Hey guys, this is a parametric adaptive family. You can adjust the size and height. Now let’s create a new family. We will need 2 circles, and 1 point. Oops, have some probelm place the point in the center… Finally… Create the Height parameter in the offset. Set work plane on this point, then create a circle. Repeat and create the second circle. Add radius dimension and create parameters. Set the work plane on the ref. level and create the point. Create the height parameter and link it to the offset. Test the parameters. Divide the circles. one with 8 points and the other with 16 points. You can either create points and connect them, or create spline straight away. Here I am adding the points first. Sometimes you may need to adjust the distance to create the shape you need. Select 3 points to create the spline. You can HH to temporary hide stuff to make it a bit easier. Create curves by selecting the points and create the spline. These are the last 4 curves. Make sure you convert the lines to reference lines. This is the main structure, the next step is to create the faces. Select some of the curves, divide them into… fewer the better as long as you get the shape you need. I’m doing 10 here. Create spline directly on these points. The last 3 points need to be close to the middle point but not on it. You can type in the Normalized Curve Parameter, something like 0.4999 or 0.5001 depending on size of this model. Oops, looks like I didn’t select the tiny curve. Okay, first one finished, 7 to go. I’m going to use connecting points for the second one. Make sure you tick the Is Reference Line option to convert them into reference lines. You will need to Tab and select the single curve. Then Tab and Ctrl select the rest of the curves. Then second one finished. The rest will be the same. Flex the model after you finish all the faces. That’s it, hope you like it. See you next time.