6 months ago, I set out to accomplish something I once considered impossible. At 34 years old, I found myself divorced, out of shape, and satisfied with a familiar routine. Feeling lost and alone, I turned to a friend who offered some wise words. What he said changed my life. “Quit being a victim.” With this renewed perspective, I no longer had the mindset of trying, but instead, found the will to do what it takes, for as long as it takes. This started with 3 commitments to myself: Be honest in my personal assessments. Hold myself accountable. And surround myself with a positive community. Through LA Fitness, I found that community, and I decided I would compete in my first Spartan Race. My first race was a rude awakening. Lacking the strength and conditioning, I made a commitment to seek coaching and train harder every single day until my goal was reached. In the following months, I climbed my first mountain, competed in 7 Spartan races, and qualified for the Spartan Race World Championship. At times I’m doubtful, tired, sore and even discouraged… but with my team supporting me, I gained strength, wisdom, and new relationships. Now, through fitness, I’m learning to live, love, and appreciate the moment. And every day, I’m taking back the reigns of my destiny.