Narrator: If your loved one needs supervised care during the day, but you work or have
other obligations, Adult Day Health Care is here for you. Sheri Lapan/Caregiver: “If I can have a
life, if my mother can have a greater quality of life, I want other people to have that
experience.” Pat Trahan/Caregiver: “I’m hopeful that others will learn from our experience that
you just go down a different road and there’s an Adult Day Health Care center waiting there
for you on the corner.” Narrator: The Fairfax County Health Department program offers affordable quality care, meaningful
activities, new friendships, and peace of mind. For more than 30 years, the program
has provided community-based care for older adults and adults with disabilities in a safe
and nurturing environment. Len Trahan, Participant: “They’re very big on developing out intellect. We don’t
just come here to make sure we can open and close our hands and move our ankles. They’re
very big on developing our intellect and making sure that we maintain that.” Narrator: Each day, seniors participate in
a range of activities and benefit from a variety of services at five licensed locations in
Fairfax County. Daily activities are tailored to the participants’ interests and cognitive
and physical abilities. A typical day may include activities such as adaptive sports,
personal grooming, pet therapy, gardening — even field trips to an ice cream shop
or to see the cherry blossoms. Sheri Lapan/Caregiver: “She’s had a great day. She’s gained wait. We had issues with
her not eating because she was depressed. We don’t have depression issues any more.
She’s going to be bed at 9 o’clock and we’re pushing her out of bed at 8:30; come
on, we got to go, we got to go. And she walks in she’s dancing. She’s dancing upon entrance.” Carol Bracey/Center Nurse Coordinator/Lewinsville
Center: “So, all those sort of unintended consequences we see from coming here. They dance. They are happy. You see that change in a depressed person so to speak, and they
come out of their shell and they’re laughing. Narrator: A team of nurses, recreational therapists, and other highly trained staff care for participants.
They work together to enhance participants’ physical, mental and emotional well-being.
They also provide unique services to individuals that include personal grooming, a health assessment,
and medical administration. Carol Bracey/Center Nurse Coordinator/Lewinsville Center: “We try to stimulate people when
they come here, in all kinds of ways; cognitively, physically, socially, spiritually, and otherwise.” Narrator: Ninety-three percent of respondents
to an annual family caregivers Adult Day Health Care satisfaction survey stated their loved
ones benefited from the program. Research also shows that caregivers also benefit from
the program. Fairfax County caregivers participated in a Penn State University study that showed
dramatic results. Caregivers reported reduced stress on the days their loved one attended
adult day services. The research also showed improvements in caregivers’ emotional well-being
and reduced their risks for illness. Carol Bracey/Center Nurse Coordinator/Lewinsville Center: “So, we were thrilled because it
validated the observations that we’ve had as staff and also what the caregivers have
been saying to us. In one particular case we have a caregiver say that her blood pressure
actually decreased because her mother was coming here and she gave us the numbers and
said this is what happened because it gave me such peace of mind and I was able to do
things on my own, what I wanted to do.” Narrator: The Health Department operates five licensed centers throughout Fairfax County,
Monday through Friday. Door-to-door transportation is available. The program is affordable. And
Fairfax County employees receive a twenty-percent discount on fees.
Pat Trahan/Caregiver: “We as Fairfax County residents are very lucky, fortunate to have
programs like this and to be able to access them and it certainly has made a difference
I our lives and we know it will make a difference in other people’s lives.” Sheri Lapan/Caregiver: “it’s better than
peace of mind. It’s peace of mind, but it’s also a gift. We know that mom is in a great,
loving place, and that she’s experiencing things that she needs to experience, things
I can’t give her. And when we come back together, we’re all happy and healthy, in
a way that if we were together 24/7, we wouldn’t be wouldn’t be a healthy family unit and
this allows us to be very happy and very healthy and all have the best quality of life.”