"How can I improve my stamina? My arms get tired after four pages of "Winter Wind" etude." You know what, the best way – is to
learn internal singing and using phrasing, because our hands get tired
when our muscles always play either on breathing in and inhaling energy like this, or when we try to relax hands, we say – ok I'm gonna play with relaxed
hands. It doesn't usually work in fast tempos anyways. We play on exhalation. So both of these extreme ways give us tension. The key for good stamina is to
learn first how to play with breathing, and this is where intonation comes in
play, that allows us… also that also allows us to transfer freedom of our
body while playing that also brings more freedom to our muscles. And second is to learn how to breathe while playing, and again by breathing I'm not, I don't mean
really literally meaning, I mean mostly energetic breathing, when you
sometimes make energetic diminuendo, energetic crescendo, and that's where
phrasing really helps us. And I think I would also make a livestream about this.
So when we play we would basically have inhalation/exhalation pattern always
going on up-down, up-down. And thanks to this we are able to have healthy tension
while playing. "Good advice, does it help stamina more to practice slow or fast?" KerimPiano keeps asking me about the
stamina. If you are not doing correct movements and imagination in slow tempo than fast
tempo will reveal it. And coming back to slow tempo with the same sensation will
not help you. Only if you're gonna change something in
your imagination, change something in your movements and in your touch. And then when you feel more comfortable in slow tempo then you can build the fast tempo.
Stamina is developed only first when you're able to play in every step of speed
feeling comfortably, and second if you can do this then you keep repeating it in
fast tempos – and this is where you really start increasing your stamina.