There is a sickness inside us, rising like the bile that leaves a bitter taste
at the back of our throats. It’s there in everyone of you, seated around the table. Only when we know what ails us
can we hope to find the cure. What do you make of that? Clearly, he’s lost his mind. Our thoughts exactly. We’d like you to go to Switzerland and bring Mr. Pembroke back to us. What we offer here, is a process of purification. Away from pressures of the modern world. You plan to take Mr. Pembroke back with you. Is that a problem? He’s a patient, not a prisoner. You’re here for the cure? No, actually I was just leaving. No one ever leaves. Welcome back, Mr. Lockhart. Signs of concussion, depleted immune system. I would like to recommend a treatment. Think of it as a cleansing of the mind as much as the body. Some patients experience visions. But rest assured, it’s just the toxins… leaving the system. There is a terrible darkness here. That was two hundred years ago. This is happening now! You said no one ever leaves here. What happens to them? I saw the bodies! Listen to yourself. You’re not a well man. You’re trying to make me think I’m insane. What’s happening to me? It’s all part of the cure. There is no cure! Accept the diagnosis and you will see: it’s wonderful here.