Spirit-Club main role in the community is
to provide a place, and a service that’s available to community members that
gives members of the community who may not otherwise feel as though, they have
the opportunity or the the means to exercise, it’s to give those people a
place to exercise. My name is Jared Ciner,
and my title is the founder and director of Spirit-Club. So Spirit-Club
is a, it’s a fitness provider so we offer exercise programs and services. It’s
really to create a higher standard for people with disabilities to have the
opportunity to exercise. We’re active in what is called healthy Montgomery which is a program Montgomery County has put together to better understand how we can include all kinds of related issues in making a community healthy and we’re interested in how that includes people with disabilities My name is David Godoy
before Spirit-Club my fitness exercise wasn’t so good my legs were
very weak, my upper body was very weak. Extremely weak, I cannot walk for
long distance I cannot even go from from point A to point B. It make it challenging but once I started classes, the exercise classes at Spirit-Club It has been improving from 1 to 100
and even more. I recommend it in a heart beat Because the kindness, and the generosity, and the loving that I received from trainers, and coaches and my supervisor, and my boss is
unbelievable support. Oh, it makes me feel great it motivates me in a way. You know, with with the population that we work with you know they have limited abilities but they all push through and work their way towards bettering
themselves, and accomplishing their goals and that transfers over to me, and my in
my life, and it inspires me to you know give it all I have in every endeavor that I take on. Spirit-Club is a huge example of inclusion despite facing difficult challenges always look on the bright side of life, never lose hope never ever give up, your dreams can come true just like mine.