hi folks welcome to this video on the aerobic energy system okay this is the one that has the most content to it so you've got to be aware of it stick with us through it okay it's going to start very very similar in fact almost identical so the lactic acid energy system what do we need to know about the aerobic energy system well I can get one molecule of glucose and I can break it down okay and if you remember we called that process fly Colossus okay and from that breakdown of all molecule of glucose I'm going to get enough energy so we synthesize two ATP and I'm also going to get pyruvic acid aka pyruvate okay so so far is absolutely identical to the lytic acid system however there's a slight little twist or a change as well as breaking down glucose I could also break down fats and I can also break down proteins okay so I can use all three energy sources of all of these three energy sources sorry cheering whilst I'm using my aerobic energy system now glucose the breakdown of glucose was known as glycolysis when you break down fats it has its own special name and that name is beta oxidation okay so far as identical to the lytic asset system and if you remember in the latter Tacitus and when there was no oxygen available that sent a lactic acid or lactic well is the thing look at the name of the system its aerobic that's not going to happen I'm going to have oxygen available so that is not going to take place so let's get rid of it so I suppose the question is what happens this pyruvic acid now if it doesn't tend to lactic acid what happens to it well the pyruvate of the pyruvic acid enters a mystical wonderful cycle called Krebs cycle okay now what can we say about krebs cycle is this takes place in something called a mitochondria now a mitochondria is a power station not actually one but that's basically does it produce these high levels of energy so the Krebs cycle takes place in the mitochondrion itself in every cell in your body does mitochondria okay are the vast majority of cells only ones mitochondria they're produce energy via this reaction so we've got glucose fat so protein one molecule has been broken down it really sends you for two ATP and it's produced pyruvic acid or pyruvate because I have oxygen because it's aerobic that doesn't turn into lactic acid instead cancer sonico Krebs cycle in the mitochondria of the cell what happens as a result of Krebs cycle well many things happen I get co2 produced and things like that I get hitched to oil produced but more crucially I get energy so resynthesize another two ATP by this pyruvic acid getting broken down in this Krebs cycle and I also get lots of things cold h+ ions or hydrogen atoms which ever you prefer hydrogen ions hydrogen atoms it doesn't matter okay now what is going to happen to these then enter the third and final stage of the aerobic system something called the electron transport Qin okay which again takes place in the mitochondria okay so krebs glycolysis doesn't take place in the mitochondria but Krebs an electron transport chain both take place in the mitochondria okay so the electron transport chain what can we say about it well the hydrogen atoms enter it and there's nothing else to say other than as a result of them I will enter in it a lot of energies produce so much so I can then re synthesize 32 to 34 more ATP off the back of this energy system okay now if you watch the video on the lactic acid system you'll remember I said one of the downsides to it was that when you brought down glucose you got a low energy yield are you you didn't produce much energy from the breakdown of glucose only to ATP look what's happened here that one molecule of glucose or fat or protein has produced two for 36 to 38 ATP suits produce massively high levels of energy okay so the tall yield of this system is 36 it's a 38 ATP however what's the downside to it this takes time I can only use it right ordering sorry submaximal activities marathon side of France long-distance running cycling swimming whatever it is why this energy production is not rapid it's going to take minutes you simple trust uses aerobic system for the wand Ramiz is going to come last okay this his system is not going to be up and running properly fully effectively until he's finished his life of on it so it's going to take time to use this system okay so he's the perfect system if you are like this young lady yet going for a long distance run because you've got time to get all the fuels ready you know to go through glycolysis to go through Krebs to go through electron transport chain she's going to produce very high levels of energy over a long period of time which is exactly what she needs to do long distance running okay so the aerobic system is only beneficial to sub max or is only used to in submaximal activities however what you're doing now sitting steady submaximal when you sleep in that sub maximal anytime that you are taking on board I loves of oxygen in contrast for your activity so you might be thinking well I'm not taking on board Hal's of oxygen scenes still but you are sitting still so you're taking on board plenty of oxygen to suit the demands of your activity so that is a sub maximal activity anytime you're doing that you're producing oxygen aerobically how long is this sister last well forever fingers crossed well not forever but as long as you've got oxygen and as long as you've got fuel to bed caps fats and proteins you will use this system it will see you out for your lifetime so this isn't one that runs out for 10 seconds or two minutes or stops working after that amount of time as long as you've got oxygen as long you've got fuel you will use your aerobic system okay