Wow hi this is Scott Leopold with Leopold homes and today I want to talk about septic systems so here's a house I'm building in Austin Texas it's by Lake Austin here and in this area we have to do a septic system because they do not have public sewer so there are two different types of system septic systems first you have an anaerobic or conventional system which needs a minimum of 30 inches of good soil the system also needs a larger area and a level more level and bigger area for that that system to work properly the other type of system is an aerobic treatment system which which is what we're using here so what you see in front of me this type of system pre treats the water and uses it doesn't need a lot of soil so like with the the anaerobic system you need to have a lot of good soil you know like 30 inches of good soil here if you have a site that has doesn't have a lot of good soil rocky in Austin there's a lot of rock here so this type of system this aerobic system is is usually more used so anyway but this is really great for Lots that are small tight areas not level and in rocky so here we have our septic system so think of this as a on-site wastewater treatment plants so here we have a precast concrete tank which breaks down waste via a three compartment tank throughout here first we have a pretreatment compartment which receives the influent for heavy soil settle and form sludge the bottom of the tank that's the first compartments the second department is the treatment compartment here waste water or grey matter is thoroughly mixed with oxygen via an aerator and passed over the living micron isms located on the biological accelerated treatment media also known as the bat media in the third chamber the third compartment is the settling compartment where we're at clear liquid devoid of color and odor known as the fluent is then discharged through the baffle outlet which brings us lastly to this 750-gallon pump tank where the pump where we pump the affluent to the leach bed in the backyard so there's a pump and it's pumping the affluent out through those pipes and I'll show you the leech bed in the back ok so from our pump tank back here the pump basically pushes the affluent out through these tubes and it carries it or pumps it all the way back here to our leach bed so that pump is pumping all that stuff back here and that is getting distributed throughout all these tubes that make up our beachhead in the backyard so to get pumped through here and it'll get distributed through the soil back here so what will happen next is all dishes laid out and then what's going to happen is they're going to put a fresh coat of soil on top of this so this will be covered in soil and this will become basically the leech bed so that is an example of one of my properties where we've done a septic tank so you get it get an idea of what that's like so my next slide is actually a pretty level and it's a big lot and so we'll probably be able to do a more conventional system and I'll take a video of that you can see how that how that type of system is put in place if you have any questions please come visit me at Leopold and we have tons of videos tons of educational stuff so please come check it out