hey everyone I'm Julia Bognor and today we've got a no equipment just you and me high intensity interval training workouts so we're going to be doing high-intensity the whole time we have some short breaks ten seconds in between but I created this so we have four exercises they're complex or few exercises in one but we're going to hit those hard for 50 seconds you'll get a 10 second break before we move on to the next one we're going three rounds all right so 4 sets exercises 3 rounds 50 seconds easy 10 seconds break are you ready all right so let's warm up a little bit before we hit this right take a deep breath inhale reach up exhale shake it out we're just going to do a little reach pull with a hamstring stretch feel to your butt ready pull it right back here heels kick back sit from this side you see my heels kicking my butt good go ahead bring your arms up a little higher elbows hug behind you shoulders down getting your chest warm your back warm take it overhead good good go ahead take those knees side to side twisting reach all the way up nice six two four three two go just take it for a little jog right here get your knees up a little bit get your arm swinging alright here's four at three and two and one good just go ahead lean to one side push your bill down toes up switch it over to the other side not a serious stretch just baby stretch your little warmth in your muscles getting a little bit of stretch right here good give me one breath up shake it down are you ready for this so I'll show you the first time I go through these exercises we'll go a little bit slower we'll hit it I'll show you the next one the next two rounds we're going to fly through working hard hard as you can go at about a ninety ninety five for you so you get that nasty burn that burned for two days after your workout that's what we're going for it's tough but it'll be over soon so this first exercise we're going to do an inchworm I'm going to face the side so you can see this a little better this one's inchworm right jump up jump back in swarm back and a power jack alright so nice and quick and steady ready to do this 50 seconds on then you'll get a little break here we go all the way forward up back and circle all the way forward up back and big circle jump one right into the other no breaks hitting it hard forward up back walk it back circle jump forward up back whatever you got every time as hard as you can go bring it back and circle ninety percent ninety five is different for everyone go to your max walk it up walk it back and circle forward up back gonna keep it up walk it back everything's burning one more walk it back big circle boom nice so do you suck us off but I'm gonna take a little longer this time to explain the next exercise alright so this one is a long jump big jump forward heels to your butt Rockstar jump and jog back you can't do the rock star just to a jump in the air for me ah you ready here we go three two let's hit it up rock star and take it back take your time right here power up and take it back big jump use your arms lots of power nice landing soft and back good bugs you protect your joints landing soft lots of power big jump up and take it back keep going guys nice job one more and take it back whoa that's two so the next one you're going to go for power everest 3 power everest so this leg is up 1 2 3 come up on that front leg you're going 1 2 3 step back 1 2 3 so we're going back and forth alternating ready all right let's do this 50 seconds 1 2 3 step forward 1 2 3 step back switch actually I think we're horse up 1 this is actually 4 sorry guys to step back 3 1 2 3 4 – 1 2 3 4 step back 1 2 3 bring it up 1 2 3 4 step back switch 4 3 come up hit hit hit hit one more switch switch switch up 1 2 3 4 whew I think I know why it's called high intensity one more exercise one more new one then we're going to go through that two more rounds you ready so lunge power knee back squat and back other leg lunge power T to a power squat step together alternate stick with me it'll get easier the next round not easier but understandable right here we go right here power power squat lunge step back take it back power up squad together back all the way up nice and low together use your arm to get some hikes good job step turn good job power up take it side together breathe nice job take it back do for you guys I know it's tough one more what ah that's all except two more time through you ready starting from the top inchworm jump forward jump back power jump here we go 50 seconds let's go forward back walk back powered up right next to your hands and circle lower up back circle oh please keep moving modifiers you need to you can modify by doing a jumping jack instead of a jump so keep it going big circle we're back circle one more guys forward up back walk back and circle 10 seconds recover good job so number two remember long jump take your butt shuffle back 50 seconds let's get it done laying low kick your butt and back bars you can up and back keep breathing nice and slow lots of power woo up jump and take it back yeah come on I can do it you can do it – one more and take it back take that time to recover a little bit breathe number three Everest climbers four three Heisman hops for four ready all right let's take it down let's do this one two three up on that leg one two three step back switch two three up hit hit hit step back one two three come up on that front leg hit hit hit take it right back up hit hit hit and back one two three up four three two back down one two three up four three last one and hold aah take that ten seconds you're doing awesome shake it out breathe all right number four exercise second time through here lunge power knee take it to that squat lunge step together just follow me ready lunge power just turn and together back down power up lunge turn lunge switch power up more about depth here guys take it low take it high low turn back around step back hit turn together big step big jump squat back to the front awesome step turn forward again big jump and turn again lunch up this is your last one and OH step 10 awesome you guys are amazing one more time through same exact thing we just did breathe if you get a drink only wet your mouth don't drink a lot ready for that last round you know it interim jump up jump back power jump let's go join you this way forward up back walk it back power jump forward all the way up and back good so challenge yourself for your feet all the way next to your hands all the way back to that plank and circle jump again modify if you have to but don't stop come forward jump up back and circle up back big circle alright you guys do with me the last round and big circle jump walk it up there last one up back banked up ah good shake it out little recovery breathe it out get ready long jump cut back kick and jog back 50 seconds you ready let's do it long jump butt kick and jog it back long jump but chick and jog it back long jump but kick and back back woo long jump the cake and take it back your modification right here jump up and down without the butt kick shuffle it back stay with me you can do more than you think you can do push it a little further than you're used to then you're used to you can do it oh come on take it back one more jump and jog it back good job you guys a little recovery we have two more exercises fifty seconds each yeah everest Heisman so three average for Heisman I mess it up do your own thing three Everest four – we got this let's go take it down one leg up Everest climbers this is 1 2 3 up 1 2 3 5 down 1 2 3 up 1 2 3 4 back 1 2 3 up 4 3 2 good and 1 2 we bring it up side two three and four stay with me guys this last round of course is the hardest dig deep one two three one two three four that's it oh one more you guys shake it out we have that lunge that power knee back to that lunge squat lunges hook together stick with me we got this let's start lunch power knee lunge turn lunge again step back power it up low turn keep it low step together down high up low it stays blow and switch big step power turn get together come on and turn you guys are almost there power it up turn step back high knee turn it come on you guys just today this job is it last one up turn awesome check it out so here to give you a bonus little bonus why not only one time through one time fifty seconds we're going to do some situps one big sit-up quit tuck up yeah so start it on the floor all the way down you're going to sit up help yourself up use your arms to get up tuck up back down it's a flow as you land you're bendy everything comes together closer you're coming down the whole thing flows you ready 50 seconds just one time through here we go try it with me it's tuck up tuck jump tuck up tuck jump move all the way up help yourself up and tuck jump keep going modify slow down if you need to you could keep your legs down and not lift them off the ground like I do here so close you come this far finish it strong nice guys oh one more make it good holy cow you guys are awesome Wow shake it out kick it out good job you guys take your breath keep stepping breathe one more time up and shake it down good take it low and twist Oh we worked everything ah excellent job tons of calories I think we hit that after burn right we're getting that benefit of sitting on our butt tomorrow and burning more calories than we want right roll yourself up low good bring one leg you can belly behind you little shaky good you have a chair or a couch or a friend get help where you can if you need to balance I'm shakin nice switch the other side knees together tuck your pelvis slightly in your tailbone down pull your heel to your butt stretch out that quad it did a lot today step back with that leg same side arm reach over nice switch same side arm reach over take one breath all the way up exhale shake it down Tata you guys are amazing great job that's the tough one I know you did such a great job get some rest see you next time