hi it’s Tracy welcome back to my channel and welcome to my bedroom so we all have those days where you really just don’t want to do a workout the last thing that you want to do is get out of bed well honey this is the work out for you so I’m going to share with you five exercises that you can do without even leaving your bed and if you’re new to my channel hello and welcome to my bedroom I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you always know when I have a brand new workout so let’s get started you need nothing for this workout except for a pillow so so first exercise is you’re going to lie down on your back okay in your bed here put the pillow in between your knees and just inhale here and then I’ll just squeeze the pillow as you do that you’re activating your inner thigs and you’re pulling in your belly again release inhale and exhale squeeze the pillow okay do that again inhale and exhale and squeeze the pillow, so that’s exercise one you can do that about 20 to 40 times make sure you’re pulling in your belly and that you’re squeezing your inner thighs okay number two is keeping that pillow between your knees you’re going to bring your legs into a tabletop position flex your feet inhale as you lower the legs down a little bit keep your belly drawn in that’s the most important and then exhale draw it back in okay and again inhale bring it on down and then exhale bring it back in okay again inhale is below keeping your belly tight and exhale bring it back in so again that one you can do about 20 times this one we’re going to actually leave the pillow off to the side here okay and you’re going to just extend your legs up now you can do straight leg or slightly bent whatever feels best for you all right you’re going to curl and lift up your head lower one leg down and then exhale bringing it back up and then to the other leg down exhale, bring it back up so you’re really working your core here but the cool thing is because we have the mattress a lot softer when I travel I do this kind of bed work out a lot you know the gym is kind of terrible or if I just don’t feel like getting out of bed okay so you can do that sequence about 20 times next up you’re going to come onto your side here this is exercise four don’t sink into one side you want to lengthen yourself so your nice and long extend one leg out bring your arm up above your head inhale exhale crunch as you reach towards your ankle okay you’re going to get your entire oblique this top side of your waist is working also your outer thigh those of you that suffering from saddlebags this will be a work out for you and then lower it down exhale and squeeze good so you want to do that again about 10 to 20 times on each side okay so and then you’re going to actually go into all fours here okay you can do this on your knuckles if you have wrist sensitivity if not you can do this with your palms flat tuck the toes under inhale exhale pull in the belly just squeeze so you’re not lifting your knees very high on purpose and you should feel a little shaky shake shake happening and then bring it on down and again lift up squeezing and then lower one more time and lift up and squeeze and hold and try to hold this for 30 seconds to a minute all right to set a timer put on your favorite song whatever you want to do so there you have it these are some of my favorite favorite exercises when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed now I have a bed workout that is full length over a total body transformation so if you’re not already a transformer you want to make sure that you become a transformer here’s why you’re going to get my best full-length workouts okay and you’re going to get incredible community and here’s why that’s so important that’s important so that you can get consistency if you’re one of those people that say oh I know I should be working out but I’m not doing it really regularly or you get really bored with your workouts and you definitely want to become a transformer right now we have over 70 amazing full-length workouts I give you a monthly calendar every single month so that you know exactly what workouts to do to get the best results and we have our exclusive members-only community that’s the best way for you to stay accountable to stay on track and get the results that you want really fast so i’ll leave the link here up above you can click on that and it off will be down below the description box I hope that you liked these moves remember you really want to excuse proof your work out there’s always something you can do we always say that so I hope that I see you over in the transformer family and you will definitely see me here on YouTube next week okay see you soon