– Hi, I’m Doro.
– And I’m Tricia. – And we’re from the Achieving
Optimal Health Conference, which is held every year
at Georgetown University. This year, it’s on October 26th. – And we want you to come,
and we want to tell you what we’re gonna talk about that day. But, why don’t we ask them
a few questions first? – Are you feeling tired when
you wake up in the morning? – Do you wonder what to
eat throughout the day? You know you want to eat
healthy, you know you want to be stronger, but you
really don’t know what to eat. There’s so much information out there. – Have you thought about
using CBD oil, and if so, can you decipher what’s
out there on the market? – And are you stressed? And you’re like, God, yes.
– Yes. – And I don’t want to be stressed anymore. You’ve heard a lot about
meditation, but again, don’t even know how to begin to do that. – A lot of these questions, in fact, all of these questions
are gonna be answered at the Achieving Optimal Health Conference on Saturday, October 26th at Georgetown. – So please join us,
and plan to be inspired on how to take better care of yourself, so that, ultimately,
those in your community are healthier and stronger, too. – See you there. (light upbeat music)