(“See You Later See You
Soon” by Stephen Kellogg) – Hey guys, what’s up? It’s
Steve Kamb from NerdFitness.com. Today I’m gonna take you
through a super difficult body weight circuit workout,
it’s gonna kick your ass. Build some muscle, burn a lot of fat, and leave ya exhausted, let’s get started. All right guys, what you
can do is you’re gonna start with the five minute warm up,
run up and down your stairs, do jumping jacks, run in place,
go run outside, jump rope, whatever you gotta do,
get your blood pumping, get your muscles warm, that is one of the most important things
you can do before exercising. Like I said, this is a really
advanced body weight workout so only attempt this if
you’re in really good shape. First thing we’re gonna do
are called one-legged squats, you can actually do these
without the aid of a pole, but it’s pretty difficult so I recommend starting out like that
and then maybe advancing to doing them without having
to hold onto anything. What you can do is grab something sturdy, luckily we have a column
in our apartment, why? I have no idea, but you’re
gonna start with a column, hold onto it, put your right leg out, and you’re gonna drop down,
and come right back up. That’s one, you’re gonna do
10 of these on your left leg, and then you can do ten on your right leg. You’re kinda pulling up with your hands, more keeping your balance,
doing all the work with the leg that’s still on the ground, you can do 10 of those for each side. After you’re done with
that you’re gonna do 20 body weight squats. Put your hands out, legs
about shoulder width apart, drop your ass way back, until your thighs are about parallel to the
ground, come back up, that’s one. You’re gonna do 20 of those,
after you’re done with that you’re gonna do 20 walking lunges. Hands on your hips, step
out with your right foot, come down, touch your left
knee to the ground, barely. Explode back up with your
right foot, that’s one. After that, go down with your,
step out with your left foot, right knee to the ground,
explode back, that’s two. You’re gonna do 20 of
those, if that’s too easy you can make it more difficult
by putting your hands behind your head,
stepping down and twisting in the same direction of the
foot you just stepped out with. After you do 20 of
those, we are going to do jump ups, step ups, I don’t
know what you wanna call ’em, they’re a pain in the ass
especially after doing all those leg exercises,
but it’s really good for ya. So I’m gonna come over here to my steps, put my foot on the second step, I’m gonna explode up with that
foot, land on the other one, that’s one, explode back up,
two, push back up, three. You’re gonna do 20 of those too. All right guys, after the jump ups you’re gonna do 10 pull
ups, pull ups means you have an overhand grip,
so I’m gonna head over here to my pull up bar, and do 10 pull ups. When you do your pull ups make
sure you go all the way down, come all the way back up. If you can’t do 10 yet,
do as many as you can. If you can only do five,
do those first five and then on your next
five, pull on the bar, jump up above the bar and
slowly lower yourself back down. Keep doing that, slowly
lower yourself back down, that’s a called a negative,
and what that’ll do, that’ll still build up your
muscles and you’re not gonna get as exhausted, you’ll be able
to get more of those done. After you’ve done 10 pull
ups, you’re gonna do 10 dips. I just took two bar stools,
you might have to get creative with your surrounding,
whether it’s a table and your countertop, maybe
a corner of your countertop, get between two sturdy
objects like these bar stools, hold your body up, slowly
lower yourself down, back up, that’s one, all the way back down, you’re gonna do 10 of those. After you’re done with your dips, you’re gonna move back
into the pull up bar, and you’re gonna do 10 chin ups, that’s where your hands are
facing the other direction, same thing, hold it, all the
way down, pull yourself up, all the way down, pull
yourself up, same thing, and by the time you get through
this circuit three times, your arms are gonna wanna
fall off, so at that point, jump up above the bar, and
slowly lower yourself back down. After you’re done with your ten chin ups, you’re gonna do ten regular push ups. Get down on the ground,
hands shoulder width apart, body completely straight, drop
straight down and back up. You’re gonna do ten of those. If you can’t do regular push
ups at this point, drop down to your knees, your body
straight, abs tight, drop down. After you’re done with push
ups, we’re gonna move into a 30 second plank, put your
forearms on something soft, feet up in the air, and then
stick your butt up in the air. You wanna keep your body in
a complete straight line, all the way from your head
down through your toes, you’re gonna hold this
position for approximately 30 seconds, if you can go longer great, if you can’t, hold as long as you can. Alrighty, after you’re done with the plank you’re gonna do 30 jumping
jacks and that completes the end of this complete body weight circuit, you’re gonna do it two more
times for a total of three complete circuits all the way through all of these exercises, obviously
it’s extremely difficult, if you’re doing this
as quickly as possible with perfect form, you’re
gonna be freaking exhausted by the end of it, so
make sure you concentrate super hard on doing all
these exercises correctly and safely so you don’t hurt yourself. That’s the end of today’s workout, thank you guys so much and
we’ll catch ya next time. (“The Boxer” by Carbon Leaf)