I bet there’s a good bunch of you that
struggle with food cravings at times so I’m going to talk a little bit today
about how food cravings occur and what you can do to try and minimize them when
you’re hungry you crave food because really you’re low in energy however the
whole sensation of hunger is actually quite complicated and involves certain
hormones that affect appetite as well as physical failure when your stomach is
full and you you’re stuff that you can’t have anymore
there are two main types of hunger is what we call genuine or stomach hunger
also known as physiological hunger this is when you’re truly hungry you’ve not
eaten for a while and you really need something to eat because you and your
levels alone secondly there’s what we call mouth hunger or psychological
hunger this is where you fancy summer to eat you’ve got a bit of taste for
something and you know you someone nearby might have had some of you you
kind of like and you might have a you know you might be smelling anything
quite fancy that again that’s perfectly normal especially in the modern world
we’ve got so many different tastes available to us when we talk about
cravings were usually referring to the mouth or psychological hunger it’s
perfectly normal to crave certain types of food for instance most people have a
craving now and again for sweet foods sugary foods and also a lot of people
like fatty foods they’re both these sorts of foods are good sources of
energy it’s instinct that when foods are available that you want to have them so
you can get enough energy store the energy for later how do you combat
cravings there’s a few tips here that people have told me over the years that
works for them and many of them I’ve passed on to other people and they’ve
all you know said that they really do help the best thing you can do to combat
cravings is to eat regular meals don’t miss meals have good intake of the right
sort of foods at each meal including foods from your complex carbohydrates
proteins and plenty of veg I have a drink with you meal as well help fill
you up also drinking plenty of fluids regularly throughout the day will help
curb cravings especially hot beverages like tea and coffee hot beverages empty
from the stomach a lot slower than tepid beverages so they’re ideal way of
keeping you full up and helping quite often people get cravings in the
evening time this is quite often associated when you relax and and food
nibbling on foods can be the sort of thing we associate with relaxing but so
what I try and say it if you are getting a craving is to look at the clock and
wait half an hour before you actually have the food quite often the craving
will have passed you can get by without having the food in the end however if
I’ve now passing you’re still wanting it and have it but the next day maybe try
again but wait 40 minutes and you what you’re doing is you’re teaching yourself
have some self-control to try and control these cravings even if it
doesn’t work you’ve delayed the time and you’ve given control and the chances are
you won’t get another craving later another excellent tip to could try and
control cravings in the evening is to have your evening meal and then clean
your teeth with a minty toothpaste or using minty mouthwash we quite often
associate that to clean the out teas or the minty taste but the last thing that
we do with our mouths in night apart from drinking water so this is a great
way to stop cravings and nibbling in the evenings if you are prone to sweet
cravings it’s ok with in moderation to have diet fizzy drinks or reduced sugar
cordial as well as sugar-free jellies which can be quite a useful way filling
you up and curbing the sweet cravings and don’t be afraid to have a bit of
fruit now and again as well Huel is a food that’s rich in fibrous
carbohydrates, it’s great for curbing the hunger pangs and the carbohydrates will
keep you energized for hours as well as that consuming it with water will help
keep you filled up plus the sweet taste of yield is great for curving those
sweet cravings thanks everyone I hope you found this video on cravings
useful there’s plenty more nutrition information in the guy’s an article
section on huel.com