you’ve spoken a lot about health and I
did write down just the topic of health health of individuals process for
healing problem with healing is it puts emphasis upon what’s wrong
slows down the process so just forget about it well that’s easier said than
done isn’t it in other words if you could distract yourself from the illness
then you could reclaim the ground that you were standing on before the illness
but the ground that you were standing on before the illness was still resistant
place that was on its way to illness so you not only now have to reclaim the
place before the manifestation of the resistance but you have to step further
into less resistance in order to stop the progress of the illness that was
really good did you get that in other words you have resistance going on and
resistance is what is disallowing the wellness and so once the wellness is
disallowed and the manifestation of the illness is in place now you can’t help
but notice the illness now the benefit of illness occurring is that stronger
desire for wellness is born out of that so there can be actually positive
benefits to getting sick there are those who get sick in the early days of their
life only to discover a passion for wellness that once they are able to ride
the rocket of their desire for wellness now they live much more healthy lives
than they would have if they haven’t got sick to begin with and launch that
powerful clarity rocket of desire for wellness far far far too much is made of
the idea of illness and so rather than saying I will be one who heals my
illness we would say instead I am one who encourages my wellness I’m leaning
toward wellness I’m not pushing against illness there’s a war against cancer in
a war against AIDS and a war against drugs and a war against all of those
things because people somehow believe it’s screwy it never works if they push
hard enough against those things they do not want they will go away but when you
give your attention to anything not wanted you just activate the
vibration of it and hold yourself into it longer you see so the key to anything
you don’t want is to withdraw your attention from it but we’ve never known
anybody who could not think about something because when you say I’m not
gonna think about that you’re thinking about that you’re thinking about that
thing you’re not going to think about so you have to think about something else
so you have to find something that’s more appealing to think about than that
so that’s when we begin talking about pivoting we say when you know what you
don’t want you know much more clearly what you do want so if you know what you
don’t want then that helps you to identify what you do want so turn your
attention to what you do want and then you’re on the way to that but that’s
easier said than done because when you’ve been beating the drum of 98.6 you
can’t hear what’s being broadcast on 101 and so that’s why we’re now saying that
you can get to wherever you want to be from wherever you are if you just take
it in bite-sized pieces and that’s why we’re saying if you let your desire not
be for health but be for feeling good right now and you keep letting that be
your dominant intent to feel as good as I can feel right now no matter how bad
that might be to feel as good as I can feel right now I want to find the
thought that feels the best that I have access to and if that’s your continuing
mantra I’m gonna make the best of it I’m gonna make the best of it it sucks
but I’m still gonna make the best of it it could be a whole lot better but I
don’t have access to a whole lot better so I’m gonna make the best of this and
if you are determined to make the best of this you’re gonna move over here and
then as you’re still determined to make the best of this you’re gonna move over
here and before you know it you’re wherever you want to be on any topic so
we want the journey from sickness to wellness to be the journey from fear to
more security and then from a feeling of hope to more belief we want it to be an
emotional journey not a physical journey and that’s why everyone experiences an
improved physical conditions in other words somebody offers something to them
that makes them feel better about their physical condition it might be a voodoo
doll it might be a chicken tied around your neck it might be a procedure it
might be a pill it might be going to us it might be this technique or this
technique every time healing occurs every time a reclaiming of wellness
occurs from a place of illness every single time what has happened is
something happened that made you look at in a way that made you feel better and
therefore release the resistance which was the only thing that was keeping you
from full wellness to begin with we would change our vocabulary instead of
saying I’m sick today we would say I have an epidemic of resistance going on
within me that is a byproduct of the negative thoughts that I’ve been
thinking instead of saying I’m hoping for healing we would say I’m reaching
for better feeling thoughts with the belief that the better feeling thought
will produce a vibration that will allow the Wellness that would be there if I’d
was not beating the drum of negativity rather than saying I’m hoping for an
improved condition we would say I’m hoping for a thought of relief instead
of saying I’m hoping that my physical condition will improve we would begin
saying I’m trying really hard to feel life-giving rage around the subject that
I’ve been feeling disempowered about and I’m looking forward to the Tantrums that
I’m going to throw on my way to wellness we are extremely No but until you decide
that you’re in control of the way you feel then you’re powerless to change
anything in your experience and once you discover even one small time that you
can feel better just by choosing a thought that feels better and you stop
and triumphantly say I feel better and I don’t give a rip what any of you think
about how I feel right now now you’re home free now you’re on your way now you
were back in power now there’s no place you can’t go no sickness will ever have
its grip on you again ever because now your journey is quantifiable now you can
tell which way you’re going is saying we’ve visited people in the past who
have no illness present in their body but are scared to death those are good
words aren’t they but they’re going to be sick so they
make regular pilgrimages to the physician hoping for a piece of paper
that proclaims their clean bill of health
and they get it for a while but they only feel free of disease for a moment
after they get the proclamation that words almost as soon as they walk away
they start worrying about but what about next time but what about next time but
what about next time the incessant fear and continuing to probe for declaration
of well-being almost without exception eventually turns something up we would
far rather that you have some deadly disease that you say no big deal I can
turn around and walk right out the same door that I walked into in other words
I’m not afraid of this because I know how it got here and I can feel when I
release it just like I can feel when it comes on nothing to fear here so I don’t
go to the doctor in fear of what will be discovered I know I’m in charge you all
are so no more healing just reaching for thoughts that feel better and then
healing is the natural byproduct of that can someone who is consistently angry
about something be assured of a healthy life experience not really somebody who
worries about this and that and the other are they going to have an
absolutely healthy experience probably not and someone who’s usually joyful
about most things make a declarative statement that I will be a healthy
person forevermore yes they can that’s why we say your dominant quest is for
joy when you let that be your intention even if you’re not there you keep
reaching for it you must get there and again we want to
say there is no condition no man how dire it seems that cannot be
released from your experience. There is no such thing as a fatal illness. We’ve
never known anyone who died of an illness. We’ve known a lot of them who
have died a fear of illness. Because the fear is that feeling of powerlessness
and a disconnect from the resources that are the healing that you’re talking
about Jesus is said to have been a powerful healer and the reason that he
was is because when he looked at you no matter what your current temporary state
of physical condition he did not allow himself to behold it instead he saw you
as he knows you to be and because he saw you in your wellness and he saw you that
way so powerfully your illness could not abide in his vibration it just wasn’t a
place for it there his signal from his 500 watt tower was so powerful that your
signals were overwritten for a while and then he said go forth and tell no one
because he knew if you went home and talked about it that they talked you
right back into the resistance that was disallowing the wellness to begin with
you sir thank you very much I am extremely grateful