– Won’t quit till I’m fit. My legs are too long. Is there makeup all over my face? Did not wear waterproof mascara today. (upbeat music) Hey guys! I’m Ella Dove and this
is “What the Wellness?”. The show where I try out
weird wellness experiences, to find out what’s worth it, and what’s just plain weird. Today, we’re getting super techy, which is a new thing on
“What the Wellness?”. Because I’m about to use
artificial intelligence to improve my fitness game. I’m in New York City’s Dumbo neighborhood, at the U.S. headquarters of the VI app. VI is a social running coach, that uses AI technology to give you feedback in real time. Why would anyone want to use an AI running app? They say it’s gonna help
improve my running technique and help me achieve my running goals. Let’s go give it a try. – My name is Omri and I’m CEO of VI. VI, in short, is a
digital coaching service using AI voice and tech to basically download or mimic the
best trainers, practices, currently being used by human trainers, in a much more affordable, accessible way. Practically speaking, it
means that you have an app. Input it asks you a few questions, and VI will pretty quickly
will curate for you your own fitness journey, using the right music, and the
right coaching in real time. – Will she yell at me when I get lazy? – She should be, pretty,
we call it tough love, let’s put it this way. (laughs) – That’s important. – I don’t want to oversell it, so I would prefer you
to jump on a treadmill and test it yourself. – All right, well I guess on that note, we’ll get started. My name is Ella. I was born December… 5th. Now everybody’s gonna know my age. I think I wanna improve my running. Oh, that was easy. Level one walk to run. Spring into action. She chose my workout for me. This is a fancy treadmill. You hear this? (squeaking) Let’s do this. – [App Voice] Nice to meet you! This morning looks like the perfect time for us to do our very first run. I’ll start the clock as soon
as you start moving forward. Start off with a power walk. Go for it. – Wait, that’s a run. Check out my power walk. That’s from Bride Wars,
in case you didn’t know. – [App Voice] Yeah, that’s it! – Our first date. (upbeat music) – All right, now I have
to jog for six minutes. Bye. (upbeat music) (inhales) (exhales) Okay, I’m 8 minutes and 11 seconds in. I’ve only gone 0.7 miles so, VI said I have to keep going. So, I’m going. Get out of here, you’re distracting me. Okay, I think I’m about
to sprint for 45 seconds. – [App Voice] Take a deep breath, Ella! Here we go! Time for our first speed run! – Now, I’m jogging. I get one minute to (background
music drowns out voice). She says I have a smile. Hi, VI. She’s like talking to me. She’s kind of annoying. Jogging for two minutes. – [App Voice] Hey Ella! You’re a rockstar for
getting through those speeds with power! – I’m tired. She’s motivating.
I’m gonna keep going. Here I go! Thanks, VI! What’s really going on is I’m
in the VI office, in Dumbo. Everybody who works here
is slowly trickling in. And I’m probably being
incredibly distracting. Sorry, y’all. I’m at 130 steps per minute, which according to my calculations, means I’m doing about
2.30 steps per minute? I don’t know if that math is correct. For the record, I’m not a runner. I’ll run like a mile and
a half on a treadmill every now and then. But I do feel like having a coach makes you feel more confident and like, I should keep pushing versus running alone where I’m like “Cool, I did two songs, I’m gonna walk, grab an iced coffee and head home”. – [App Voice] Hey Ella! Keep going and don’t slow down too much! It’s time to keep it easy! – 90 seconds! 8.5! I got this, say VI. I wanted to stop but,
she said no, keep going, we’re gonna take it down to a jog shortly. I’m tired. – [App Voice] Take this
opportunity to trust your strength and resist the urge to slow
your pace all the way down! – Chin up, hands loose, says VI. One minute ’til cool down! I’m going to pick up
the speed a little bit before I go down and cool down. Let’s go! I sound like VI now. She’s clapping for me. Holy sh*t! Thanks, VI. Are you sure you want to call it quits? Yeah. All right, VI. I think this is the “first date”, where she’s basically getting
a sense of how far I can go, what I can do and every time, it’s going to improve from there. What makes it AI, artificial
intelligence, is that as the computer, VI, is
adapting to my workout style. So, it’s not like she’s like
“Oh, I can see your knees and I can see that the left
one is veering out slightly.” She’s not that specific, but
she’s really working with you to like, push you on your journey. The voice control does a
really good job of like, feeling very real. The only time where she
really sounded like a computer is when she was like “All right, Ella!” – [Robotic Voice] Ella. – But, other than that,
she really nailed it. As you’re going up through
the walks, the easy runs and the jogs, she’s sort
of giving you cues to know, y’know, we’re almost at the end. Push a little bit harder,
we’re almost there. And I think having those like
voice cues versus a clock kind of help you feel more like you’re in a boutique fitness class,
where you have a trainer at front or maybe you’re
working with a private trainer, you have a trainer who’s like,
coaching you specifically through this. I think my biggest problem
with like prerecorded fitness video or audio is that
all the million of people who are doing this workout are
hearing the exact same thing. So, while it can be encouraging,
this felt- feels more specific. And like, I didn’t go
very far, I ran like, 2.5 miles, but I’m like, sweaty. It’s hot. You know, she pushes you and
I’m excited to try it again and see if next time I do it, she has a more specific
understanding of like, how hard I can go or how fast I can go or how long I can go. – How was it? – I’m tired. – You did well. You look- – Do I look- I was really
working on my form ’cause I knew there was a camera and I was like, “Shoulders back, core in.” – Yeah. – VI was telling me. Weird or worth it? Not that weird. It was an app, I ran. But, it’s AI, so that’s a little weird. But, definitely worth
it. So, the subscription is 99 bucks a year, which is, less than most gym memberships,
especially in New York City. It was definitely our
techy-est episode yet. Got more wellness tech you want me to try? Let me know in the comments below. And we’ll see you next time
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