Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
gonna show you some stretches and exercises for achilles tendon rupture. Let’s get started. With an achilles tendon rupture, sometimes you’re gonna need surgery anyways, depending
on how sever it is, but you can do the exercises before and after to help you with your recovery.
The stronger you can be before your surgery, if you’re gonna have to have it, the better
your recovery is gonna be afterwards. So the first stretch is gonna be a calf stretch.
You can stretch the calf in a whole bunch of different ways, today I’m gonna show you
one with a strap. You can use a strap, you can use a belt, you can use a dog leash, those
are really nice cause they have loops in them. Or you can use a big towel. It’s really called
a towel stretch, so that’s usually the thing people use the most. What you want to do is
wrap it around the ball of your foot. You don’t want it to be too low, and you don’t
want it to be on your toes cause it might slip off and hit you. So just wrapping it
around the ball of your foot there, relax your ankle, try not to move it actively. You’re
just gonna move it with the strap. So relax it, and then pull towards you until you feel
that stretch underneath there. Now remember, if you have a rupture, or if you have a strain
in that achilles tendon, it’s gonna be pretty sore. You don’t want to push through the pain,
you just want to pull it until you kind of feel that a little bit of pain and you’re
like ‘if I went more, it would hurt a lot.’ And just hold it there for about 30 seconds,
and relax it. And do that 3 times. So a nice big pull. Try and keep your knee straight,
try not to bend it, keep it nice and straight. And again you’re gonna feel it underneath
there. You’re gonna feel it in that achilles tendon area, holding it for 30 seconds. Alright,
the next ones are gonna be standing up. So the next ones are gonna be something where
you want something sturdy like a chair or a counter top so you have something to balance
on. It’s gonna be another calf stretch. This time you’re gonna put your foot back behind
you. Keep your foot straight, don’t turn it out. Keep it straight. And keep your back
heel down. The back leg is gonna stay straight for the calf stretch, and you can bend your
front one forward like this. Until again you feel a stretch back through there. So coming
forward. Hold that stretch for about 30 seconds. Come back up. And do that 3 times. Just coming
forward as far as you comfortably can. Not pushing through pain, just getting a good
comfortable stretch. The next stretch is gonna be a soleus stretch. And that is the muscle
that’s underneath the calf muscle there. So this time you’re gonna bend the knee. Still
keeping that foot straight, still keeping the back heel down, but this time bend your
knee. So it feels a little awkward with this one. You can bend both knees and then come
forward. And a lot of times you’ll feel the stretch there, sometimes people fell a little
bit in the front cause you’re bending at your ankle a little bit more, but keeping that
knee bent, keeping that heel down, holding it for about 30 seconds, and then coming back
up. Do 3 of those. Bending that knee coming forward. Now we’re gonna do some exercises
to get it moving a little bit. So this one is just gonna be a simple heel raise. Put
your feet about shoulder width apart. Hold on to something sturdy if you need it. And
then just bring those heels up off the ground. Now the important part of this one is slowly
come back down. Use that control cause that’s really gonna work that achilles area, that
calf area, not just letting gravity bring you back down but coming up and really controlling
it coming back down, nice and slow. Start off with just about 10 of these, even if you’re
not feeling sore at the time. Let you’re body kind of recover and then the next day if it
feels fine, then you can start working up from there. And then the last one is just
a balance series. So this time, just standing on one foot. If you need to hold on a little
bit, you can. Start off with both hands. Start with maybe 15 – 20 seconds of balancing. If
you can do that, then just hold on with a finger or two. And then if you can do that,
maybe just one finger. And then once you build up to it, then just try balancing without
holding on. Start off with 10 – 15 seconds, and work your way up to 30 seconds to a minute.
And there you have it. Those are your stretches and exercises for Achilles tendon rupture.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out
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have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.