anyway this is this is real couples therapy right here here and I always lose even with the past how's it going on Sheamus a k2 Celtic Warrior and welcome to Celtic Warrior workouts we're here in Orlando Florida it's not so sunny Orlando Florida right now because it's booked and down rain without the Samara because we have an awesome workout plans with former NXT champion and current Smackdown superstar Alistair black it's almost like it's it's not so sunny and then you're doing a workout with Alex or black exploring down it's almost like it's meant to be it's like poetic or something it's somewhere it's like someone is sitting behind their computer Watson's ago so of course is porn now you know the workout without your life there's no sunlight no it's kinda like rain it's kinda like a distractions final stuff victus fingers and of course made a ring in a dark minute kind of grungy did you know that mean but that's okay cuz that we're in your home tour here in your garage gym actually UPS is awesome as we are and of course we have his real life boy Selena this is great number three right you do a lot [Applause] I joke that's what scholars into this mess in the first place yeah I've seen your videos in your Instagram account with you and Selena working out just begging this poor guy go right here to pieces despite Obama are you go backward because it's like it's taking a lot of it take a lot of hits in that suit it does what it needs to be doing himself so let's let's talk about you for a second right obviously you both all Europeans Irish you tell spent like your career having an uninteresting and how we are pathes has brought to here to WWI somewhere people watch it with just for the first time so I am born in Amsterdam the Netherlands as Seamus says I expand I expand absolutely big big football soccer plan that's like make big so I got into wrestling at the age youth I'd like to say four or five well and I never actually grew up watching dubby dubby I grew up watching Japanese wrestling I grew up watching European cell rustling and later on I watched WCW it wasn't until I was 15 or 16 years old that I saw my first ever double to be pay-per-view and I was very confused because I never knew that that was a thing I always thought that it was just one thing okay later on I obviously understood that there was like you know there were multiple multiple promotions going yeah but because I was seeing faces that I saw in different companies not working in the WB I was like wait did they change their name to something because that's that enable tell you about the exposure that we had had obviously it's changed now because you know they're that the ad back in the day when it comes to WB in the Netherlands okay and to me as a kid when I watched it it looks like two guys fighting right and as soon as my brain started processing this I was like I do this I need to do this so in my child's mind I started martial arts because I thought that's what I was seeing us right I parents signed me up for karate my grandson now for judo I did come true for a little bit and then I started doing kickboxing and obviously the time I start doing kickboxing I have realized that while I was watching on television in terms of professional wrestling that that was not what I was practicing luckily it's great though because lately all that background all that stuff that the karate and the kick buck you incorporate in your style in the WB right now and that's has made you so different to everybody else who's come in to the main roster you see different styles to you next as well as that like throwing up those aerial moves as well like that middle rope spring boards that you can electricity prod taking the time to be on where's he going how do not looking I'm looking for a rockabilly tiny or something but yeah but it's just it's it's definitely been a huge influence of your career and that's definitely paid off I won't ask you a question no business I watched a lot right now wasn't the same thing like being in Ireland I watched screen sports and Eurosport is that when the Sun your knees risk your sport Eurosport that's something that we understand if a European and you're in our age bracket you definitely know what we're talking about oh yes the goal was always to become a professional wrestler that was always the number one go so by the age of 15 I got the opportunity to train with people who were trained by anime okay I know what's in the hake because Finn Balor's yes yes but this was I think this was the these were not the guys that were training at enemy hemlock okay sorry guys from the Midlands who also wanted to be for muscle when over the end of a hammerlock did a training course with them and then came back to the net let's go started teaching in melons so actually from that in that little in that little place it's not kind of at the ball so we started rolling and I started when I was 15 and I had my first match for that company at age 17 Wow and that match back actually from that point on like I mean the goal was I'd like the one the one thing that I was kept a man as I was doing this is you know you got to think globally not locally if you keep your mind set on just focused on being in this one one promotion that promotes locally we are not going to expand so my goal is immediately the biggest goal that I set for myself was gone to Japan but it took me around eight nine years to get to Japan so when I got there I was like well this is obviously the biggest my courage that we're going to get it funny enough we just started rolling more and more and more and more and all of a sudden I was like mainstay name in the United Kingdom and Japan can ask me back more and more and then North America started booking me and I made you know they'd be Australia for for for companies like pros and gorillas evolved and and all of a sudden I get an email from from Drake NXT where you drink and he's like hey so William Regal is looking for you and I'm like that's interesting and then Cassius Ono reached out to me as well and I said like hey can you give me your number I'm gonna give you a number to and from there I got invited to Manchester this was back in 2015 the end of 2015 I got invited to Manchester to come and talk with them yeah they want to wanted to see me me in the ring with Killian Dana at the time I mean Killian Dane just kind of wrestle to each other for a couple minutes and I guess they liked what they saw and they see four months later I got the call like hey would you like to join us so that's awesome yeah cuz I remember actually I thought I thought it was a TV or maybe European tour remember like Triple H mention you mentioning to me and that's like yeah that's not there to be able to afford that shit you know I mean that oh really yeah and he's like me no Rico that this is this go back up of the years because I'm any times some welcome and the Europeans did a saying like if your views get asked about it yeah yeah I also I have this like I have this philosophy that rustlers age the way Dockers go so one year in our life is basically the same as seven years because everything goes so I'll be fast and I feel that we age differently because obviously I'm gonna take such a beating and we have to keep up with our peak performances as thus why we're here today to show you a part of those peak performances our lives intertwined so different than and I don't like to use the word regular human beings because we're all special around ways yeah but for people who do not do this our lives are so could it be different that I feel that sometimes where I even even from the point where I started anything Steve to go onto Smackdown it feels like it it was that and my column was obviously a quick one because I wasn't scheduled to be called up yet okay was it was a it was a last-minute decision yeah because I saw the vignettes of Iran which is like January or December or something and then all of a sudden like yeah right then they you know obviously then they brought you ricochet tomorrow saw Johnny gallop as well yeah on that all of that yeah that bunch which we just took everybody by surprise yeah we were like I remember it very Saturday in this very gym I was just done and I had a next live event that night and it was 11:30 and I'm thinking to myself and I believe it's all one just kind of take a little 45-minute nap you know yeah yeah of course well Mike I know we don't get many if you don't get a lot of sleep so I have my phone placed next to me and I'm starting to doze off and my phone goes and it's coach blown and yeah that's like God well but thank God I though now hey coach I'll start oh my god yeah so uh what are you doing like I'm laying on the couch coach getting ready for it tonight selectmen oh well I I got some news for you I'm like you're firing me as a joke I said something like that I'm like nah is uh oh this Sunday you're flying to remember because of us yeah I know so yeah it's just a fool somewhere what we were not making our debut deliberately so that we could you know we could was a Tennessee because like they didn't want us to be seen my fans landing on the airport they wanted you know be surprised they're doing a different Airport and preparing the gyro yes so it's like this Sunday you fly to Tennessee like one day thanks wife this is one thing you break your tip you wanna know why don't I draw a Tuesday on Smackdown I'm like yeah you still there and I like do you bleep noise that's when I make Chris Wood's Yeah right so it's very good for my exact sentence was get the ice I was like go away and as soon as that was done I like I was I had to go to the live again we apply because I can yeah obviously after that this is like I call I call I called her up and I was like wow we'll be traveling together from now on cuz I'm gonna Ron's my found and it was and like the funny thing is you know hunter always talks about how quick and goes and they can be like that but it literally is that it can go like that I mean you went from your FCW days too quickly went to to to remain a monster draw and it happens like this is before you know you're standing in a garage here in Orlando Florida pissin rain outside all the dogs already I think because I got brighter us we're talking the rain count letters rains got to get back into this so it'll start raining again at some point should I leave this or do you got it yet so there is a good 15 seconds of Wrestlemania while my arms are behind the ropes Cesaro is swinging the Ricochet round Ron I understand it no do not say sorry it was just and but the visual of that is that when the camera zooms back and you're just pounding my chest ricochet still going I'm like okay I had the eye that's fraud actually was funny he decides I think ricochet was heinous light but at that point he must have taken at least like 70 swings at least Tony Tony was that Cesaro was there's a rare form very rare form that's swing in a while but s yeah it was awesome like that was an awesome resume it was a great real sameen III and I honestly like that group of individuals I could have made a bit of you that's right fantastic same time make sure let's do it all right let's do it again this book gets poker right now what's the most embarrassing song your playlist oh that has to be some dance your beans is on someone your bean dancing yeah no it's not worse than that my like our European I I like rhythm I like good music and as much as I like metal black metal and heart yeah I I was raised on on dance moves because I'm Dutch yes we I won't say then – dance music but we definitely played a big part in dance music so there's definitely a few dance tracks in my in my my playlist that people look alike really we work out together I've allowed her to create her own playlist so every once in a while will give up making me nauseous on and I get a feet above its cover like rlea right would you who would be your ultimate training part who you love to train with more than anybody here like dream people's outside WV and I'll ask that question many times before to go to the gym and train with someone like but it's MMA whether it's sure like bodybuilding wherever I'm gonna give it I'm gonna give an answer and it might sound a bit bit cliche but the reason why is because she's had such an influence on bringing MMA to the map of the Midlands but rhythm yeah and also because he's a very eccentric individual but eccentric in the best of ways and just his training methods because I have followed some of those training methods online because he just has like insane workouts and he just seems like he's a very very funny human being very thought through human being to be around with her and I would love to train with him and I'm obviously showing me around 10 gazillion things and I don't know so what's the workout today so we're moving on those starts today with a light circuit because I don't like stretching my uncle okay so I'm gonna do something that is Lily the the the path of least resistance literally but it just to get your body flown to get all your all your ligaments warmed up and kind of like get an already in emotional where you kind of start striking or I'll think is explosive everything is on the calm down so I'm Louie want you just like gentle move I'm gonna give you five exercises that we're all I'm gonna do for a minute okay and even if you turn that minute to start to feel strange just let them exercise go it's all about getting comfortable in that in what we're doing after that will stretch for a good five to ten minutes okay which I'm assuming is not going to be you know she'll stretching and then after that we'll start with a three round back system where we start with a combination combination combination combination and all within minutes of the minute the first minutes to combination the third minute as a three combination in the fourth minute is break the third minute sign rolling over time then after that we'll start with some powder account and with the bag it's just a lot of combination work okay lastly we'll have the the 30 30 30 as I call it which is a 30 second after the active period where you're active on the back for 30 seconds right after that at 30 seconds you going to do a biotech work of a joinha whether the squats burpees crunches push-ups whatever you whatever is available for you right and then you have a 30-second break and I think you said well 30-second break once you get to the fight the fourth or fifth round you'll be like oh boy yeah yeah and it's if it all comes down to your own intensity so you can make it as easy for yourself or as out of yourself and I feel the reason why I'm doing like that is when we are out there in the ring we have a lot of like explosive dynamics we have something where we speed up and we slow down and not be severe you know when you're rockin rollin you know how much that takes out of your system gasps your system out completely and then you have maybe 15 to 20 seconds where your body kind of like adapt again before you have to go again so I base that whole workout on exactly that and we're probably gonna go around 10 to 15 rounds usually go thirty rounds but because there's three people there's more people at the same time I give you a snippet of what I do as opposed to give you the whole thing talk about it's just 30 rounds of a minute and a half is uh there's a lot of time so let's go do a little circuit let's go do a bit we're gonna start with the middle battle rope obviously myself Selena and she was are going to divide themselves over which exercise they want as long as at the end of the minutes that were running we've done all the exercises so minute of vanpools just whatever you want that you can pull them on high you can pull into the middle you can pull them down low you can do them all three that doesn't matter as long as you have that movement show rings this is a Sean Hayes for those of us who've been an XD this is a coach a special you just hang you put your shoulders back what's up and it's nice and gentle and back and if you've done four or five but just feet down for like 34 seconds right back up and continue until the minute is finished okay kettlebell swing again I don't want this to be strenuous you can cut the lights gets about the motion not about the way with this one nice and deep forward very basic exercise and just a minute of that plank position make sure you can see the timer every five seconds just a really light gentle breathing push-up and obviously bad balls last minute the first minute of the third whatever you want position yourself and I like to switch every 30 seconds so if I do a minute that means that there's only one switch top hands minute just switch your grips and it's a minute nothing extraneous just keep it easy there are 20 times you're anybody gonna be the heavier bath house that yes we're gonna start in the bag now I'm gonna set the timer we're all going to hit around three minutes on the bag but we're gonna switch in and out this is all still quite calm this is just to get our mind ready into boxing Oh first thing we're doing is we're gonna go three rounds in the back three rounds in a minute and every round we go we're gonna add a strike so the first we serve of the two combination so anything from this is simple one-two combo hook and the clasp okay everything is possible whatever you want me just to kind of prime your body to do it then the second round strike it says we can do three combinations and the last ones are four combination go too fast breathe watch the body watch your body go be to Texas there you go keep opening round the sidelines three combinations door what scared to yeah so in the mountains we have a same phenomenon from spice souk atha which basically means if you change the spices of your food you leave more because it tastes better because you're hitting different taste buds Seamus is telling me how much he's enjoying this right now because obviously you know the way he looks he's uh he's a guy who lifts a lot a lot of weight so he had a box in a while so the first thing you told me said man I'm having so much fun with us it's because when you do one thing continuously strain this over time your body can kind of get dull to it and it doesn't motivate you as much anymore so even if you are a weight lifter watching shambo's this channel to sign up for a local kickboxing let's just do it once you don't have to do whatever again this kind of like going hey man that was fun stuff something a little different for you and also being cardiovascular more helps your lifts in the long run will start out very simple being in front of me will just start moving around a little bit but you gotta go for just a simple just a one-two combination with jab and across so whenever you lose all my blows up my Pat's up move around play around with a little she has to keep a guard up at all times because kind of come and boom thrown back up till they throw away one two and a low kick yeah by the way this is real couples therapy right here they work all their other issues there right right in this room with these paths and I always lose even with the past so what Sheamus will do is guard up keep his guard good and kind of relax on this body relax honest because I can see he's kind of sturdy it's like come on relax let your body and every time I throw up the person can thread a tip on the tip on your toe that last one throw your hip in swing strike you get this nice little pivot and when you strike you put so much your body weight into that one striking you don't want to extend all the way so when you straight you want to kind of have a half of sitting here so I mean you have to follow through yeah I saw their money on something but you never want extinct you are fully okay so really yes turn that in just a little bit more yeah there we go skew that clocks be good can you can you good one too we're gonna play it on all this just be lighting your feet I'll give you a loan with the left locate so we're gonna do the one to come with the low kick actually you twist your body your lower click okay so it's here so it's like one two switch your stands up yeah all right how do i I send your stance I think use regular diva so when should we use the second one it's one too many kind of slide in there comes the flow kicking sorry I'm in here as well with that cross it's one two that's what further just swipe it move it forward yeah and I think I'm okay I try to put your weight into it so you haven't hit one to go ready get it now okay Stan yeah okay but all of us especially technique it takes an awful lot of time and clearly I don't have the best technique but it takes practice practice far away from it yeah yeah I'm gonna angle it down okay okay go down yeah maybe it's better I take my right now that's better so your gum so it's a one-two with a big so now with that facility so he was a little bit more trained to absorb my strikes so this is the guard on the gloves and the pads so yeah so if I strike it sees it comes to my sometimes our the organized the usage of my companies everywhere all right last set best step thirty seconds so bad workout 30 seconds of active movement which could be dirty squats conscious push-up I don't care as long as you stay active you can shadow box for 30 seconds for all I care but test yourself and then you have 30 seconds of rest but I can guarantee you one thing those 30 seconds of rest are gonna actually get one becomes more irritating and annoying than they are going to be nice today we're gonna take you to a multitude arounds usually I go thirty rounds today we're going to go around five to ten rounds just because I want to give you guys a snippet of this just make sure that you hydrate because this can be a killer so make sure the in-between you have here your your specific hydration is with carbs in it or even your your your Gatorade your water at least will keep hydrating go [Applause] [Applause] I'm not even doing this just like messing around my hands are very shaky you can see why Hofstra Blackie's Rose so quickly to the ranks from NXT NXT champion right over the main roster in Smackdown because he's never complacent his style is different than unique he's incorporated of the martial arts he trained as a child and integrated into still giving soil which is the way the business is going these days especially with UFC being so popular Meishan you know these are things that people on stage they see the Masters in the rainbow it's just this it's the entire world that goes in in the background behind the scenes it's also great and your wife is also but something is also they'll be superstar and the fuck'd you guys work out together and push each other that's a real partnership right there because thank you so much this has been absolutely awesome it's a great great it's a great inspiration for brain change and this is the black elephant house there but they're working well thank you so much for joining us in our little gym this is a good part of how I work out obviously there's a tons of variables as I show you throughout the work of me you can work with if you are someone who's looking for a nice change of pace guys just try this out and you'll have a lot of fun I guarantee you if you keep doing this the calories will fly because it's such a such a draining work on it burns so much for your endurance even if you are a professional athlete on a different discipline I would still invite you to try something this out cuz everybody needs cardiovascular work you can see shameless despite Assizes has a lot of a lot of a lot of one capacity because sheamus is also not someone definitely phenomenally lifts weights massive explosive strength which is you can only build that by prolong cardiovascular workout my man who just followed us perfectly in the splits day and I know footsteps and he absolutely killed this workout sir thank you for having thank you thank you so much Alex right again it's quite a lot of people all you need guys you don't need that expensive to your membership or I go to the gym at 30 minutes away stick a heavy bag open your garbage or anywhere in your room or somewhere so I have barbell in some weights or I'll go you're good together use that timer keep switching up Thank You thing off tough as nails the next time shower time how's it going on Sheamus a cannon celtic warrior just optical myth awesome black at workout with former NXT champion and WB superstar Alistair black I thought maybe a superstar Selena Vega some the brave James guys well as you can see by the puddles of sweat we've deposited in our little humble there awesome this was one for the records I thought of the big guns because I knew Shane was coming and I can't I can't take it easy on Sheamus so this was definitely one of you won awards watch video coming to my Celtic Warrior work at town soon subscribe now and see it first