How’s it going, everyone? I bought a Xiaomi
Amazfit Verge Lite two weeks ago during Lazada’s 9.9 sale for around P4,200 or US$81. For those
of you who don’t know, Lazada is one of the largest Southeast Asian online retailers.
It arrived last week, and after using it for a week, these are my thoughts about it. It doesn’t feel cheap despite being cheap.
It is thiccc though with three Cs. The bezel isn’t disturbingly thick like other cheap
China smartwatches. It’s the case height that’s thick. Despite being chunky, it’s very lightweight.
It’s as chunky as my 30th anniversary G Shock but feels lighter. Like all smart devices of 2019, you need an
app to make the gadget run. I downloaded the Mi Fit app from the Google Play Store and
it installed and paired smoothly. This watch’s main focus is fitness and not
really being a smartwatch. It just so happens to have basic smartwatch features like syncing
phone notifications and music controls. I don’t care much about fitness, I just want
a cheap and reliable smartwatch that can sync phone notifications. There’s a few watchfaces to choose from. It can find your lost phone if it’s within
Bluetooth range, maybe when it’s near you but hidden underneath a blanket or the bottom
of a duffel bag. The watch isn’t internet connected though so if your phone is out of
Bluetooth range it won’t find it. You can choose the length of time its screen
stays on. It can show you the weather. It syncs this
with its home app, it doesn’t grab the data online on its own. From the watchface, swiping from the right
to left displays the pedometer. Swiping from top to bottom shows you watch shortcuts. Flashlight,
brightness setting, do not disturb, battery saver mode, and lock/ unlock. If you lock it, you click the button on the
upper right of the watch to unlock it so others can’t be fiddling with the contents and settings
of your watch. The watch has GPS and it accurately tracks
the paths you took while walking or biking and even displays it after the fact. Yes,
I made myself walk for 30 minutes just to test it, even if I bought this to have a watch
that can do notifications, not really for fitness. It tracks these different activities. It’s got a heart rate sensor that you activate
either from the menu (you get to the menu by swiping from the bottom upwards while on
the main watchface), or from swiping from the left side of the watch screen to the right. I don’t really know how accurate this is.
It’s so cheap, I won’t consider this a medical grade heart rate reader. This is a toy in
that regard. Don’t rely on this for readings if you have a medical condition. You can choose which app notifications you
want to push to the watch. It can do some basic music controls, like
previous, next track, and even volume controls. It recognizes Spotify, not just the default
phone music app. Sweet. The sleep tracking is OK if you’ve been wearing
your watch the entire time before and after sleeping. Like my first day, it was fairly
accurate. But I noticed if I don’t wear the watch for
a couple of hours before sleep and take it off immediately upon waking up, it still thinks
I’m wearing the watch, and since it relies on the accelerometer moving about to detect
wakefulness, it thinks I’m still asleep. It auto detects sleep when the watch hasn’t been
moving for a while. So if you don’t wear the watch for a couple of hours before your bedtime,
it thinks you already fell asleep then. Like today, it thought I was asleep till 11:25
AM, but I got up around 8:30 AM. It should have a feature like my old smartwatch,
crappy as that was, to manually trigger and end sleep if you so choose. And that watch
has fairly accurate readings too for sleep within the time frame you manually activated
and deactivated it. I made a video of this supposed Swiss branded
MyKronoz smartwatch last year. Unfortunately the band loop broke two months ago and its
battery has been getting very bad. I even bought a strap keeper to keep it from falling
off. I’ll link to the video below. This Amazfit Verge Lite looks sturdier, and
the band is replaceable. The pink MyKronoz watch also has a replaceable band, but since
it’s from an unknown company, only they sell their own replacement bands at highway robbery
prices. Xiaomi is a brand with a thriving 3rd party accessory market, I am not worried
about replacing its band should it come apart in a couple of years. I like that when the watch is disconnected
from the phone for an extended period of time, when you bring the watch close, it reconnects
again flawlessly. This has not been the case with some other cheaper Bluetooth accessories
– watches and earphones for example, that I’ve used. I haven’t had to manually reconnect
yet after a long period of disconnection in the week I’ve used this. One thing though, you cannot reply to messages
with the watch, not even canned replies you set on the app. That’s something this crappy
cheap pink smartwatch I showed you earlier could. It notifies you of incoming calls, but since
this is the Lite version of the Verge, it doesn’t come with a microphone, so you cannot
take calls on your wrist, only silence or hang up the call. You’ll need to set permissions
on the app for this, but it’s self explanatory with the onscreen prompts. It doesn’t have an always-on display, but
the lift to wake detection is pretty good. Xiaomi is advertising this as having a 20
day battery life. It seems like it may be true. I used it heavily and it’s been vibrating
with every notification, and it’s only at 69% now after a week. Well, I hope you found this video informative.
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