– So now there’s needles in
my face, so I stop talking. (upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove, and
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I’m gonna get prepared to get pricked by a ton of tiny needles. Because today, we’re talking
everything acupuncture. What is it, why do people do it, does it hurt, where do the needles go? So, after trying my
gemstone acupuncture facial with Dr. Trattner, I got a little bit curious about acupuncture. Wthn is one of the newest
wellness fascinations in New York City, and it’s
a chill, beautiful oasis. And it’s dedicated to making acupuncture a more approachable part of our wellness and self-care routines. They definitely know their stuff, so now we’re gonna go
sit down with the founder and find out what it’s all about. – I am Dr. Shari Auth,
and I am the Co-Founder and Chief Healing Officer of WTHN. – So what’s the most common question you get about acupuncture? – Does it hurt. Acupuncture needles are
the size of a human hair. So because the needles are so small, acupuncture’s actually a
very relaxing experience. – So, can you describe the
WTHN approach to acupuncture? – At WTHN we talk about
acupuncture using scientific terms, rather than traditional
Chinese medical terms, because we want it to be
accessible for people. What we found is that the language of Chinese medicine takes
years to understand. Science is really catching up
with how acupuncture works. – [Ella] So how does acupuncture work? – So, acupuncture works with
your body’s connective tissue to send messages to your brain
that alter brain chemistry. For example, if you’re
stressed, acupuncture lowers cortisol levels, your stress hormone, and it raises serotonin
and dopamine levels, your happy hormones. Acupuncture, for pain, will increase your body’s natural opiates, like endorphins and enkephalins. Acupuncture also increases circulation, so similar to a massage, it’s
gonna loosen tight muscles. And then increasing
circulation in the face, makes it so that the facial cells start producing more collagen and elastin. Collagen is going to plump
the face, to reduce wrinkles, and elastin is gonna
firm and tone the face. – So I think I’m ready to start. What do I do first? – Well, I see from your intake form that you’re coming in for
the House of Pain treatment. – Yes, I am. – Tell me a little bit more. – So I have pretty severe jaw clenching, I do that a lot in my sleep. I don’t grind particularly, but I am like, pretty much always locked. So I’ve heard acupuncture
can really help with that. – Acupuncture is great for
TMJ or just jaw tension. And how’s your stress level? – Probably affecting my
jaw tension. (laughs) – Okay, great, and acupuncture’s
good for that as well. You ready to get started? – Yeah. – All right, follow me. Ella, I’m just gonna check your pulse. And in Chinese medicine we
check the quality of the pulse, so I’m not just checking the speed, like a Western doctor would. But really, what does
your pulse feel like. And this tells me about
your internal health. Can I see your tongue, please? Great, that helps me to know
where to put the points. And first I’m just going to
take a little alcohol swab, and clean the points that
I’m gonna be working on. How’s the table feel, is
it nice and comfortable? – It’s unbelievable. The whole table’s heated,
you guys can’t see that, but it feels delightful. – So I’m gonna start with
points down in your legs. (playful music) It’s common to get acupuncture in your arms, your legs,
your torso, and your head. And points are sometimes intuitively where you think they’d be, like a point for lower back
pain might be in the lower back, but because the whole body is connected via connective tissue, and
that’s what acupuncture works with, there might be
a point around your ankle that’s also good for lower back pain. Acupuncture points are a meeting place of blood, nerve, and lymph, they’re also a place where you can easily access the connective tissue. Because the acupuncture works
via the connective tissue, to send messages to the brain,
that alter brain chemistry. – That makes sense. – The points in your lower leg, there’s a point that’s good for stress, another one that’s great
for calming the mind, so you should feel relaxed
when you leave here. A point that’s for
energy, so that you feel relaxed yet rejuvenated, so
you can go back into your day. I’m gonna do some points on your face, and I’m gonna do some points that are local for pain around the jaw. – Oh, great. I can feel myself clenching
literally right now. – And one of the signature
things about the WTHN experience is that we couple all of
our acupuncture sessions with sound therapy, and the
sound therapy uses entrainment and binaural beats to
help relax your mind. We also have an optional
guided meditation. Would you like the guided meditation? – Yes. – Oh, okay. And we have four tracks: Balance,
Chill, Escape, and Focus. – Chill. – All right, so all the needles are in, and I’m gonna let you rest with the sound therapy for 30 minutes. I have the Chill soundtrack
with the guided meditation, and this is all entrainment
and binaural beats to help relax your mind. (meditative tones ring) (playful music) (chill upbeat music) – How are you doing? – Very chill. – Good. I’m just gonna take the needles out now. – I felt like I was out for like hours. How long was that? – That was 30 minutes. All the needles are out. – Oh, great. – You can take your time. – Perfect. Thank you. Very chill right now. The meditation worked. – Ella, next I’m gonna give you an ear seed to complement your treatment. In Chinese medicine, the
ear is a little microsystem of the whole body, with pressure points
that do various things. And I’m putting these ear seeds on a point that calms the mind, so it’ll
be good for stress management. – How quickly do you start to see the effects of acupuncture? – Well, how do you feel right now? – Pretty dang chill, not gonna lie. – Yeah! So if stress is one of your complaints, that is an immediate benefit. – Yeah, and even in my
jaw, I could really feel that point in particular was very strong, and then I’m like– – Feels a little looser. – Looser, yeah. – Yeah, and that’s why I
wanna see you next week, I find that pain, it’s like peeling back layers of the onion, so it
just gets progressively better. – I feel like I’m like a whole new lady. So I just had a full acupuncture session. I was laying in that room for 30 minutes, I swear to God, I thought I
was in there for two hours. I was like, did they forget about me? I was so relaxed, I had
Shari’s voice in my ears, I had needles all over my
body, but I couldn’t tell. And I just feel amazing. My jaw, definitely those
points were the most strong. They don’t hurt, but like,
I felt the most resistance when she put them in right there. And I just feel ready
to come back for more. So I hope you learned
something about acupuncture, if you have any questions, anything we didn’t answer, comment below. And if you want more What the Wellness, subscribe to our YouTube
channel, right now, to see all the weird, wonderful,
wacky wellness experiences we’ve tried so far. Thanks for watching. I’m gonna zhuzh now.