nelson here giving back launched a three uh… speaking through actually sky coming up here you are now have my
this is the face of between one convention dream six in behind me also known as in
the johnson ice is talking about allot about some really great stuff that’s due
to tristen exercised and uh… some things that will probably open your eyes
so uh… committed to him the man in charge they aren’t giving up ranting prayers one-shot kind of those at the moment to
talk about that quite a bit right now i thought you guys about a new
topic for the event someone who is for this year proper emphasizing nutrition as per the
title of my speech is subtitled that is shattering accepted
norms revealing the truth about health and
fitness along with me but i i think you have read and agree that
that’s exactly what the speech accomplishes foreclose problems so what’s the significance of that is not completely but i think seeing mostly
senator on the one presenter disagree about through the central theme to start out
like that this problem getting rid of it would be
around for some time to come even if the continue broadening horizons orbit source customers per cup reasons one
because i believe has yet to see you will see the companies and everything like this related in terms of success you give me a nazi avengers assess
including women assault and related and connected kelly disconnect them so let’s say women was a bench doesn’t really scene aural sea opportunity plywood we’ve
learned you can uncover the truth about meeting
women and dramatically improve your quality of life i say below that hooked up i think if you got some selected today
he specifically mentioned his transformation of that he went from down here okay term success and slight change i was similar that i worked hard from
the success and now enjoy i’m not a fair but i enjoy it pretty good love success i work for that that’s how it works out you uncover the truth cousin
nationalisms doesn’t work out quite alot proves the same can be said
about emphasizing attrition it to you kind of unravel commercialism
surrounding those topics the qualified and also prove just like name women if you’re successful improves
from here it here same thing happens with excitement
tristen quite what proves very similar but more importantly i think if you take
nor one area of your life or requesting last minute borrowing is is a possible nor one area of life and
truly succeeded in another i think the short term maybe in the long
term is not going to happen you might be a little workout paper like
that that you are still alive so i think that really from my personal space was delighted
mothers with similar patterns format here as nicely as you guys it doesn’t work
like that you’ve got a kind of connected
altogether electrician expo or christian person specifically as she
talked about you can’t ignore when i realized that
success and other ones that doesn’t work like that was severely day if you do with women but you’re helpless dislike in the shooter is still like so what we do have woman your house on
the line you get sick a lot you know energy get
weight overusing resisting edelbrock rightists askew prostatic heard about that’s not cool man so rent were to around that also quick point succeeding in one complements another the said here you’ll never get rejected
because you are healthy energetic into a muscle uh… drugs aside like free see larger
bodybuilders because of the committee to or so it’s a
go for a job sorry like you know what your six-pack sweetie tight you have got your these awesome guns
like just adding up and do a bit like used
too often it’s not gonna happen you know if it does kentucky i’d like to be destroying
straight out you know this is the flu crisis not it’s not going to make you but it’s
never going to hurt you okay so support for attracting women to as
related susanna common lor did nationalism is ninety nine percent
flat out wrong not know that sounds police a little polarizing but i think accidentally see guys can sell
like whitney woman ticular commercialism just
sucks only got to be here if you were bought
and this was at work for you commercialism from a woman’s does not work we’re here almost hysterically because of that now not to say it’s a percent wrong all
time some of the comes around i think smoking
is a whichever marxist and a great blog at follow oslo these kind of a conventional wisdom
that picked up quite a long time ago it was considered to be like whatever
didn’t actually hurt you and i was the commercialism smoking
cigarettes is fine west now sounds ridiculous like you’re right getting is some people good teaser whatever that
everyone accepts it just sucks ralph it’s not a matter of
day a long time ago wasn’t so then cially
smoking caught on the test was and is not correct please my opinion in private everything in your life common law are also internationalism it permeates everything as we’ve been
talking about today as upon the parkway no kidding uh… dating relationships massively sending a business and finance documents
lawrence and businesses they stay up too attached to their old ways education mala brothers twelve years old
i went there for a jesus for databases i note as a age has progressively gotten
worse as more and more standardized and more like this standard testing to the testimonies as as
teaching to the test and education he’s getting out it’s what
was a little sports in school i want to backed it moral it just sucks it just permeates everything in talking
are now obviously exercising attrition and i think the moment more sense than a minute that doesn’t
yet so i ask you because someone was say some allot of
the most actually is a challenge of the national police if you have on the bottom seven sessions
summit asking stay objective rattling my speech if you have an opinion that size
interesting artery was he doing at school ministry try to set aside for a minute
he’s taken saying rationally was look at it logic and the size of the writing or will reference throughout so what is commercial exercise in
talking a lot about it what was the fight for a quick minute
here for speaking purposes i think conventional exercise at the
core is any sort of random of random physical
activity i mean how do you disagree i mean our
current notion of exercises anything you do that
legacy sweating i mean most people except that i don’t
think any of disagree with that or the north people actually for missing from the truth you could say which is discussing possible here but that’s what
i would be truth physical activity is physically damaging
by definition is always going to damaging it can be mildly now or severely now possibly be trauma so you’re doing sprints and he tripped
and bernie i care about at my school football so it doesn’t begin to now more often not it’s not the candy running injuries are sky-high over the years though the holland rate
for many people candid translate into long-term or using
a reason that stayed here we’ll have arthritis hodgman problems
even health problems are problems if you do sailing really excessive amounts of like ultra marathons explanations of a
heart problems other things too but that’s ok like not only has a shot
ways of doing running or things like that if you enjoy
it just be aware of those consequences now later and be aware that it would be
the same body twenty years from now thirty years now for years now when you pick your physical activity
report form of exercise important and when he had two more men it but the
point of exercise orton related damage is the right not to damage can be
leveraged to allow positive rejected adaptive responses by the body so damaged sounds good negative like
nell so you’re really batra position in a
good feeling stupid it’s not entirely damages cool to see if you do it too much into opportunity or to resolve things we’ve talked about the
cause arthritis and wrote things like that so damages not all bad a lot of it yes but the right amount to
be dosage has dug up talks about in a book called by the by science initiatives visage like medicine it can
be good to be very beneficial critical for life so ways i hold on mo style the cheesy senators up there but on a clear preference in u_n_ all exercises physical activity by
definition may properties again and we think
exercise not physical i mean neither would know what sizes
whatever but obviously exercise is destructively but the inverse is not true as i stated not all physical activity is exercise as
one of like really drive at home it does not work like that conventional
or as to that says is wrong so how to divide up compass collectivity how does that uh… breakdown pardon me i mean section of off to benefit us i have a pyramid my version of your many ways which he credited gators graphics dot com
patrick diverse releasable idea and salt intake and food pyramid by the way of preparing government sucks waited a minute but the care metaphysical activity
knowledge a lot my version of it israel proper exercises foundation to
all forms of activity above it so at the bottom of your pyramid is
what’s really should be doing could benefit your self and whatever there is a have weatherby
health fat loss recreation dyspnea being active disarm excelling in a combative sport we’re not going to support your friends or your specific skill training like
uh… competitive sports like back i spoke to bypass the football article in the senate leader was forced
to enter wrestling and issue goes into that proper exercise of the base everything
else as above you section recreational activity
offered you want specifics portraying which will make more sense in a second but i a proper exercises always going to
be found asian of any other form of a t_v_ you do okay i know we’re fine proper studies yet but let’s get to it what is proper exercise proper exercises brief contents infrequent for those three which align with our
ancestors an evolution over the course of two point five million years brief intense infrequent are how hermes
exercise according to our genomic d_n_a_ chronic party os marxism calls it is not
how we are meant to exercise for posit adaptations we can do
it you are the system is there we can run a republican run saigon wire the use of the ramming three
hundred fifty miles freighter some like that’s a ridiculous thing policing on
the blog people who run people amazing feats through that no doubt a bit that is not how we’re meant to exercise
form positive benefits to kerr the fourth the brains of dying versailles as before that uh… piece of property
sizes that you say it to brief intensive frequent and say is the fourth one that we can provide with modern
technology rational thinking and logic we can improve upon exercise habits our
ancestors the kept them being fed of which most of our country right now
personally is not and a lot of the world a better for
abner so also detailed safety the pursuit of fitness it means that pursuing enhance fitness designer one health at some point of exercising safely justify create you will get in shape more than likely but if u break your leg sprinting or
dead elroy will be something your undermine your health ministry of
finance of which springs can be very beneficial
for such purposes but again didn’t read by stress it’s not worth it because undermine
herself process singing on outlook without the topic on
it touch on there’s a process to go for it
interrupts throughout forcing again but i thought or training is a really
big notion of c knob lot from the cross the crowd or the people to really focus on the
first three key is a proper exercise brief intensive frequent they get really focused almost holistic television that’s comes from
reviews but he did television focusing our
assisted in terms of exercise they got a brief recess breathing and
whatever falls in line with that forget about safety and a result the result is a motorcycle
functional training which of these stuff like that just doing activities in the stalin’s
effectively explosive movements to seventy-five special spiders which
will make you grow more but sprints more like a rock another they look at that susan like broccoli
for thursday night stanford accelerants favorite movies but you see i don’t drive to actually
the enemy like the bag and on the movie he’s exercising was one more day s
equipment and rockies in classical stuff but looking approx wheelbarrows giant logs running in
southern all this the school looking romantic stuff right
at the newseum batons veer nariman and like billy mays mental illness hereford until just now but i did it makes sense on one level but it’s just doesn’t work that we’ve gotten to the
safest ana myself process totally not prove yourself now we’re in the long term that’s pure lesson the first things that
are sized forget about the fourth and mike and stay if you can tell that
house equally important or even this three out of those four keys also unfortunate training it’s very hard
to develop dysfunctional or in functional or functional strength that’s just what it is you can’t light
make i mean the difference is i can talk
about investors have exposed training your body basically docs for specific movements that you do you can just you can’t build strength in
the habit not work for another movement you’re coming you can with your body
will adapt this it’s more immoral thing with your brain than actually building muscle or nothing
like that to be reminds me of is up building like lean tissue would
lean muscle or like bolting muscle kind of a common possibly seeing
bodybuilding and it doesn’t hold up this sign say
there’s no foundation muscles muscle strength to strength there was no she didn’t take long to do
with body composition more than anything not billing specific type of muscle the
specific type of movement muscles muscle strength the strength and finally another formulade comes from
a time when you combine multiple goals such as
specific school training and proper so as a result with there’s a lot of time explosive music
are paying for example which would be like a on what to do it whatever but for double parking twenty houses will expose in faz you’re going to increase in undermining
affect this of what you’re doing almost every single time so if you have separate goals separated activity trying to combine exercise with a
specific movement separate the two you’ll benefit greatly for example ut and i think that would help a lot near spring so if asked him for his friends lot of people just do sprint sprint
sprint sprint sprint which will build the muscle by the way
we can make them item six in the world and to build on the muscle the same time i will also get the
message that the new down very fast they will learn how to run faster as they continue to run but a better way to build strength and
safer way to do is unlike press or squawking and it doesn’t left uh… all the rear leg extension the
scene like extension it seemed like a machine all these things will build the
muscles involved in that movement so they do with the if you take the best option and perform
proper size which we will continue to be fine you’ll build more muscle which will
serve you better when you pull on that specific skill subjectivity specific to the result proper exercise results in specific a
specific result whatsoever tribute their muscles specific skill training likes printing
more salt and better efficiency of motion four that movement or rolling whatever you’re doing it
doesn’t matter it’s all on the same to be specific the specifics of proper exercise and one word strength training that
really sums up proper exercise of in in one two words is always going to be strength training every single time it covers all your bases big cardio so
common referred to which by the way the thing i like about the term argument
why a lot of things you guys remember log which is out that reminds them that cardio economy up classes and you can take your heart and
your body ones and you kind of for them on a treadmill
unlike working separately away deeper separate muscles like
disconnect and it doesn’t work like that cardio your heart your lungs everything
between is always going to be secondary to benefits adaptations by your muscles disposables muscle
system so build muscle first the body will
follow winning part once having alex also cutting out of that is always going to be mechanical work
and muscle contraction works parking your lungs take you organs out thurman treadmill hang on life support and work now doesn’t work like that brawling working because your muscle
working and has a better way to do that as amendment two minute than what most people do it ellison is twenty carpeted squeezed into
our region sierra vincennes acti also but none of my time but they did to
cardio makes you hungry which gives a sort of little bit of use
if they’d aerobic activity state selectivity is were referred to a talk
about korea macy hungry so that might help people a
little bit again like you’re kind of undermining
process delighted continue on that you guys are
questions about let me know richard bailey speak next sewing tutors hit before mono making hungry
though in the process of trying to burn calories like that’s not effective hubert point
calories get really hungry did i need six hundred
calories or fells point like and was a little realize that we’re
doing it unfortunately posse attending also cover body
composition losing weight we’re going to add weight on it is the number one way to envision
apples building muscle skyrocketed thousand way faster than any diaper retake freezing cold water you drink sing the song whatever you do building muscle is the fastest way to to
bring up it also has a lot to do this on
sensitivity and increasing luggage in stores some more complex virtually but also you
guys later the talks a lot more depth about that but think of this where the two main
benefits for refer to your body composition one where
the other from san fran result agreement pup bathroom towels and
an increase in sales and spitting actually at the bottom hurt done there’s a amicable videos that go offered by my
signs kobe’s talks about this concept of an overall overflown
sent in regards to the city and now as i said it’s awesome sensitivity kind of ties into reserve on sank on they could work in a second anything
about this anything above the city as overflowing saying sort of fossils running as water gushing
into spilling out of everything if you turn off the faucet like eating
correctly as we talk about a minute funny because we’ve ever you know that that’s not the same for the same still
fall too or axes out businesses to be fun pans out cdl forcing this topic one division
faucet operating right if you want plug this ankles overflowing
its injuring outright that’s where we lost kind of happens as for the magic happens they continue but lasting the slide all helpers these benefits candy ad from spring training everything
you’ve heard of which there are a with tons of and that you get all those with the
lease risk involved that is like mega important safest way to do things
for everyone specifics continue what it says brief if you do a lot of volume like everyone
else commercialism you do in way too much stuff results in a decrease low-intensity
which is not exclusively but a major role and building muscle on staying healthy so keep it brief don’t do a lot of sets
ok don’t do a lot of excise don’t repeat the same us a group don’t work it again
and again and again do it right do it like there was no
answer so i wouldn’t get intense courtesy of
switching over that until at least one said to tell you when
you exercise first restaurant it i actually do it or use the ones that i
can actually one set ninety nine of the hard times with the
pickup stars no matter what it is squat bench machines calf raises forward anything from my farms to my legs whatever it is a new one said the failure usually eight to twelve reps that say
about a minute to men and a half is very important to keep intensity
don’t confuse intensity with volume a lot of people worked one work harder
they don’t work are they work should load more and testing drops to the floor actually folded into that in the fall
this year i was just training like every asking fifteen hours a week wave way way too much anyway continuing on infrequent talk about the poor i recommend max absolute max three times a week before
what worked out uh… probably better than most people
benefit more from two remain one this on your question wilmington deactivated define failure yeah i said hotfix trask yet failure to me is i’ve been in this role on time training
since i was like fourteen years old and the strengths are going out like seven
months fair to me as were my muscles like it cease to work this out a little discover
anymore utter failure if you can get to that co-opt people can’t it’s a little discomfort it’s a little severe discovered it’s
really hard to achieve but i think in time most people can reached true muscle failure if you can go that’s ok get as close as
you can especially starting off by asking you to see it that kind of feeling in the intense burn
from taking a bus curl personally about the safety but same time expertise and less force as you become weaker which of the drill continual background of the stuff react right is it true muscle failure at
that don’t just played crap out and then when
we do it again don’t review stuff one sector failures are committed to a
new more sets as your own thing as long as you want to
tell your that’s what really counts so that’s a question strong women question you a question two prizewinner mike anytime within this department adjective ratings yesterday has worked and the like the basic enlightened you describe the
feeling that you get my right after you’re done with the workout like to some sort of the was laying on
the ground level flexeril i but at least without is up also your cardio metabolic conditions
action much better look at it when your new training what’s a full
body in one day very intensely when you get done and i promise to take the press ok u dot com talking here so when you get it done especially when
your new you’ve really winded take your time and drink some water
dixie krummel laid out his dixie take deep
breaths and its advice what your balls off too but i’ll be done yahoo feel like utility that’s the onslaught of time
with you fight and die anymore into that was a feeling you want to catch your
breath that you went you’re gonna see a lot better and
progress of the day actually wrote a symphony cracking and feel like store but yet unappetizing if you do it when talking about continue to talk about andrew expand
upon who’s a friend and personal trainer his ears and under bed bay dot com uh… yeah i do that now you’re looking for
good the next day there’s a thunderstorm is to me is iran effect so it’s hard to say trainings ways
megastore not make a source would rent per person when it happens and what what happens but also as you continue on with yours
reading like doctors unit is talking about as there’s like i do not like crazy for
you when i get done and now the laptop or network i don’t
feel like he did he worked as night for dinner ones and everything between a picked up and tandem with performing workouts and the skill
involved even with the specific movements like i
do so this will you start out there will
save us a cardio sucks per child picks up and you’ve done you livable to breathe normally not like group bluegrass or something like that the defense of
dogs little girls and failure to be really good alright moving on to set up www crap up twice in once a week i think that the
once we put some months i’ve extended out of the placement of
the less once a week it turns out for me personally about once a week of one
hundred amending farewell from a and probably most of you i believe you live about average united
state a little bit of in some areas a little
bit under and other areas which would be more to the second if
it’s on the road to continue let’s talk about so again a sigma full-body workouts splitting your routine usually results in too much volume
people do it once again more dance if they really want to leave at that point
the scientists are the best thing to do it even full-body using a new less
you’ve been a gym you won’t you let me try not to redo
exercises aka don’t do it on borrowed repressing
machinery pressed like this doing that’s why it’s so pretty movement
leaders redoing thing over and over again if they didn’t dislike doing more more
sets are necessary for best results so do more but full-bodied and outdoor
split-up and end up doing like a sense of point fifteen effect sizes video and and repeat with other partner bodies way
too much stuff to do key before body there are also hormone responses and
uh… they’re better dunes workout any complication and and uh… placing
that were saying but evolution we have been going to be like we’re going to say all the sudden worked
just our like biceps and then get done like cheating on an animal or something
is very rare work out that way or exercise performance of an activity that
way is usually all come together and as a result i believe this of matter a little bit a debate workout full body this is a better
growth from a response and saw several production is little bit increase we still think wars intricacy has now disturbs verdad appalls did was that he has a very good messing with it dot every democrat barrel for him completely necessary to final details an exercise continuing on
for the books i’ll recommend you guys for further details off starting out picket like other on
topping the ias recommend you guys do but handful movement so we’re going to
our body go back to back as fast as you can without stirring up your form for being so when did you actually perform less intensely on s exercise not because most of the training but
because he missed a lot of refugee continue on dr actually shooter experiment a problem
in due to some other logistical things that
happened gendron like republican up our facility careful movements working tire body go back to back but not so fast that you like screw-up you know don’t strengthen existing or
whatever you’re doing a barbell don’t bet walker fast at your breath that on the ground don’t talk use often shouldn’t even be in the gym you know if you have an ipod who is not
done thick with it forbid you don’t have a bit i would be on equipment they recommend a good machines or there’s one thing today from actually
body website pool did machines being a certain brands auto
granted without an even look cheap atop another before meeting crappy roca if you can find almost machines or
inside mexico sits on or maxima ticular define those that are
fine you find almost medics side x hammer strength those brands are good but more often
than not other ones like all kinds of crack at the random names
engine detained identified stay away from them it much more rapid bodyweight exercises
for free weights barbosa nonetheless i’ll get to midwest too subtle forget if you do have to take opry ways i have written a book called moment arm exercise is not so easy to find that the other
blog three months dot net animated money off this sums for money
and some of the book the guy’s name the operas both signed a great guy began usable but i’ve read a book and it will really
help you improving biomechanics behind exercise movements involved with
freeways is critical for free weights if you have access to give machines are
in reading the book after another book commission sons this is kinda confusing but if you only have to raise moment arm
exercises really really good so it has a slight about books out how
to recommend this one is body by science reason
enough this book is fricking awesome when i
hear from his book actually read it leg in two cities in the bookstore
brighton bought it a six of these invites them to read this
book and so i sat with them up on the ground i didn’t like seventy one on the grounds
of the god-like brooke is so awesome because as a matter of quick leading up to the
queen bed vessel was in the failed me as i
increase wish is recommended by the commercialism as a kind of uh… general would look at
it doing more more more is like a really
bring ung cause of the dual exercise as a good one of falling ten fifteen
even more than that some of the week training our results are diminished progressively bit by bit i was like what
the f freaking i’m a nice run half marathon stuff every
week like songs like towers at a time obvious is insanely at my results go
down and is legally cracks membrane as i call
it eleanor this book fill those cracks in
house like sadly so the really good how determined by my signs other doug got a big inspiration but
things in the speech jude’s coming book when it comes out his blogs excellent whatever’s in his book was a little odd
things the blob also more things will be like so badass uh… audit on its own or the
complemented by my signs and momentum exercise really good stuff as a result about moment size is really
good uh… redid after body by science given
steve read by the serbs twice before in this book uh… if you have access to build talked
about is the author freeways uh… read a book alongside of out of a
science i wouldn’t say before we reduces you can read directly after it also go on people and you can find
almost exercisable since the kind of um… polarizing to most people finding the
generally but i’ve been getting my speech you guys would really like like
that stuff you got to go or arthur jones exercise dot com yes so i’m out of his mind my blog dream i
was done at the fine the nodal zach says bolton’s if not just
search models exercise bolton’s on the role in the poll right up they are pretty long kind of races but really strong well-written entry excellent and moving on totally autologous switching topics two go on for a lot proper nutrition recycle proper exercise
data just demerit exercise was going to proper nutrition studies
typical run of the bill speed intrusion always brainwash dot things in that we’ve been
led to believe about patrician is big into it up before getting actually good arbitration compliments and your life a-bands regular exercise if you’re exercising right repeating right now in arguments like that but should be obvious but is the case i want to say that it’s their support all physical
endeavors of the talking about fat blossom also gain rehabilitation from an injury your overall well-being immune system
billy and jane helen sleeve everything’s involves everything related ever think of some things like that freely in absolute separate from the concept especially exercise an
intrusion too little or big problems with for the e today and some of that she recommended war incorrectly labelled number one scorn are to say this corn is not fruit and vegetable to grain it’s very very grand hasn’t grown the wildcats documentation some weird plant or something like corn in south
america we found it in the court of india for
thousand years but is totally four a diet and everything aside it is a slight
crappy can even grow on its own if we don’t cultivated ages they would use dot
out there’d be no court on the planet for career is not a festival somehow cuba vegetables was cornered i
guess there’s bring a smile and argue anything like this wrong agree with the figure it out yet is not vessel as i see in my nutrition classes yes in
some array of this error summer imagine and my licensed dietitian nutrition
teacher said there was a vegetable in at that point has please shut off it was
like oh my god like that that’s like to her that should have
been very well-known like corn is not a vegetable but anyway who are not permitted soy
tubes are being is also a lot like for me and it’s very
very common both of these things are nearly every single in almost every
single food you eat throughout the day lessening like i’d god i hate now is seriously lightly isn’t every
friggin food in even the evening eating me to do it all
eat meat nine on some restaurants a really good
source of markets in the media is fed corn and select religiously corn and soy corn soy this other forming
up when you’re still eating corn and soy corn and soy corn soy ever heard of optical record fed rock or a bad thing to think about it and i said both of these are completely
on absolute diet completely not necessary to evergreen i
mean if you want to eat for like finally gerber there something
let’s take a trip like coordinated which it probably well but
they’re not like corn oil agrees that we do you think you’re going
to vegetable at the supermarket not like to place a to mail a check your
free that’s left is cornwell on its
protective stuff corn seriously isn’t everything in the in soil you’ve
got a void i recommend as much as possible these two things in particular will roll hall of property tristen ek and i decided to be in berlin for further reading up on it rant on these topics but you what would
be to further our new research for these two particular
things corn soy are involved in these are things are
substances to me kink warns the movies a documentary came
out on p_b_s_ while ago google you’d see that you will find it
or you can do it the on there or read the on the wars dilemma in any
major bookstore library the other words on details is has read a little while ago details
these two things really really good tuning on proper attrition to name is always going to follow at least at this point and when i found normally arguing this is always going to follow earlier well is always go follow our ancestors are
pollution almost every single time legs really
really read well so will exercise i thought you guys but
again since we’ve made say for example with nutrition there’s not as many i believe it was a
few but the most part exercising to model loosely whereas
assisted exactly exposes you want bent and people some stuff that’s like some
new investment sanitized most offer not most office crap this
song crap suncorp popcorn cores new crap uh… respect recess is what they again are dietary habits of all of course
alike to a half million years depending on who
you ask to minors nine-and-a-half years to happen is and how to get that were arranged to be
honest pegasus would be of all but anyway are hiring an argument that much that many
millions of years evolution for how he is really really tough exercise we can produce a few food you’d like a recesses aka that’s a good best buys it give you so was i mean backward auditing quick things needs fish fallon eggs exhibitor go i think a
really really really good they’re like majors multivitamin extraordinaire might not even forget
vitamins a dose of everything and walks also whole eggs but it’s important that you get it if
not whatever but if you can find it at wholefoods
public’s or a gate recall but i don’t have to find a
fisherman out too it’s like a actresses christmas dinner this prisoner it’s like a opted unicode opt-in like thomas farm instructing the call is
from really i quoted that is grass fed actually free range for example chicken most humans are fed
and chick to connect to come out of the in them and interesting contemplates that
respect corn and soy talk about chickens affect corn soy essence or if there’s a lot of fish
farmed fish corn and soy when one fish feed corn and soy unlike evolution never they would never eat that covers
ridiculous but that’s what the fed and all cleaned up that you meet yorkie so they can get get products mammals that are grass fed beer in japan as a lot to do the fight concert and everthing else innovative so that’s an awesome if not but meats fish colleagues nuts and seeds ummm not all that lacking in details and some
of their it’s a really good almonds walnuts pecans section c dot a medley or not brazil nuts are okay poppy seeds flaxseed has grown up for you to it really really well we think that also vegetables notches at non-starter
vegetables uh… trisomy from potatoes protect me vegetable but needle in
waltham went to that one second but ob vegetables anyone broccoli special is awesome carrots whatever carries active some start with whatever good stuff still isn’t a dozen of the
good veggies fruits it’s hard list that was for is a good
which which are not bit from my experience what i’ve read birds are also especially berries blueberries raspberries primary whatever
strawberries actually avocados are like a large very
a very good for you stay away from brainless uh… and ernie els weight redbold like crap if you can use avoid i think that way now you can eat it everyone solve it fitting a similar grain and being used to europa like for inspire up aka actually let me ask this however i
always try to rid of acne and i’m not and i believe my face and perfect right
now but i tried a lot of different things and a
lot of like applicants to and the two things are the most back their drinking
just water or almost as water nothing else to bring lots of it by stopping brains possibly grains in late september was a
year ago two thousand eight mattingly from like you know that’s about it all to like not exist in a while since it is pretty
rare item is that at all now everyone right now at the commitment was
a bit it just abruptly like stops and also
mucous my precisely that every morning because my clerk flooded grandstands
bonus prize money as our two i say that every morning and hotmail movies like
for like fifteen minutes of more than non-smokers how we’re gonna reference
also become a thousand peaking go to sit there talking of phlegm
forever and ever possibly mean drains and beans ms abruptly stopped stay away from we are substances
substances talk vegetable oil uh… for insights for all corn oil in soil more porn more soil don’t want annette said all world is awesome for
you extra virgin olive oil straight baumholder fruits so most of that i think it’s vegetable
but it’s not all of the fruits all those great anything is labeled as well that sucks
an esteemed when you get more often on at restaurants even if they say it’s all a little when i say it’s all a lot times of its
exam agree is restaurant near ec f assaults mixture of so they’re all in
all of us extended alluded visits cheaper which sucks you’re again stated so late most darien alcohol obviously manawatu you people drink whatever avoided as much as you can and beer ticular earnings pretty bad it can not raise estrogen levels which
is as soon as a chemo hormone and that actually sequels of decreasing
testosterone actually see guys give they’re just
means that is specific because we asked him which sucks for its action really good sweet un derry try to avoid that too the things about their egos actually got
marxist unlike a lot to blog about one second by dairies na kam sweetly back from everyone else who
really gets that i still think typical legged area just
sucks you want to quit it as much as you can you can eat our grass fed not phallic
butter obvi site content ended is a lot better
lockhart two maybe three is it’s not too bad so you need that grass fed in secular
side respite there’s no reason needed for the purpose
of proper nutrition and grass fed way it’s okay it’s a great resource if your body is a reacted negatively casein and lactose the sugar in milk or
was a really is freedom you drink milk and although corn insulin into which sucks are you talking about probably within
israel from a guy named marks the sand i’m talking about the offer anyway
marxism wrote probably print it’s a great book of attrition of with
name but ivers blog extensively is a great
guy his visa nutrition exactly same as my own is blogmarks
daily apple dot com onsite really get stuffed in his book lethal
passage for wii also exercise stuff in it i would tend to go with what is the body by science leaps and
bounds nutrition in the book called probably
print more specifically speaking there’s a
book by guiding johnny but johnny voted earnings they say it it’s called you’re going to be held
these views on earth degree book as a major book stores right
now probably and you can get on amazon private sources musher but i can she books nutrition labels director
stars we could probably print blueprint and the hundreds of the
obvious bizarre unearned income nerve get into some african children try to
finish this up and all the questions protein as an actor stream of the three major
ones i think that conventional wisdom against television
in terms of protein-protein is awesome essential for your body absolutely need protein social nino acids yesterday fossil it’s truth proteins great they deserve i think is overrated people especially when they get into
building muscle working out body building where bill call it beijing to cecil b_ proteins pretty well know is like muscle heads michael protein shakes it that music video that
guy who sing about alot the yet your bombs and all of the
vehicle areas hum mohammed protein but it’s true people so service and i think there are other things that
are almost equally as important almost of necessity red meat from grass that uh… steers
for example are is really good supper buffalo even by some miracle there’s crazy not to support indeed uh… eggs whole eggs have all kinds of
body axis of his whole and crawling acid on site and a chronic ran across and reread important bottom us along with
everything else and a which is very very good for you selenium it’s also makes also brazil
nuts opic australia to support for a country and other muscle like a necessarily rom to help lower acid levels which is kind
of equivalent of raising testosterone broccoli almonds eat all that you want dolores with him these things are important but they’re
kind of neglected sharmin faced a protein let me just like the protein it also note each dispute that bike
animal protein ended he he know two hundred milligrams a day to stuff saku you’re replacing other things you could
use a need for booking muscle helped with protein and a lot of the two is very well known
to stress your other burglar organs especially liver and really the benefit excess is not pretty but certainly there for a little and when you talk a bit it’s a stranger you don’t need it none of that dist dot makers fat the logic of looking at the senses like
that that makes you fat why wouldn’t that make is that that
instead it’s gonna be a plan words very soon i’ll tell you right now since october first st upton’s point hiding more fat criminals
has room arlington outside the absolute out of it all kinds of it too monounsaturated saturated point saturated everything accept
transfer how much i should have mentioned earlier wait a minute but i’ve been a ton of fat author will say that well you could
genetics for being liam at about ten percent body
fat was freely drama area i grew up when i graduated high school i weigh one
hundred ninety eight counts are ninety and right got into my senior high school
seasoning eileen o’connor ninety-eight
three-quarter pants almost workouts right now i weighed two hundred seventy
six percent of balance then i was eating not a lot of that now
you’ve talked about that alone should be very intersting to
you guys and going further and her overweight granddaughter who wait on top of that
mike immediate family no one is lame my extended family no one is lean
handling this person i’ve seen out of it doesn t want just all the
wedding led by a longshot everyone else’s
overweight my genetics na superior or bingley yet eight more fat every city one of
those people that was a poor concept when we had to watch second that’s actually an important for fat
loss my pain and many others and body my signs focused years again that i mentioned they talk about how fatty acids relate
to health and weight loss very very well and and medical doctor
herman garfunkel really really good way better than i
could ever but ran up here so when you read by those signs which i
strongly recommend are rooted apart three times but also needs to take up the bulk of
your calories when you’ve carbohydrate a lot of problems uh… protein obscene to talk about
students can do it so out of three needs that the calories we need every day to expend
ton of even if you sit down and sarah wallet diet uh… also going bad fat inherently distressed that simply enough
food i’ve mentioned negative trans fat semi-fat oxidized unlike purple all really really over cut ok or
even play with some basis things oxidize easily are sleeping informal wordpress prods i was not too bad the best oils to use
for cooking purposes are coconut andropov red comparable they are known to his grasp at borders pretty good with the other fats corn soil for example
will be cook for the overtook at low temperature when
your freind like massively coconut and revolve corporate sample
don’t do that in a much much our standpoint which is important for anything trying whatever you do first years of these sonya knowing that that is transparent that’s becoming commercialism out which is awesome latest said
commercialism isn’t always bad this more often than not that so the coming out of
that power to people doing it carbohydrate uh… adorns the powerpoint but it’s important
to understand item s in a minute ago there are essential amino acids protein
is essential to your body now that it would dot the saying goes with that carbohydrate technically you can live without there
is no such thing as a result of carbohydrate it does not exist in nature
you do not absolutely needed through the diet becker sources diplomatic your body uses other compounds upwards
in a lot actually to create by getting your body or things like that to come by since
such anyway up there’s no cost us about it no date really carbohydrate was the rarest magazine for two point
five million years of are volition as a species if you were born hard as years ago father buzzers go nine years ago to be the same body are now and you know
what we’re not going to eat something for for a week police common matter to you would find every
single time without question provided the opposite is true not up use at a restaurant forgone the
something or other hit home with me or whatever publix walmart or ever almost not every time but a lot of time
all these refined carbohydrates possums drain thirteen and so on is the time of carbohydrates sugars
reserving hubs corn syrup all the stuff reading a ton of
carbohydrate all the sudden for millions of years we nothing with at
protein not included almost best majority will
be a all the sudden now carballo gas is signals fat storage it was so rare
bagged and that will meet ate a lot of it but we found some of it provides the store fat eluded history’s
bikes in insulin this would be blustery goes up insult
the hormone secreted by bodies hearing about your low back down from the government rates insulin is a fat storing trump hormone
it a menace is exclusively the reason we’re
overweight spiking too much but is a major one insulin you know once by dividing provide rates
or lots of them or specially al one’s privacy connects um so it straight shooter isliye father leon oswald updated carbon black people here love’s look our
stuff and it’s a go back and smiles crap card will not be any other marketing you
know they’re not necessary but i recommend you even from good sources one not such a vegetables ronnie van which is like regular honey except slept
with a lot cyprus turning a promise yes if i had one or sometimes that’s the
common abn nuts identify vernon alertness seeds those carbs are cool wenyi refined carbohydrate answer to that like corn and soy pots of
commonly not daring to milkshakes and our stuff i mean is that sugar editor and publisher to sucks some silly stuff on a list software get
two questions were shocked by the government a little bit with uh… spot reduction in terms of exercises absolutely
impossible your bodies at work that way and it never does that have cases they
have no idea of talking about spot reduction suffered work like about earlier lena bulging muscle
or concepts that are like non-existent muscles muscle lean in bulky as a result of body
composition not the way you both for muscles that you can’t go but they’re not bolting
cancel sounds like a rocky bullwinkle olson anyway i have to you can build lean muscle by doing a lot
of rats for example like palak allowed kate for uploading almost lidat lo wraps it
doesn’t work that way the loss of muscle factor with possible
which was wrong body massage my opinion and you would result great favor trying to do one of the others work that
way you can go for that gold is
understanding muscles muscle there’s no magic does every trade status
report that completely sucks you can take some concoction of pills to fix your diet doesn’t work that way fully possible can do it is ever come around hebert heart venison the messenger of
uh… bad news but it’s not coming butter up for that strength training not being for women tumi totally silly and ridiculous we’re all human beings are bodies work
homes exact same waiver process gender strengthening signal for women is really
really important because naturally they have less muscle than us like nine out of ten times are gone body by
science are not the home page that book talk specifically why woman need center
in the bed and as line twenty of the renowned it
was for as long as one girl a strengthening it is proper exercise that goes that applies
for everyone involved that this guy is not just girls everyone of that object what i said because as so often
policing policy girls are like as originally solemn some call the
internet blog cardio bunnies girls go to the gym did nothing about
the political or serve asker or treadmill they do that is they shy away from the
sign-up for training that’ll get the ball players somewhere
crap like that was completely possible that i have the
ability to do that most grocery your life will never get as
big as you are even if your scrawny little bastard ok i guarantee you he did
not have the ability and if you are a person know that you
did a pretty good tential ross nutcracker tonight you’re looking
right now you can though that ok is possible leading up to some ridiculous level but
you can add a lot of muscle uh… as a natural air intentionally
burning calories director size holy not cool not submitted by cardio it in short the machines that said by the
science come alive you london bojan a political ask your weight is asking to issue calculator resting
metabolic raped or how many calories you burn if you just said their and watch the guy political so the telugu anyway who tells you you
burned two hundred calories a hundred or more those calories and security minutes or would have been burned already dis
looking at the gop political ca burning exide burn calories correct
sizes just not that many more we’re not built dot unofficially size with his
burn off park that stores like rudely quick also people that really going to break
out of the nice to be into even if you burn a thousand and that’s shipment weapons are not
going to ask christ exercise like as an incredible amount so each pound of body fat stores over about
thirty five hundred calories that’s enough for most people is room to
run a marathon and then some on that one pound the fat thing about the next time hoping that
you with somebody you know those runs five miles they’re not even a br closed at body fat
off and they do that all week long the repetitive stress your body heavily outweighs the calories burned a much better way to
burn calories is if you want to stick with that cost that
is to build muscle ok ate a little bit less petrology input set up a much much safer also stacey rebecca aerobic activity and
cardio so i call it girls positive it destroys muscle you too much of it or
even a little bit of it previously tearing muscle because
exercise damaging in austin limited stimulated to grow this lows are metabolism down over time really bad idea and uh… the root cause of the city is not be
said terry and i recommend you guys like never go for running down your life for
next i’m going to be sure positive press the football you said their dislike you’re free to run or something that
could be weird but not be any sense ari to me is not the real cause of the city a_b_c_ epidemic its talking too much way to restart excuse waiting for a ppt
which provide rate and people doing now tons of very ineffective or
counterproductive exercise or activities won’t call it the size take this where could you take one thing
wafer this size speech it’s a car dealers in actually not help
you at all is not to help me very much for all for
losing weight joining up for important finally a cluster all of my dreams as we have time
i want the questions actually cholesterols on helen dot for you to
think that senate clog your arteries biting it from an egg or some other meat its interest rate your heart show you is working that tearing out your body
was not taking food to do that to you what actually does cause rising quite
strong parking decreased heart health are trans fat and information from spike
insulin uh… fine carbohydrates you know what trans fat risk your life
and spoken syllables too much your harvey awesome okay cluster old argument heaters inside twin brother evil twin
brother saturated fat these things are both our diet for
millions of years in your body understands very well your body actually makes a ton of plus
or regain when you need some action decrease the amount of common sense are really kind of the pitch for a
questions out of our blogmarks dot net germans years nobody by now was reading a book for the second book ever cauldron that saudi we’ll stand up on all these concepts and
the way i see them as i just told you about undp much better than appeared for a lot of time and the best
but and both are a lot of time to sit down and we’re going to concept of told you
about the way that you guys will understand very well xoxoxoxo and that was my speech of the questions so it’s not yet gods
and they’re going on op questions and and i got in a speech
for other speakers at that drama desk with i’m really nervous but i
gotta tell you that was incredible i’ve never seen anything like that and i was
really be muscle publicly but thanks i must say i’m not going to try to do
this but you deserve a standing of christmastime might be sure that the
time that means a lot court yet uh… yes no question about full-body
workouts go for understand the benefits but i don’t wait until understands i
dont if you’re doing that as a post-election
which training dept and you just don’t like one set per
muscle group yet for example like if you’re doing
overhead press for shoulders yet then how would you significantly lip
significantly hit the rear shoulder muscle vineyard baccarat boise traps blast all
out yet thing about the single body like i
said if you just take this and maybe drifting into the smallest questioning
the extra answers but for real well assayed splitting up enjoy most of the failure what do you do
go to the gym for patrons a week do one exercise and leave that that he is like this really is a
good time excuse me grows but i said it in the o_j_ i must say
comment support doctor and a lot of people splits but there are workouts shoulders and biceps on like that if you’re going to be working out how i
recommend or dug up by my signs madoc recommend you’d go n do one set the failure of
acted on exercising repress with their shoulders and then you do
with the bicep curl and that’s it could be done that he seems really and affected is walking a lot of times
you walking on the chin toward antibody brokerage latest set a recess is worked out the
never worked out just their biceps they were never is go out dot like do some activity like this and then get done they would use
everything not to have to do that alts in time for some functional
movement but is this your body responds better
model emu do everything on same day annual out a lot of rattled mop a proper and amount of rest in between
your next full-body workout prod them trying to
juggle and diana on your own with euro now your own insights which dropped us or shortsighted
yourself to get a copy of things at least i do ibridge basie needed each other juggle
like recovery work for your muscles uses for up to youthful body you one day weights it again weights do it again he does have all the republican things tessick russian political life stuff next door’s been repaired andy if you’d
like them around places the sixteen th teaches we got the best forms of the desires of
your house or something your bare hands secretary mining is although some at least the straw
trotman asking that antenna entrance fees but accordion now that i sent yeah yeah yeah but yet and this is the issue of the divergences universitat also that intrusive insisting that she didn’t susteren all
of us uh… in what is your differences should be
treated no question about it there are some uh… i know my pink marks just dribbled about
it if anything i think uh… one reality of for millions of years ago abu men and
women gender wise were meeting to differently from each other so i don’t think there are a lot of
racism in the candy for certain circumstances like pregnancy and such agree maybe like mep menopause is like that if anything though does understand that
light is important for both of you not for men
and women to not eat foods that raise estrogen levels
that’s is a natural for everyone woman action we’re done with
progesterone leaders called not estrogen so they need a lot of i’d bring fatty
foods not to talk whether there’s over a while
back uh… man dreyfus susan solely in beer in things
like that which college grows icy out icing on a million hetero they down all
these things and the israelis are symbols of the roof nasa colva beach decreasing testosterone
which men and women both out of quite a bit mike mike mike or for the reason that a lot of girls
are developing younger is because of that factors grains on estrogen levels and it was just last year alone just ask for one fax libido in women f
you don’t want you’re always that’s been reduced a lot
better specialists obviously don’t want them to have as
much to start your own as me and but that maybe they have a certain amount of
distrust and stars dropping and there’ll be doug’s going to drop
which is also benefit of exercise women if woman exercise regularly she’s not
just have a better figure but she’s going to have a higher sex drive because
it’s going to keep that just ask them within what’s a good range for a woman
to have exactly it’s all about balancing our
myspace isn’t giving it all the way it was meant to be if you’re
born long time ago one more question and then we’ll get your appear and you can answer
just buy anything i can honestly it’s almost a reason and i can also a
backup if need be aka you’re saying about so it’s really good
could research the myself this question stated yet dozens or you also have a lot of sino
estrogens which are very bad for male testosterone levels to begin with at her door but i believe in hormone
levels trees you must have regarding about i want to say you’re right but i’m not
going to end like verify that i’m not you-know-who verse and every world lit there a lot of they’re both going versions of estrogen look to stop into everything so its is
complex but you’re probably right if it doesn’t longer diet and you eat it and your man or woman
there’s no telling what kind of that is having a body corn and soy insecurity of this is there’s no time look at it
affects our habits all interrelated it’s not separate and doings please connect and disconnect things
like that i take it off as i’ve been thank you for
your time travail tear it up the jesus