I remember the first time I met Bobby
and Eddie. I was talking to them about some of the characteristics that successful people at HealthStream exhibit. And some of the things they
mentioned were willingness to take risks, willingness to think differently about
creating products and solutions that will change the face of healthcare. There
are so many problems in healthcare but the largest is how do we address our
concerns for how our loved ones are cared for. I had really wanted to get
into healthcare solely based on the fact that Nashville is the mega-center
for healthcare but also I wanted to do some work that had meaning. And so by
being able to develop the people who deliver the care, we know that we’re
making a huge impact not in just the industry but we’re making the impact in
the lives of people. I have family members that do have health issues and I’ve been with them at doctor’s appointments When I think about working for
HealthStream, we’re creating solutions that are going to affect the doctors
who are going to treat them and the nurses that are going to care for them. My favorite part of being at HealthStream is that it’s a successful company that’s fast-paced, fun and very mission-driven. I enjoy having a mission to improve the
quality of health care. We’re not just coming to work delivering software, we’re
trying to solve big problems. A lot of the people on our teams express the fact
that they really enjoy the collaborative nature that we have. The fact that when
they come to work they’re not an island They don’t have to work just on their
own every day. I feel like I get to come to work with people that sharpen me, that have vision, that are passionate, that want to perform. They know that these products and solutions that they’re building have a direct impact on delivery
of patient care. HealthStream’s growth has been really exciting. I’ve seen us be
able to dive into new markets with products that will be game changers. And
we’ve been able to bring so many different people with so many different
backgrounds and such diversity to be on that journey with us. We’ve captured our core values in our
HealthStream Constitution. Core values define who we are. Here at HealthStream, we have five core values that we live by Individual integrity, customer focus,
learning culture, innovation and performance. Our core values – all of them
work together. They create the fabric of who we are as individuals and as a
company it inspires us and it calls us to accomplish some pretty big things.
I’ve worked for a lot of different companies in healthcare and I have never
seen a culture like this. The company believes in investing. They promote their employees and they’re going to work with you. The culture at HealthStream is so interesting because it has an entrepreneurial spirit to it but it also
has the capabilities and the resources of a larger corporate company. So it’s
sort of the best of both worlds. At HealthStream, we are really focused on
helping develop, train and assess the skills and confidence of the healthcare
workforce so we can solve the biggest problem of all, which is taking care of
our loved ones in a healthcare setting.