hello I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist I have Brad added physical therapist and together we have the most famous physical therapist on the internet and now opinion of course Bob Brad you’ve been kind of a genius on providing us with exercises on to do with people who after you had a stroke and this is one if you don’t mind I’m saying if I say it that you can really use it for our people beyond a stroke to anybody who’s got kind of a one leg that’s weaker than the other eggwin that is right it might be after an injury and this week late because you’ve been out of crutches and in a cast for six to eight weeks but it definitely works well for stroke you better believe it now this is something you can do at home this is someone who was recovered if it was a severe stroke to the to the point where they can walk right him out real steady and that you know that way get laid is weak yeah throwing you off balance put me on a high potential for fall sure okay let’s get to the three exercises and what I like to do and enjoy these with a patient right now that’s had a stroke 61 year old and he’s getting ready to go home and we work on putting to Walker no wow that’s a good point we can use it what’s going to get away is this is sit to stand down that’s not only good strengthening exercise Bob but it’s functional something to do all the time exactly okay so listed for someone who can already get up at that leg is weak and they tend to go over a website or they’re losing their balance so yeah wouldn’t a fun thing to do to have a walker in front so you’re saying the weak side the left side yep website okay that’s a good point hold on right there what he’s going to do is because people tend that he’s going to flip that around blame to people tend to take more weight on the strong side as they’re getting up so what he’s going to recommend is that you actually try to focus on putting more weight on a weak side as you get up and if you’re doing this at home and there’s someone to help get your eight belt out what you probably have from the hospital if you have a stroke if you haven’t can just use a regular peppy belt safety comes first out make sure that you’re not going to fall here and get yourself back to square one right okay the red tape represents the weak leg from the stroke and of course their body mechanics if there’s a door you can push off from the arms to start with and you don’t want to grab Locker and pull up this or that’s one thing you do want to avoid okay I’m going to push here because this is what I had on this and I’m going to come up leaning towards the left yeah and that’s all there is to it oftentimes without even realizing it this can happen so you’re going to consciously think it maybe have a partner out once you come over here voucher so you’re going to have your helper over on this side and maybe have a hand on the gate belt if you’re having difficulties but you’re going to go forward and purposely put weight on that weak leg and get up they have that locker there you may not need it depends on your bails at that time and after you do that you’re going to do it again good control good posture you want to avoid thing really far forward of course and you have to lead forward right you do have to lean forward you do want to scoot forward on a chair – exactly good point five so it’s not just leaning for befouled feet underneath because if the leg is out here that’s going to be a problem underneath lean forward but not really far forward and add to that leg we always say nose over the top so always over that I chose nose there’s the toes okay so what weight bearing on your left side yep okay and do that ten repetitions that uses a good number to shoot for all right next one is simply squats okay so squash if you got a weekly a lot of times people tend to favor that right side just because it’s strong there may have some to collect which is a common symptom of strokes I’m not going to get to that that’s when they favor one side so Bob’s got a hold on my belt and I’m going to really focus on putting my weight if there was a scale on this foot and on this foot it would read 150 pounds here in 42 pounds there I’ve got a lot more weight on this right leg and good posture up tall or weight on your left leg right is that what I say Bob he said rightly oh my god thank you all right very good again 10 like that foot is in you and if you don’t you shallow that’s fine yeah yeah start off with shallow but focusing on put it on the left side and eventually you’ll get deeper and you’re definitely once you get down about this fire you don’t need to go any farther than that then you go to the next exercise this is the big one this is one that really helps that leg and works on that balance as well you’re going to do lunges so if you do it with the right leg it’s a strong leg this is how you would do okay straight down yeah so what he’s doing here it is the knee it should not go past the toes oh boy what past the toe one scratch first yeah hold on one second oh yeah this is one thing I always did my patience okay put that there are you going to hold that up so the knee should not bump into that so that’s vertical making a home line and I’m going to keep it like that now some of this head of strokers had a weak leg is not going to be able to do this very heat out of this they’re gonna have to hold on to something but I to start off with so you do a walker they can hold onto a counter top right bad yeah so again this one forces you to put the majority of the weight on that left leg the weak leg and you’re going to go up the tip of that if 10 gets to harder you can spread the lunge out a little bit farther but you know if you’re getting out like this you’re going to be going up and down stairs you’re not going to have a problem yeah all about the average from you might just start off with baby ones like this and that’s perfectly fine and that’s what we encourage Toto slow and work your way up so alright questions about that but if you have I already want to encourage you to subscribe that will beg you to subscribe so that you can we’ll provide you with information on stay healthy and fit information at physical a physical therapist to give you right right exactly forty-eight over and over that’s what we focus on because we are for you know yeah and we are not professional actors but we are professional therapists but we play one on TV okay thanks