hello everybody my name is Regina and welcome to get fit with Regina today I am certain up step aerobics now before we begin I ask that you watch the video in its entirety they watch it a second time and do the moves with me now before I play the music I want to show you some basic steps we're going to be doing remember go at your own pace don't push past pain just have fun so we're gonna do steps step up and down lay curls ankles elbows now we do jump shots if you can't jump up you can always curl them so it's up to you what you want to gentlemen or just curl also make sure that your steps are on securely some steps already have the risers built-in so you know really depends on what you had make sure your shoelaces are tied and you want to have a sweat band because you're definitely going to be swayed with this workout last thing after we do the workout we're going to have a brief cooldown don't feel you have to do this exercise in some time do what you can and just have fun with it now we're gonna get started in about five seconds let's get ready [Applause] hard you that [Applause] you anchor come up we'll take those with focusing on the right angle great left ankle grab done I hope this helps check me out next time