Take my picture in the sun. It ‘s beautiful where you are. Here? Yes! Take it here. Stand up, stand up. Standing up? I want to sit down. You want to seat down? Do it then. If you want seating down do it! OK! Laughs… Isn’t the sun behind me? Yes! but it’s ok I am a farmer! Agro-Gym Design Marathon The Agro-Gym is a gym where exercising is combined with the production of healthy food for the community. So, we have designed 6 equipment for it 6 working out equipment and each of them have a role in the garden. What I understand that the agro-gym is for our garden it is a dream that is being built and designed now for which I have seen a lot of good ideas. Also it will be built by our own community and neighbors, and we will knock on doors around the neighborhood to engage them otherwise we won’t make it. In the future perhaps the whole community will benefit from it I have a positive expectation that the Agro-Gym will mobilize more people, institutions and local stakeholders to have a more intimate and stronger connection to the garden which is an agro-ecological garden in the city on the periphery. Having more people here will be stimulate them to grow food since there will be more people buying it, but also because there will be more people taking care of the space. We have completed the first part of a design marathon in May in which we have listed all the garden’s necessities. We’ve identified that they need a irrigation system, to pump water from a well, they need help to boost the composting process that will happen through shredding organic waste. We’ve identified that they need help to carry soil around the garden to sift and to plough the garden beds. So we’ve created one equipment for each necessity. This is an amazing project, because it will teach us how to carry the weight. There will be also the support of the shredding bicycle because we compost here to make fertilizer So this is a way for us not to use so much energy we will only swing from one side to the other. It will be great! How can we transform a community garden into a space for exercising. But what we want to bring here is related to a natural exercise. You can carry weight but do it with body consciousness, in a way that doesn’t hurt the body, like a gym practice. What muscle do I use to make this movement? What is implicated in this movement I am doing? I like all the ideas! Also that people have dialogued with us. These are new ideas, innovative ideas. They can also help me to create other machines in the future Irrigation systems, a heavy duty work can become lighter by sharing the work with others. It’s very interesting! I am a metalworker I like to do a bit of everything: working with metal, masonry… there will be a bit of everything in this project: metal and wood work. We will use recycled materials to help the environment. While keeping it low cost which is great! We can make it work if we weld it here, ok? And then I will think of solution to keep the same angle right? Right. Is it a machine you are building? Yes, we are building a pedal-powered shredding machine Come visit the garden. We will have an open party! Do you know what it will become? Well, it will continue to be a garden, but we are building this machine and others to turn into a gym in which every exercise you do helps the garden, got it? We can put the 45 angle connection right? Sure. To go until the height of the well… Since this is a manual pump, it will suck the water from the well and elevate it to the reservoir. This is a pull and push type of pump. It takes the water from bellow and bring it higher. Then by gravity this water will be used to irrigate the garden by drip irrigation. This is the work we are doing here. Can you speak of something you liked about the hands on construction? It was Edison Urbano’s presence and knowledge, that was very well chosen to be a part of it. It was very interesting, the whole process, the days, but there are other interesting things that, to tell you the truth, are not normal items on a garden but attractions for playing. It was a kid that had the idea of the digger shoes and we’ve ended up doing it, to see if it was really possible to plough the soil with it. Now we are going to test it. Thank you Luiza! That is Luiza’s idea: digger roller skates! This is her original idea. How does it work? You put them on your feet then you drag it like that, then you dig! What we aim for with the Agro-Gym at this garden is to do it with people what we are doing with the soil: to work together to decompress it and make it more fertile. Working with the soil and the people, bring fertility back so life can grow. You gave me an opportunity to show… Because we are discriminated, and here we had the opportunity to get together with society even in the way we are. When I got here I thought that humanity see people to diminish them, and working with you, each person I met helped me to feel equal through this work. So it was not only about building the pedal shredder, or learning a professional skill, it was a learning experience in life, that I will take it with me in my life. That’s it! working team citizen makers images & video special thanks mentorship & financial support soundtrack OPEN SOURCE SHARING PLATFORM