camera up on some shit and I'm gonna just knock mine out light hidden in the road in the street all right now you do here's wherever you gonna be the man what you doing we're gonna put them up on the Google gangster Facebook page and everybody took a look at each other Joyce and we're gonna support each other I'm gonna help you jump out on this one I so this is a number of knock man out right now let's see how many I could do straight maybe 50 60 I don't know but we'll see what it look like I let's do this [Applause] all right so before I knock mines out let me give you a quick backstory to why I'm doing this video again last week I was on vacation and I got an email from a dude named Trevor now Trevor been subscribed to my channel for years he's seen the original Android push-up challenge and he's one of the people that actually made a video response doing some push-ups and at the time he said he was 18 years old people used to pick on him in high school he didn't have any friends he didn't have a girlfriend and he was about 300 pounds overweight so when I watched the video he did about four push-ups so I responded I said look four push-ups is good but by next month I want to see you doing 12 and the month after that I want to see you doing 30 and the month after that I want to see you doing 50 I was trying to give him some motivation and spread some positive vibes fast forward to the email I got last week my dude Trevor that's doing good all right now he's married he got a baby he lost 250 pounds it looks like Terry Crews so the bottom line is this it's funny how life works you might do a favor for somebody or say something to somebody you never know what kind of impact you're gonna have on somebody's life that Android push-up challenge video I did basically changed his life so we're gonna try to recreate that for 2019 so all y'all young cats you thinking about getting in shape this is some motivation and y'all old school dudes if you feel like you washed up and you have the game same thing this is all motivation now just like I said seven years ago this is not a contest like there's no winners and losers do what you could do if you can only do five do that five nobody cares about your form now you can do it on wherever you want you could do them in your house in your backyard at work I'm taking it back to the same block where it all started from so imma knock mines out right here now I'm a little bit older so I don't doubt so I doubt if I'm doing 75 I'm gonna try to go for 40 and my goal for the end of the summer will be double that up I saw enough for a talk let's get busy [Applause] all right so I just knocked out about 45 which is pretty good for me because I haven't done push-ups in years so my goal is at the end of the summer I want to be doing about 80 now if you want to get down with this challenge we keeping it low budget take out your phone and do your push-ups I set a goal for yourself whatever you do we want to double that by the end of the summer now like I said this is not a contest not a competition we don't care about the form if you want to be down with the challenge record your video send it to me on instagram hashtag android push-up challenge 2019 and i'll post them up on my stories this is all about fun it's all about motivation and it's all about positive vibes let's keep it going your boy floss I'm Matt