Healthy habits aren’t just
about reaching health goals. They should be about
having fun as well and it’s okay if that means trying something
a bit different. Let’s find out why this
accountant says hers take her to new heights. (energetic music) Sometimes the best way to
pick up a healthy habit is to find out what
works for others. – My name’s Steph. I’m a tax accountant and my healthy habit
is aerial fitness just because I love
being challenged every time I come to class. (energetic music) – All right Steph, aerial fitness is such
a cool healthy habit. First, tell me what
it’s all about. – Kind of a mixture of a
lot of different exercises. There’s a little bit of
hit, a little bit of bar, a little bit of Pilates, but you also get to
play around in silks. – [Jane] So pretty
strenuous workout, right? – Yeah. I feel like I’ve gained so much strength
doing aerial fitness. I have so much
more core strength. You work on arms,
legs, whole body. Biggest thing for me
is going upside down. You feel a lot of
decompression in your spine. I always do, and that
just helps me so much with posture, with feeling
like I can breathe easier. (upbeat music) – Mentally I know when I
get to a great workout, I just get in flow, I
forget about everything else that’s happened that day. How does it affect you mentally? – It’s an escape. I get to come here after
being in front of the computer all day and I get to get a
good sweat, a good workout and learn something new. Build new strength that
I didn’t have before. – [Jane] How do you
make time for it? You’re a tax accountant. – [Steph] Yeah. – [Jane] You’re working
with these businesses. You gotta get their taxes in.
– Yup. – [Jane] When do you have time? – I definitely put
it on my calendar and I make it a point to
book myself in a class and then I make
it a point to go. I feel great after a workout. I love that feeling. So even if it’s a long day and it’s hard to make time
for it, I want to make time because I know I’ll feel
good after I work out. – I really can’t wait to
try the aerial fitness. Could you show me some
of your favorite moves? – Totally. – Okay, let’s do it. – [Steph] You wrap your
legs around the front. – Okay.
– Hands go behind your head. – If you have a healthy habit
you want us to check out, let us know on Facebook or
Twitter or tag us on Instagram and you could see it featured
right here on the show. – Those look great.
– Let’s do a low five. That’s fun. All right, so.