welcome to the flow today we have one of our most popular workouts to you yeah you can see we're doing abs but we still need to warm you up make sure your body from moving makes your blood pumping make sure your muscles are nice and warm and strong you're ready to get going so we're just going to take you through some gentle ranges of movement get your heart rate up a little bit and then I'm gonna go around introduce you to all the gorgeous backup babe and find out one of their favorite ab exercises I just want to move gently side to side just starting to work into a walnut now give me a big match on the spot right leg take a breath in take a breath out breathe in breathe out two more only breathe in breathe out last one freedom easy Walters relax I sink into it zoom or make an assembly I'll tonight and again you you Tommy and three to hand out a three knee repeater 3:1 and changing size 3 1 3 2 1 1 2 easy walk singing down simple single step needs now while you're doing this is warming up your buddy but I want you to think about using muscle to hold on did you're thinking about a belt around your wife and you're gonna put it in a couple three Mira Pina give me much water back single single and a 3d repeater show me your knee repeater today we didn't keep your body moving straight up the break we're gonna hit you out at work as I promised I'm over here with mr. Kady and she's gonna show me her favorite hour back to five now this is actually a Pilates exercise it's gonna be slightly different if you haven't done Pilates football okay first of all to start off I want your knees and ankles in line tummy switched on back breathe in on the way back and breathe out if you come up now this exercise actually targets the front of your thighs as well so what you're doing is you're leaning back in one long line and then using your tummy and the front of your thighs to pull you up let's slow down a bit back and hold