Every minute we save in our service process will influence the patient. And if the patient is feeling this quality that’s also life quality. So the patient is always where we’re going to add the most value. What Region Skåne does is to help all the inhabitants, 1.3 million people, to have a better quality of life and that includes accessibility to healthcare when you need it. Currently we have around 150 local clinics and then nine hospitals. And that meant that we had a lot of different standards, a lot of different processes and a lot of different visions. So what we needed was a world class solution. CAFM, to us, it’s not a technology transformation, it’s not a digital transformation, it’s a human transformation. It’s a transformation of our whole organization. And that really is what makes the difference with this type of solution is actually empowering your workforce and then giving them the tools to act on the information and act consistently with high quality over and over again. It’s a solution that takes us throughout the whole building life cycle from the initiation of a project through the construction of a project, and then on top of that, we add this layer of sensors, the IoT platform, so that we know what service has been provided where, at what time. We come from a very paper-based process. So we decided to add the iPad on the trolley so that you can have all the information in one place. This is real-time. That means that other people can see the same information. It’s great for us, but it seems to be great for patients as well. Absolutely. Time is quality and this is life quality that we’re going for. I think IBM is a great listener and I think what IBM always brings is they bring their knowledge to the table with the specific issues that comes with my organization, which I think symbolizes a true partnership. It’s not about people working faster. It’s actually people being much more efficient and that is also a better sense of empowerment for everyone working in the service organization.