Hi, everyone, and thank you for joining us
today. My name is Terri and I will be leading us through this 30-minute
session. The goal today is to review the new programs and services available
to you this year through ActiveHealth Management. If you are experiencing any
technical difficulties at this time, please dial 888-852-3138, option 2 for support. I will have that in the chat
feature. If you’re unsure where the chat feature is, go to the upper right hand
side of your screen and there is a chat icon. You’ll need to click that and then
when you go to send a message or a question or your response as we go
through this, click “host, presenter, and panelists.” Okay, so, before we get started
today I wanted to go over a few housekeeping items.
First of all, today’s session is being recorded. Please note that as an attendee
you are part of a larger audience and you are in listen-only mode. Due to
healthcare privacy rights, we’re not displaying the list of
attendees during today’s event. So the number for technical difficulties is in
the chat. Keep in mind if time permits at the end we’ll have a question and answer
session; however, during the presentation you may ask a question at any time using
the chat function that I just described. Alright, let’s go ahead and get started
so… Happy New Year, everyone. I know it’s almost March — well,
mid-February — but I think it’s close enough to March to be spring. Anyway, so
with that said, I know people are getting more excited, geared up for their goals,
and being out in the sunshine; so with that said, I am curious with using the
chat feature who out there has a goal or a resolution for the new year? And if so,
is it health-related? Go ahead and put it in the chat. I know I have goals every
year that are health-related because I think, “you know, what could it hurt?” so…
Looks like we are getting responses and people are really geared
up this year for health changes. So good for you! That is why we are here. We’re
here to help you move forward with those goals and get you kick-started. So we’re
going to go through the health and wellness opportunities that you have
available to you this year, and we’ll start by talking about who we are. So we
are the plan’s population health management vendor. We will be partnering
with the state health plan to provide you with the tools and resources you
need to lead a healthier life. This webinar is going to provide you with an
overview of the new services available to you. Some key information that you’ll
need to know can be found on this slide, which I also am posting into chat, and
then also this information will be found on your MyEngagement platform. So the
phone number is 855-202-4219 and then your
website is www.myactivehealth.com/stateofndiana. You can see on the screen some different
things that we’re going to go into a little bit more in-depth as we go
through this presentation today. As the plan’s population health management
partner, we’ll be providing you with the MyActiveHealth engagement platform,
which is where the reward center is located for tracking your healthy
rewards in 2019. The ActiveHealth mobile app, one-on-one health coaching (both in-
person and over the phone), group coaching, and the support of a dedicated on-site
health coach team that will help to support creating a culture of health and
well-being at your workplace. We will talk a little bit about your healthy
rewards today, but for more information regarding that, you can go onto your MyActiveHealth engagement platform, which is the website I put into the chat. Or I’m
putting another one into the chat, which is your overall website for Indiana. And
that is www.investinyourhealthindiana.com. So if you forget everything
else that you’ve known, or every website that you hear today, go to that one. It
has links for everything else in it. One thing to know is that these ActiveHealth resources are available to employees that select the state’s health
plan, along with eligible spouses and adult dependents over the age of 18. All
the information reviewed with you today is available no additional cost, and it’s
private and confidential so any information you share about your health
with ActiveHealth is not shared with your employer at any time. We look
forward to getting started this year, so let’s go ahead and talk about some
options. Seems more and more people prefer using digital tools these days,
between iPads and iPhones and things like that.
Luckily, we have lots of resources available to you that you can use those
with, and it’s available 24 hours a day/ seven days a week, and from any computer
or laptop. So this slide provides an overview of the digital tools and
resources you will find on your MyActiveHealth.com/stateofindiana website. There’s no additional charge to you to use this website. All of
the information you enter into the MyActiveHealth engagement platform is
private and confidential and will not be shared with your employer. Here are just
some of the features, as you see, on the MyEngagement platform. So you’ve got the
health assessment apps that are available to connect, (and we’ll go into
that in a little more detail), health records, digital health coach, health
actions that are prompted with your responses from the health assessment, a
library with a wealth of information, health support, social communities where
you can connect to others who understand what you’re going through, and hearts and
rewards. When you go to your MyActiveHealth engagement platform this is what
you’re going to see. So this is where you’re going to log-in. First time you go
there you’ll need to create an account and follow the instructions provided to
you, using the information as it appears on your health insurance card. For
example if your name appears on your health insurance card as”Elizabeth,” but you go by “Beth,” make sure you use Elizabeth. Once
you complete the steps to create your account, make sure you keep your
username and password in a safe place so you can access it if you have trouble
remembering it when you sign in next time. But don’t fret. If you forget your
username and password at any time, you can follow the prompts on the page to
reset them. Your spouse and adult dependents over the age of 18 will also
need to create their own accounts using their own username and password. The
benefit of using the MyActiveHealth is that it’s available 24/7. Again, you can
log-in any time of day from any location that has internet access. The health
assessment is the first thing you will want to complete on logging in to the
site. Think of this as a baseline to understanding where you’re at in your
health currently, but then also how to manage your health moving forward. The
health assessment takes only about 10 minutes to complete and will also
provide you with a wealth of information about yourself, including your health
risks status as well as some action items to help manage or improve your
health. You will get a detailed report of your results which, you can download
share with your doctor, or update at any time. It’ll also help you decide where to
go, which goal to start with first and then what to do after. Based on your
responses from your health assessment, you will be provided with some action
items to help guide you in taking action on your health journey. These
action items can be anything from a reminder to get certain age-appropriate
vaccinations, well-being tips, and reminders. When you log-in to the site,
you’ll see health actions pop up on your homepage. These include targeted tips on
wellness, reminders about important screenings, and suggestions on ways you
can improve your health right now. How do you get there? You hover over “actions” in
the top menu and select “your health actions,” or you can click on start from
your homepage. So you should see actions in the middle of the upper
menu, and then it has a green bar over the top. That’s where
you’ll find actions. Even if you’re pretty healthy there’s always ways to
improve. In the digital health coach “goals section,” an interactive chat bot
helps you focus on goals like being more active, losing weight, and eating better,
and also provides fun daily activities to help keep you motivated and moving
forward. You’ll be able to set specific health goals for yourself through both
the MyActiveHealth engagement platform and the Active Health app, which we’ll go
into shortly. The MyActive Health engagement platform and the mobile app
are synced in managing your health goals, so if you put your goal in one,
it’s going to show up in the other. In the “digital coach health education
section,” you’ll find hundreds of articles, flip cards, videos, and quizzes on topics
like diabetes, migraines, depression, and general well-being. There’s over 30
different categories of health topics and then 200 subtopics within that. So,
for example, say you would like more information on managing back pain. Simply
log-in to your MyActiveHealth engagement platform, pull up your digital
coach, and then you can choose the category and then the drop-downs.
Some other examples include mindfulness, asthma, cholesterol, cancer, COPD, and more.
So we do have a library that’s a wealth of information. If you’re tired of
hunting and Googling and seeing Sam Smith’s blog, just go to our library.
You’ll find lots of videos, healthy recipes, relevant, up-to-date — relevant, up-to-date. I want to repeat that because it’s not just someone’s opinion; this is
actually researched and reputable information. So go to the library if
you’re looking for good information and then trackers. There’s different types
for weight, BMI and body fat, hours of sleep, step and physical activity, and
more. There’s also social communities if you like to get connected with others,
who may be dealing with the same things and who truly get
what you’re going through. They allow you to connect with other people who have
the same health challenges. It’s a safe, secure, and private place to be able to
discuss heavier topics like depression, cancer, diabetes, and then much more.
So you just hover over “library” in the top menu, and then click on social
communities. So this information tells you how to sync your app or device. When
you log-in to your MyActiveHealth.com/stateofindiana website, you’ll
click on the drop down for “records.” And records will be on that top menu bar.
Then you’ll click on “devices and apps” which you see in that second red circle
at the bottom. And then on the right hand side of the screen you see the different
types of devices and apps that can be synced. Then you just click “view models”
to see what models are there and then “connect.” And then it will provide you
with steps to follow to connect the different devices. Some of those you can
see on the screen are Fitbit, Garmin, iHealth, Nokia, MyFitnessPal, for
instance, and then you can get in there and look at all the other ones that
connects with. So for more information about healthy rewards — for more real
detailed information — you can go into your MyEngagement platform and/or go into
your investinyourhealthindiana.com website for more information.
It’s now live, so you can go in there and see what rewards you may have and which
ones you can work toward. So let’s go over briefly what’s in the reward center.
Now this is available to you and your covered spouse as far as the rewards
are concerned. Okay, so you can see here that e-gift cards are offered. One cool
thing to note is that the health assessment and biometric screening …
they’re both available to complete now, and even just in the month of January
alone over 8,000 State of Indiana members have taken the health assessment and over 2,000 have registered for the
screening which is so great to see! You guys are so involved! So go to myactivehealth.com/stateofindiana, log- in, and then you can do your health
assessment and biometric screening. So there are three options to the biometric
screening. We’re going to go into that briefly here to show you where to go for
that information. So on this screening it shows option number 1 for the
screening where you can do at your work site. So you see this big red arrow
pointing to the link that you would need to click for that. Once you click that
link, you’ll then see this page which you’ll need to sign in there. The
next option is using the provider form to go to your doctor. So the red arrow on
the right shows you where the link is for that, and then on the left it shows
you what that looks like. Biometric option number 3 is to go
to Quest Labs, so use the red arrow that is pointing to the link where you would go
for that. Once you click that, you’ll actually get to this page. So it says for
the Quest, your registration key is “Indiana 2019” (all one word), so I’ll go
ahead and put that in the chat as well. So this shows you a little bit about
your premium reduction. On your rewards page you’ll have the different things
listed that you’re eligible to do for that premium reduction. So that would be
one-on-one with a health coach, whether it’s in person or telephonic. Now the
group coaching does not count towards that. The digital coach, which is online,
and you earn hearts for doing certain things and you have to get up to a
certain level. So you’ll see that information in your website as well. You
can choose steps as your physical activity of choice if you decide to go
that route, but there’s also minutes if that works better for you. So a lot of people had a lot of great
questions about the program, so what we would recommend is going to the FAQ document
which is in your investinyourhealth.com website. You can see it there up on the screen and I will post that in a chat
for your convenience as well. Now these are updated regularly, with common
questions so you’ll probably find your answer there. If not, feel free to put it
in the chat and we will try to address that at the end of presentation. So
that’s just a recap on the reward center. You’ll want to complete your health
assessment. Now, you can complete it and your spouse can complete it and you both
get a reward. And then same with the biometrics. Go ahead and get those
scheduled right away. You can review your premium reduction options. So I’ve listed
the four that you have a choice of. You choose one and your spouse chooses one.
Sync your device right away if that’s the way you’re choosing to go about your
premium reduction, and then also make sure you look at the FAQ document to see
if it helps you to understand more about the program if you have questions. So the
mobile app is very accessible for most people because most people do have some
type of smartphone. Now we realize some people don’t, and that’s okay. You don’t
need to; this is just another avenue to be able to support you if you like to
use it. So it’s at no cost to help you stay in charge of managing your health,
and it’s good while you’re on the go. Everywhere I go I look and see people
using their smartphones while they’re walking and doing everything, so that’s
the good thing about this. Now with the app, keep in mind you’re going to use the
same username and password to log into the ActiveHealth mobile app that you
used to register on the myactivehealth.com/stateofindiana on your computer. So we do recommend that before you download and
log into the app that you actually log-in to your MyActiveHealth engagement
platform. First on the computer, create your account, save your username
and password and then also use that same username and password on the app. So same
goes with your spouse and dependents over 18 if they’re on your plan. They are
more than welcome to do this. They can create their own username and password
as well. So the app will work on the following
mobile phones: Apple iPhone model 5 and above with operating system of 9 or
later, Android models with 5-inch screen and above with Android operating system
5.0 or later. And then on the screen you can see some of the things that you’re
able to do within the app. These next images provide an overview of the
various health goals and activities you’ll see once you’re logged into the
mobile app. It allows you to pick a health goal and then provides you with tips
and information to reach the goal along the way. But when you go into your App
Store or Google Play Store this is what you’re going to want to look for: So look
up ActiveHealth, but make sure you also choose the app that looks like the one
on the screen. So it’s white box with a green “A” with a white heart cut out of
the middle of the “A.” And then that’s available and free to download as long
as you’re a health plan member, spouse, and adult dependent. Here’s some more
really important information. If you do happen to have issues with the app and
you want to contact someone, we do have contact for that. So for technical
support you can call 888-588-8741, or
email [email protected] And I will put that in the chat so you
can write that down for your convenience. Now we’ll talk a little bit about health
coaching, which is another way we can support you in-person or over the phone
in reaching your health and wellness goals. The cool thing about coaching is
that there really is something for everyone, whether you’re trying to manage
a disease state or you’re healthy and want to stay healthy, you know, we’re not
to replace your doctor at all, but we can help you along the way. So what we do is
try to help understand the areas of your health that you want to work on and then
also give you the space to be able to do that — help with
motivation and support and things like that. So it only takes about 15 to 20
minutes and, you know, honestly, when you ask yourself how often do you really get
a chance to candidly talk to someone who’s full attention about your health
and your concerns? It’s not often. I mean sometimes we don’t
feel comfortable or what-have-you, but that’s what the good thing is about
coaching. You have a safe, secure space to be able to do that. There’s no
obligation, so for instance if you decide, “okay, well, I do want to try it once; I
could use more energy, better sleep, lose some weight, quit smoking…” Then, you know, if
you do it you decide you’re not interested after that, no worries! You
don’t have to continue if it’s just not for you. But, you know, what we do find is
that when people choose to do it and they’re skeptical at first, they end up being
extremely successful and really enjoy it, and then go beyond the number of
sessions that they might be required to do, and they really get engaged. So, you
know, the worst thing that could happen is you lose 15, 20 minutes of your time
and you end up with positive health outcomes. So with that said, did want
to tell you that we are offering the in-person health coaching at the
downtown Indianapolis government building, 402 West Washington, two days a
week. All eligible employees spouses and adult dependents are able to work with
the health coach at the downtown clinic, which is now open. On the screen you can
see all the different topics that you can talk to a coach about. So here are
some of the topics listed like sleep, stress, metabolic syndrome, exercise…
things like that. You can move from one goal area to another, so let’s say you
work on stress and then you want to move on to weight management or tobacco
cessation, that’s perfectly fine. You can work on multiple areas at once if you
want. So, one perk of health coaching I do want
to let you know if this applies to you, is that if you are a tobacco user and
you’re working with a coach on tobacco cessation, we do offer up to eight weeks
of nicotine replacement therapy, including the patch, gum, or lozenge at no
cost to you if you’re eligible. And you can discuss your eligibility with your
coach. So maybe one-on-one coaching is not for you and you prefer the support
of a group instead. Well, you’re in luck! We have group coaching as
an opportunity, so let’s go into depth about that. On the screen you’ll see the
different details in regard to the group coaching. It’s available to health plan
members, both employees, spouses, and dependents over the age of 18. Group coaching can be
offered online and on-site at your workplace, but today we’re going to talk
about the online group coaching series that’s available to you. We cover a
variety of health topic areas, and it is a six-week series with weekly 30-minute
sessions. You can join over your computer or smartphone and see and hear your
coach live through the video feature. Your information will not be shared with
other participants, so you can join the sessions and still remain anonymous, but
also get the support from a coach and from the group. You’re free to
ask questions through the chat feature just like we are today and we are
offering an incentive to those individuals to attend five out of the
six online group coaching sessions. We’ve had thousands of participants over the
years, and some of the things they liked most about the online group coaching is
that the timing fit well into their work day, their information was timely and
relevant, the chat feature made it more interactive, and they loved the nurse
or coach who was actually leading the series. So you can join it right from
your computer, and then there are links provided on your website that you can go
ahead and get enrolled. And then, again, just as a brief reminder: six-week series, 30 minutes a week. Now if you do have several people in your office who
really want to get into the group coaching, maybe consider doing, you know,
reserving a conference room for everyone, and then you can join together. That’d be
another way to get group support within the group coaching. So
here’s more information on that: Currently, the weight management online
group coaching series called “the weight is over” is actually in motion. It started
February 5th, but you can still join to receive helpful information that could
help support you in your weight management journey. There are three
session times available each week: 11, 1, and 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
Registration is required and we ask that you only register for one of the session
times to allow open spots for other participants. We are offering an
incentive to those individuals who attend five out of six online group
coaching sessions, so I’m going to post your website back into the chat and that
is www.myactivehealth.com/stateofindiana. You can log-in and then you can
click around and see the different links available in there to do this. So we’re
going to talk about the dedicated on-site health coaches you’ve been
hearing about. There are three. We’re going to be supporting your workplaces
throughout the year, but first we’re going to discuss what we do. So on the
screen you can see a variety of different things that we, as on-site
health coaches, do. We’re the ‘boots on the ground’ of the ActiveHealth wellness
programs, so some of the programs… you know we do our “Lunch and Learns” which
could be 15 to 30-minute interactive presentations. We do have demonstrations
and activity tables where you can do hands-on activities with health
demonstrations or games that can help get you engaged, and there’s over 30
different kinds so there’s really something for everyone. There is one-on
-one coaching, personalized, private, and confidential, lasting about 15 to 20
minutes. And it can provide you the opportunity to discuss your wellness
goals on an individual basis. The on-site wellness programs do provide
the visible, persona,l and interactive engagement opportunities to improve the
health and well-being of your employees and just your workplace
in general. So we already talked about a few of the options, let’s talk about a
few more things that we do while we’re on-site. So, we can help support your
workplace wellness with a wellness bulletin board, supporting development of
wellness committees, attending wellness meetings, helping your workplace develop
their own well-being strategy and mission, providing an employee interest
survey (or surveys) supporting marketing and promotion of wellness events, and
sharing strategies for engaging remote workers. So for more information about
when an ActiveHealth onsite coach will be at your work location, please reach
out reach out to your HR contact. And then, finally, we get to meet the coaches.
so on the left is Kevin Harness. He’ll be the on-site health coach supporting the
north portion of the state. Kevin has over 20 years of health coaching and
workplace wellness experience, has a bachelor’s in exercise science and is a
certified exercise physiologist through American College of Sports Medicine.
Sarah Anderson is in the middle. She is supporting the central part of the state
and will be the coach that is at the downtown Indianapolis on-site clinic two
days a week. Sarah has over 12 years of health coaching workplace wellness
experience, has her bachelor’s in health and kinesiology, and is a
certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise. Then on the
right-hand side is me, Terri Finney. I’m your on-site health
coach supporting the south part of the state. I have over 15 years of experience
in the health and wellness field with 10 of those years being an on-site
health coach and wellness coordinator. I have my bachelor’s degree in nutrition
science and am a national board- certified health and wellness coach. We
are all very excited to meet you. If we haven’t been to your location yet,
hopefully we will be soon. You can talk to your contact to make sure that you
know we have that setup for you, but we’re very eager to get out there. And
then this last slide, we’re just going to go over some of the things we already
talked about. But I did want to mention a few additional things that you can do
throughout the year as well. So, in 2019, keep your eyes peeled
for monthly wellness webinars. These are 45-minute webinars that are offered one
time a month, and there’s also three session times available for this and a
variety of health and well-being topics will be discussed led by a health coach
or a nurse. You’ll also get a well-being tip sheet
and handout on the health and well-being topic of the month. You can post it at
your desk or on the refrigerator, whatever works for you, to help kind of
stay motivated and keep it in the forefront of your mind. You have the
online group coaching series that started on February 5th titled “the weight
is over.” Now, it’s not over; you can join some of them, just not all of them
at this point, so that can help you on weight management and then we have those
quarterly. And then don’t forget to register on the myactivehealth/stateofindiana website today. And then download the ActiveHealth app to keep
your goals synced together. And then. lastly, give us a call to schedule your coaching
session with a telephonic coach or with Sarah at the downtown clinic in February.
The number is 855- 202-4219. And then I’ll put
that along with your website back in the chat for your convenience. You’ll also
see it here, and then the FAQ I’m going to post back into the chat as well so
that you can look for any answers that you might not have at this point. And
then we’ll do our best to get you a response if you post questions in the
chat and don’t have time to get to them. We are up on time, actually, so you have a
good day. Thank you so much for joining, and please reach out to us for all of
your needs.