that's meant to rule that shoulder of yours from side to side now we've got a special treat for you today we're doing some workouts on and with a chair so some of the exercises will be done on chairs seated and this is really going to be fantastic particularly for people who tend to work very very long hours we know there's a lot of you out there with have to go to work early you finish late and perhaps some of these exercises you can use them while you're at the office all right that's time to reach the arms up so some ideas throwing your way don't get the chance just yet it is important we don't do we do warm up together so stay with us on this one bring the arms up okay hands over here let's start with a basic squat position pressing it through so we're gonna demonstrate show you some great exercises you can do with your chair we've got some butt works and workout for your arms also some good abdominal exercises pressing it down reaching now we're only going to split our warm-ups today we're just gonna do a few minutes just doing something like this some shoulder movement some armies movements now we're actually gonna lie you down on your back and do some quick crunches to challenge your abdominal muscles pressing it through it so that completes our little warm-up sessions bring it down bring it down it is still advisable that you keep your shoes on so even though this is a non impact workout continue leaving your shoes on and a word of caution if it's the first time you're exercising with us do take your time work at your own pace see if you down five six seven point your toes forward we go down and up releasing it stop T at the ensuite and side to side want to involve as many muscles as we possibly can reaching it over we also often get enquiries for a lot of people who have not been exercising for quite some time and just you know felt that listen it's about time they started taking better care of themselves and good for you it is your body and you want to try and keep it as healthy and as fitted for as long as you can now if you're in one of these special populations or perhaps you've had an injury or an illness we really would advise you to check with your doctor before you do any of these exercises or any exercise program you may intend to take on now let's work into a punch action so it begins to rotate I want to target those muscles in your waist what a warm up these abdominals to your back area keep your legs moving class now hands go back punching step the feet together stay here for another set of eight keep the body nice and tall so you're not starting to slump forward open way through your chest for three just the legs as we allow our arms a little bit of a rest bring it in five six now tap that bottom section all right shake now come back to your March position take a deep breath fill up the side of the lungs place your exhale let your roots relax continue marching four five six all the way up big stretch and then come down press your chest into your thighs let's do that once extend it all the way up and bring your body down roll yourself up now are you ready to get down to the floor come down take your time I'm gonna get you to lie down onto your back we're gonna start you nice and easy on our tummy exercises so I like you to bend the knees put your hands just behind a hip spread your elbows wide it's two counts up to counts down see the children take some nice relaxed when you roll up try not to lift your pelvis off the mat so it's bringing these muscles up to you good keep your elbows spreading wide like a coat hanger your eyes are folks to your knees really remain something steady lifting it to down here now I want you to continue moving abdominal exercises are fantastic to do this is a great one for you to stay with do as many as you can have a little rest stretch when we come back in a chair ready for some chair exercises so don't go away now the first thing we're gonna do with our chairs is to teach you an exercises that will help to stretch your shoulders if you've got a chair that has it back to it what's most – of course a toes you'll be falling backwards what you do is you place the palms of your hands on the edge of it stand back now everyone when you stand back you want your legs about hip distance white okay so eager they were swaying straight into it since I showed them this exercise before we came on are they loving it sit the head down between the arms now watch that you're not looking at your feet because once you start to look at your legs and feet the alignment of your neck changes your head drop so we want your eyes focus towards the length of your chair now see what happens to the neck when you do that are you girls looking at the legs of your chair you all feel the difference in the next everybody look down at your feet look what happens to the neck look bad now