today thanks for joining us my name is Anton welcome to the show aerobic sod style and that's precisely what of course we're going to get into some aerobics for you it's cardio workout today which means good supportive shoes there's a fair bit of jump you're gonna go on and a little bit of movement going on so punic entire confined space I don't you just push the lounger get a bit of space happening on the floor and that way we can jump we can run and we can do all those great things to burn body fat that's what it's about so let's warm up first that's what we want to do a little March on the spot first okay deep breath in stretch up tall reach up and then exhale down same again I'm gonna keep it pretty basic breathing in through the nose and exhale it out like you to do that say two more times so deep breaths stretch up long exhale down feel good about it with a bit of purpose to it of course breathing in one more time this is said two steps forward and two steps back otherwise known as an easy walk pretty basic stuff now I'd like to keep my workout simple reason being for that is we focus on the actual workout component and that's getting results so nothing too complex don't start to step this out a little bit more that way you get to think less but do more another two of those I'll just get you to change legs how about that here we go a little tap and change sides now we're at the beach and I'm gonna have to stay on my mat because as soon as I move up of course I'm gonna start sinking but what I would like you to do at home is really step everything out we do because what happens is the Largey and make each movement that means of course the heart rates gonna zoom up a little bit higher of course so what you put into the workout is exactly what you're gonna get out of it so take no notice for me staying on the spot let's change legs again making it larger again making the arms larger and stepping it out lower as well so rather than doing it like so it sends a bit robotic and stiff get down low into it and you'll feel your heart rate to zoom up another 4 here there's one there's two there's 3 change legs there we go a little tap now when we change legs each time we're gonna add a little chart chart to us so we're gonna take out the little tap there's two there's three one more time add a little ChaCha one two three have you find that a little bit tricky no problem just go back to the tap again either's fine changing legs still poor there's two to go get ready to change legs way we go now the moment you've had four on each side we're gonna cut that down and do two on each side let's go to the right side there's one there's two changing over straightaway back over to the right side changing legs head let me cut it down now just to one of each here we go right leg cha-cha-cha left leg cha-cha-cha the movement should become fairly natural after a while there now step it out a little bit further to the side now so we're getting a little lateral movement here now at home you can really go side to side on this take it I'm a little bit stuck for space unless you want to see the disappearing instructor I'd never go for four more here and how the legs you're coming down low weak side I'm gonna add another four to it here there's one there's two get ready for change we're gonna step the whole thing forward for walk forward where we go little knee up at the end another four times there's one there's two going back to that church are over to the side here we go side there we go side over we go no four there's one two three getting ready for that forward walk here we go knee comes right up high then when the knee comes up try not to lean forward or lean backwards you want to keep the body tight the abdominals in tight two more to go we're gonna step back to the side again here we go / cha cha cha we're gonna leave you with this for a moment grab some water of course let me come back getting in down high energy roots and sit back in the moment there's no mucking about getting straight into it now let's March it out soon as we hear a beat here's